Sep 30 2014

Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

Help infamous hacker T-Bone escape the city of Chicago with new gadgets, new perks, and even a havoc-wreaking drone car. Read More

Feb 20 2013

$399, 8 GB of superfast GDDR5 RAM, the world's most advanced controller and much more. Read More

Jan 01 2013

Get your Instant Game Collection updates here. Free games, early access, exclusive discounts and more. Read More

Aug 17 2012

Each Thursday, we pack developer interviews, listener questions, next week's PSN releases and lots of game talk into one hour, process it into a smooth jelly, and inject it directly into your earholes. Read More

Sep 30 2014

This outlandish bundle launches exclusively on PS3 today, which includes anime short films and a high-speed side-scroller. Read More

Sep 30 2014

PlayStation Plus members can download Battlefield 4 and experience 168 hours with the full campaign and multiplayer suite. Read More

Short Peace Out Today on PS3

Grace Liu's Avatar + Posted by Grace Liu on Sep 30, 2014


Get a full dose of anime culture today! Short Peace has finally arrived in the Americas with an anime movie and game sold as one, exclusively for PS3!

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New fighter Eliza joins Skullgirls Encore on PS3 tomorrow

Peter Bartholow's Avatar + Posted by Peter Bartholow on Sep 30, 2014


It’s been a few months since we released our second Indiegogo-funded DLC character, Big Band. I’m happy to announce that Eliza, our third character, will be released today in Skullgirls Encore.

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Try Battlefield 4 for Free on PS3

Jonas Elfving's Avatar + Posted by Jonas Elfving on Sep 30, 2014


Later today after the Store publish, PlayStation Plus members can download Battlefield 4 for free on PS3. There’s never been a better time for new recruits to jump in and join the all-out war. You’ll get 168 hours with the entire experience, including 64 player all-out war in multiplayer, and the intense single-player campaign.

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Which Wheels Work with Driveclub?

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Sep 30, 2014


For a while now, racing fans have been asking for details on which wheels Driveclub will support when it hits stores on October 7th. That time has finally come!

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Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

Nik Schmidt's Avatar + Posted by Nik Schmidt on Sep 30, 2014

The streets of Chicago haven’t been the same since Aiden Pearce left the Blume-corporation reeling, unable to recover from his private cyber-war waged across the city. In today’s Watch Dogs DLC Bad Blood, players will take control of another hacker fighting to escape Chicago amidst the chaos, T-Bone.

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PlayStation and Taco Bell: A Chance to Win a Limited Edition PS4 Destiny Bundle

Guy Longworth's Avatar + Posted by Guy Longworth on Sep 29, 2014


I have some exciting news for the PlayStation Nation! I’m happy to announce that PlayStation and Taco Bell will be working together again, this time to give fans the chance to win a Limited Edition PS4 Destiny Bundle every 15 minutes!* This six week promotion begins on October 9th and ends on November 19th.

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: Legends of the Lawn Out 9/30

Chris Fox's Avatar + Posted by Chris Fox on Sep 29, 2014

Hello again, everyone! I’m Chris Fox, lead gameplay designer on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. I’m back today to tell you a little about our latest free content update — Legends of the Lawn, coming tomorrow to PS4 and PS3.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/30/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Sep 28, 2014


Talion, skilled swordsman and Ranger of the Black Gate, dies upon the rainy walls of his charge, moments after the cruel murder of his wife and child. But Talion is banished from death, and brought back to life by an ancient wraith with a thirst for vengeance. So begins the open-world adventure in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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