Jun 28

Jun 28

PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.40 Available Now

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, PlayStation Network

UPDATE: Thanks for all of the feedback. Just a quick update, 3.40 has been released. In addition, PlayStation Plus is now available in the PlayStation Store.

We’re thrilled to hear that many of you are excited about the five star rating feature. This feature is retroactive for all of your PlayStation Store activity, so you can jump into the store right now and start rating all of your past purchases. Look for a “Rate” button on the product pages.

The PSN App on Facebook is also live. You can find it here: http://apps.facebook.com/playstation.

Hi everyone, once again we’re adding new features to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system via firmware update to ensure we’re bringing you the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible. PS3 system software update (v3.40) will be available soon, adding the PlayStation Plus subscription, enhancements to the connection between your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts and more. Additionally, we’ll be launching system software update (v6.30) for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system simultaneously with PS3 system software update (v3.40), adding PlayStation Plus compatibility as well as other new features.

We’ve gone ahead and provided a few highlights from PS3 firmware update (v3.40) below:

  • PlayStation Plus: PlayStation Network users will be able to purchase membership to PlayStation Plus; a new subscription service on the PlayStation Network that provides you with new options to expand and enhance your gaming experience and enable you to gain an exclusive set of features and content. Friendly reminder, all of you PlayStation Network users will continue to have free access to PlayStation Network’s unmatched and expanding suite of new and exclusive features while PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive and expanding set of gaming features, content and functionality.
  • Photo Gallery: A new network based photo sharing feature is now available on the Photo Gallery. The enhancement allows you to upload, browse and comment on photos on Facebook and Picasa Web Album. You can also opt to share your photos between your PlayStation Network friends as well as print photos from Photo Gallery.
  • Video Editor & Uploader: Video Editor and Uploader is a new function found on the XrossMediaBar (XMB), which enables you to edit, save and upload video files stored on the PS3 system to sites such as Facebook or YouTube.
  • Five Star Rating Support: Users can rate the PlayStation Store content they have purchased with one to five star ratings.
  • Power Save Settings: The default setting for PS3 System Auto-Off will be set at 2 hours, providing you with additional power save options and further improving power save features on the PS3 system.

photo Commentvideo upload

In addition to the latest features introduced in PS3 system software update (v3.40), a separate, new PlayStation Network application on Facebook.com will be made available. This builds upon what was previously launched with Trophies and the ability to publish purchases from the PlayStation Store. Now you can further integrate your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts with this new application. The application allows you to display your PlayStation Network profile on your Facebook account, find out which of your Facebook friends have a PSN account and send them a PlayStation Network friend request, view your PSN friends’ online status and add the PlayStation Network application tab to your Facebook user profile.

Add Friend Friends list PSN Tab

We’re very excited to be able to provide you with continued system software upgrades, which ensure your PS3 and PSP systems remain compelling offerings for years to come. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 and PSP systems, please visit http://www.us.playstation.com/PS3/Features/SystemUpdate and http://us.playstation.com/support/systemupdates/psp/.

Let us know your thoughts. Enjoy!

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pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:20 pm

fix the web browser update java update flash player

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:22 pm

fix the web browser fix remote play

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:25 pm

fix the web browser fix the web browser

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:26 pm


pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:27 pm


pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:27 pm

web browser

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:33 pm

fix remote play fix web browser

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:36 pm

fix remote play it has connection errors all the time and there’s no way to reconnect to the ps3

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:45 pm

please fix the ps3 web browser

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:50 pm

fix the ps3 web browser fix ps3 remote play

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:54 pm

update flash player

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:54 pm

update java

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 5:58 pm

fix the ps3 web browser fix the ps3 web browser

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 6:23 pm

fix the ps3 web browser can’t watch videos on playstation blog

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 6:26 pm

fix the ps3 web browser can’t sign in at yahoo mail

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 6:44 pm

fix the ps3 web browser can’t search youtube videos

transce said:

July 1st, 7:19 pm

Where is support for OGM and MKV video containers, support for dual audio videos, support for variable bitrate mp3 audio in videos? These should be a priority! I’m so sick of having to constantly convert videos just to get them to play on my PS3. When you advertise “It only does everything”, there’s no excuse for such shoddy video support!

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 7:19 pm

fix the ps3 web browser can’t vote at mlb.com for the all star game

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 7:23 pm

fix the ps3 web browser add firefox, google chrome

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 7:33 pm

fix the ps3 web browser add firefox, google chrome, something, anything reliable, functional, useful

pudljumper_ said:

July 1st, 7:42 pm

fix the ps3 web browser playstation forums completely useless using ps3 web browser

transce said:

July 1st, 8:52 pm

I was actually considering doing a 3 month run of PSN+ until I found out that if you cancel the service, you don’t get to keep any of the “free” games you received. What kind of bull is that? So you’re not really GIVING us anything, you’re just LEASING us a few games. That’s just shady. Forget it, I’m not wasting a dime of my money when, if I cancel the service later, I’ll have nothing to show for it.

