Nov 27 2014

Here are your PS Store Black Friday deals! The Evil Within $29.99, Shadow of Mordor $29.99, Transistor $7.99 and lots more. Read More

Feb 20 2013

$399, 8 GB of superfast GDDR5 RAM, the world's most advanced controller and much more. Read More

Jan 01 2013

Get your Instant Game Collection updates here. Free games, early access, exclusive discounts and more. Read More

Aug 17 2012

Each Thursday, we pack developer interviews, listener questions, next week's PSN releases and lots of game talk into one hour, process it into a smooth jelly, and inject it directly into your earholes. Read More

Nov 26 2014

You and your friends have billions of guns to use against the ferocious Kroad. Time to make some mayhem. Read More

Nov 26 2014

Injustice: Gods Among us, Secret Ponchos, Hitman HD Trilogy, Deadly Premonition and more. Read More

Black Friday Flash Sale: Up to 65% off Top PS4 & PS3 Games, Movies

Chieh Chen's Avatar + Posted by Chieh Chen on Nov 27, 2014

PS Store - Black Friday

This weekend, grab The Evil Within for $29.99, Shadow of Mordor for $29.99, Transistor for $7.99, and more. Not to mention tons of deals on movies and TV shows!

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Over-the-top Shooter Loadout Getting Cooperative Campaign

Greg Bauman's Avatar + Posted by Greg Bauman on Nov 26, 2014

Hello again, PlayStation fans! I’m Greg Bauman from Edge of Reality, the fine folks behind Loadout, the game we introduced you to at E3 this year. The team here has been toiling away to get our game ready to play on PS4! These things do take time — there’s a lot of work in checking, adjusting, and cleaning the barrels on several billion weapons. The amount of gun wax we go through in a day — don’t get me started.

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PS Plus: Preview December’s Free Game Lineup

Kristine Steimer's Avatar + Posted by Kristine Steimer on Nov 26, 2014


The weather is getting colder, which means two things: 1) It’s time for delicious food and 2) it’s time to hibernate with videogames. We’re here to help keep you gaming this winter with December’s free PlayStation Plus titles. You can keep warm but stay social with Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, a fighting game […]

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Orchestrating The Order: 1886

Ru Weerasuriya's Avatar + Posted by Ru Weerasuriya on Nov 26, 2014

In the last few months, we’ve had the opportunity to show you some of the technology, the gameplay and the art behind our game. The team that came together to build The Order: 1886 was years in the making and we placed a tremendous amount of scrutiny to make sure we had the right people to bring our world to life.

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Death Tales Exclusive to PS Vita, Playable at PS Experience

Luc Bernard's Avatar + Posted by Luc Bernard on Nov 26, 2014


Hey, Luc Bernard here again. So, to start off, last time you guys saw this game it was called Reaper — we have renamed it to Death Tales.

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: New Trailers Show Iconic Worlds

Kaori Takasue's Avatar + Posted by Kaori Takasue on Nov 26, 2014

Hello all. The launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is getting closer by the second — just 6 days! December 1st, we may get a chance to meet a loyal PlayStation fan at the “Inside the Kingdom, with Heart” event in North America, one day before launch. We plan to show this trailer there, so here’s a sneak peek!

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Nov 25, 2014

Store - Geometry Wars 3

Now live on PlayStation Store: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1, Speakeasy, Aqua Kitty, and more. What are you picking up?

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Co-op Gaming Sale Starts Today, Save Up to 65%

Chieh Chen's Avatar + Posted by Chieh Chen on Nov 25, 2014


Thanksgiving is in a couple of days, and that means spending time with family and friends over good food and video games. Starting later today, following the PS Store publish, we’re discounting a ton of games you can play together with your family on the couch or online. We’ve got more than 30 titles available at up to 65% off, with PS Plus members receiving up to 80% off.

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