Aug 04

PlayStation Store - Galak-Z

PlayStation Store Update

Now live on PlayStation Store: Galak-Z, week two of the Summer Sale, August's full PlayStation Plus lineup, and more. Read More

Aug 04

Aug 04

PS HEROES: Get Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Theme for PS4

Posted by John Koller on Aug 04, 2015


During our E3 press conference in June, we introduced Horizon Zero Dawn, a brand new, third-person action RPG from Guerrilla Games coming to PS4 in 2016. This month, PlayStation Heroes is giving you the opportunity to support the USO by purchasing a Horizon Zero Dawn theme for PS4.

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N++ Out Now

Head over to PlayStation Store to pick up the long-awaited puzzle platformer today.

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PlayStation Store Update

Posted by Grace Chen on Aug 04, 2015

PlayStation Store - Galak-Z

Now live on PlayStation Store: Galak-Z, week two of the Summer Sale, August’s full PlayStation Plus lineup, and more.

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PS Store Summer Sale Week 2: Assassin’s Creed Unity, Project Almanac & More

Posted by Chieh Chen on Aug 04, 2015


Hi everyone! Week two of PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale is here and we’re finishing strong with a diverse collection of red-hot games and videos, all for up to 70 percent off. PlayStation Plus members enjoy an additional discount, at up to 80 percent off.

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Capsule Force Coming to PS4 on August 25th

Posted by Eric Wenske on Aug 04, 2015


Hey there, galactic friends! Let’s talk Capsule Force aesthetics and the decisions behind them. Capsule Force is a 90’s arcade game set in an 80’s space anime world, but why did we go with this style?

When we started working on Capsule Force, we tried to make a fun, competitive multiplayer game by creating prototypes with a rapid iteration cycle. We quickly put together a game we enjoyed, but the art needed… some work.

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It Takes a Village to Launch the GALAK-Z

Posted by Raj Joshi on Aug 04, 2015


Suit up! You can finally climb aboard the GALAK-Z as it launches today! If we’ve been lucky enough to have you following us, you already know that GALAK-Z is an homage to our anime dreams. Piloting your prototypical craft is equally fun to fly as it is to transform into a mech and slash your way through an onslaught of wiley enemies. Procedural missions and music, extensive combinations of upgrades and passives, intelligent warring factions surrounded by a living and hostile environment all come together into a rogue-lite wrapped in the construct of a Saturday morning cartoon. And bringing all of this to life takes the help and talent of many different folks. We’d like to pay homage to them in this launch day blog post.

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7 Weird Things About Trans-Galactic Tournament, Open Beta Starts Today

Posted by David Bednar on Aug 04, 2015

17158955311_75d7be2256_z (1)

Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT) is launching its Open Beta in the Americas today, but before you head to PlayStation Store to start breaking skulls and causing mayhem, we gotta share some of the surprises you’ll find in Trans-Galactic Tournament on PS4.

We’re out to change your idea of what a battle arena game can be, so mow down your jungle and pave your lanes — here’s the top 7 weird things that make TGT the fastest, wildest battle arena game in the universe.

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PS Now Subscription Coming to PS Vita, August Lineup Detailed

Posted by James Martin on Aug 03, 2015

I’m excited to share that, starting tomorrow, you’ll have even more ways to enjoy the 125+ games in the PlayStation Now game streaming subscription, with the addition of PS Vita and PS TV support. Also this month there are five new titles joining the ever-expanding library of PS Now games, including the award-winning God of War III, along with Dynasty Warriors 8, MX vs. ATV Supercross, Bomberman Ultra, and The Last Guy.

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41 Amazing Things About No Man’s Sky

Posted by Alex Wiltshire on Aug 03, 2015


Hello, PlayStation.Blog! I’m Alex, from Hello Games. Hope you’re well! How’s your summer going? Ours? We’re kinda recovered from E3, where Sean showed off live No Man’s Sky gameplay for the first time. It has been a big relief that people seemed to like it. You can’t know just how scary it is to show a game as open-ended as No Man’s Sky live on a stage for an audience of millions.

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