May 06 2015

Destiny House of Wolves: New Details

Destiny update! Learn about Prison of Elders, the tough new co-op challenge coming to House of Wolves this month. Read More

Feb 20 2013

$399, 8 GB of superfast GDDR5 RAM, the world's most advanced controller and much more. Read More

Jan 01 2013

Get your Instant Game Collection updates here. Free games, early access, exclusive discounts and more. Read More

Aug 17 2012

Each Thursday, we pack developer interviews, listener questions, next week's PSN releases and lots of game talk into one hour, process it into a smooth jelly, and inject it directly into your earholes. Read More

May 05 2015

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is now live on PlayStation Store, alongside May's PlayStation Plus lineup, new sales and more. Read on for the full list. Read More

May 05 2015

Star Wars comes to Disney Infinity, along with other new characters including Mickey, Minnie, Ultron, Inside Out's Emotions and more. Read More

Destiny House of Wolves: Prison of Elders Details

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on May 06, 2015

In addition to upgrading the game’s popular competitive mode, Destiny’s next expansion aims to flesh out the backstory of The Fallen, the dastardly alien race that have claimed many of mankind’s abandoned strongholds following the appearance of The Darkness.

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on May 05, 2015

Store - Wolfenstein The Old Blood 1

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is now live on PlayStation Store, alongside May’s PlayStation Plus lineup, new sales and more. Read on for the full list.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Coming to PS4 & PS3, Featuring Star Wars

Allison Petrek's Avatar + Posted by Allison Petrek on May 05, 2015

We’re really excited to share the news that Star Wars will join Disney, Disney•Pixar, and Marvel in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition for PS4 and PS3! The team’s been working tirelessly on the next installment of Disney Infinity, which will bring together many favorite characters and include more gameplay content and variety than ever before.

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Out Today on PS4

Matt Grandstaff's Avatar + Posted by Matt Grandstaff on May 05, 2015

The Old Blood is a prequel to The New Order offering the same high-intensity, story-driven, first-person action players have come to expect from the game’s developer MachineGames.

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Portal Pinball is Teleporting to Zen Pinball 2

Bobby Loertscher's Avatar + Posted by Bobby Loertscher on May 05, 2015


Valve and Zen Studios have revealed the fruits of their recent collaboration, taking one of the most beloved game series of the past decade, Portal, and giving it the pinball treatment!

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PlayStation Now Subscriptions Come to PS3 May 12th

Jack Buser's Avatar + Posted by Jack Buser on May 04, 2015

We have some exciting news: PlayStation Now subscriptions will be coming to PS3 later this May! Now you’ll be able to play a huge library of more than 100 hit PS3 games on PS4 and PS3, as well as select Sony Blu-ray players and TVs, all for one monthly price.

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Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Shows Off on PlayStation Underground

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on May 04, 2015

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today, we go underground with Skullgirls: 2nd Encore, a spectacular fighting game with a ton of personality that’s coming to PS4, and PS Vita soon after.

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Lost Orbit Hits PS4 on May 12th, Re-designs Game Death

Chris Iacobucci's Avatar + Posted by Chris Iacobucci on May 04, 2015


While working on Lost Orbit, we were faced with two seemingly opposing ideas. We wanted to create a lonely, unforgiving universe that followed the journey of a doomed astronaut. At the same time, as designers, we wanted to entertain and reward our players with sound mechanics and positive reinforcement. We wanted players to have fun.

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