N-Gus said:

July 1st, 9:04 pm

Well, this is sooo “Sony Style” like… A mandatory update, for a superficial material. Is a MUST upgrade, but for nothing… for stupid things… It was very funny when I read “Thanks for all of the feedback”… WTF???…
It´s a shame…Sony has disappointed me again…

devin_spell said:

July 1st, 10:07 pm

very good update sony

SwoleRN said:

July 1st, 11:07 pm

Thanks for the update sony. not quite enough content to purchase PSN!+ yet. Add more 3D and i will purchase.

dancriv said:

July 2nd, 12:01 am

Hi, I`m getting an error code 80022D05 and doesn`t allow to update/synch trophies. An additional error is 8002291E which doesn`t allow to play some PSN bought games. (Braid for Example)

Doesn`t anyone know how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance,

cyrus132 said:

July 2nd, 1:26 am

everything yeah….. well having bluetooth issues seems like the paring is all messed up now. anybody else?

and http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/26/divx-plus-hd-divx-7-certification-for-ps3/

vote here for video support

Junjah said:

July 2nd, 1:33 pm

I think Sony is desperately trying to make girls get something out of the PS3, reaching out to a wider market . Because let’s face it, updates like this one mean absolutely nothing for a nerd like myself. Hell, if updates continue to prove this useless Sony will either lose the bigger part of the users out there or release a pink version of the PS3 that gets this sort of social-oriented update, where as the black one doesn’t. I play games, watch videos or browse the web because sometimes, I’m tired of socialising.

So please Sony, give us an updated web browser, better video/audio compatibility and improvements to the gaming experience. But I guess you’ll just print this post and throw darts at it like so many others…

DrMikki said:

July 2nd, 2:38 pm

My husband bought PlayStation Plus with his account, and I have another master account on the same PS3. Usually I can access all of his purchased content, but it will not allow me to use one of the Fat Princess avatars included with PlayStation Plus. Is there any way to enable this??

Gohonq said:

July 3rd, 12:43 am

I like the update… it’s great and all.. really it is.. but please… PLEASE UPDATE THE WEB BROWSER… The only thing that keeps me sane when not playing games is being able to WATCH STUFF on the ps3.. without that, it’s a glorified blu ray player. X.X

Huaskar said:

July 3rd, 8:45 am

nice update! keep going :)

el3bod said:

July 3rd, 10:22 am

i cant update the ps3 it give me a error 8002f997 . can any one help plz

bigfnrabbit said:

July 3rd, 11:00 am

ever since i updated my ps3 to 3.40 when i try to sync my trophies it was really slow then i put in naughty bear and the game froze yesterday now every time i try to sync i get error 80022D05 this is really disstressing me as i have thousands of trophies and after the error 80022D05 it shows my list and naughty bear and split second aren’t even on my trophy list its like its erasing my trophies PLEASE HELP…… i phoned sony went through their troubleshooting and basically they told me to bad……..

waterfall187 said:

July 3rd, 12:07 pm


Schnello said:

July 3rd, 1:28 pm

I need a store like the USA Playstation Store…

chevy_high_life said:

July 3rd, 8:52 pm

dude psN f’n up.. our video browsinG plug-in is way outdated……..WE NEED A BETTR updaTe

Thrill_Kill said:

July 3rd, 9:29 pm

Wow, another new update!! And Silent Hill on PSOne is still buggy!

SONY, PLEASE fix PSOne titles on the PS3. Every PS3 has a PSOne emulator on it, so for petes sakes, PLEASE update that emu so that Silent Hill works properly!! PLEASE!!

Also, since your adding things nobody asked for, could you PLEASE think about adding CD+G support so I can play all of my CD+Gs in my PS3 instead of having to break out a 3DO or Pioneer LaserActive? That would be awesome and shouldn’t take you much time to implement at all.

And while your at it, PLEASE fix some of the PlayStation 2 games for us early adopters. I own 5, yes 5, CECHA01 models! I want to see my PS2 BC getting more stable! Please don’t forget about us early adopters! I haven’t seen PS2/PS1 games being updated in Firmwares since 2.80. So please get back on it. Don’t leave us behind.

mahoni216 said:

July 3rd, 11:48 pm

OK.. I just downloaded and installed this update… Why is it that my PS3 is telling me that I CANT upload my vids to facebook with the error message stateing (With words to the effect)
“Cannot upload vids that have been captured before the the 3.40 update or copywrited content..)

All i’ve been doing is capturing little clips with my PS eye..

So which is it???? is my PS3 REALLY updated to 3.40 cause I can’t understand how my PERSONAL capture vids can be considered someone elses intellectual property?!!?!?

3.40 NEEDS A PATCH!!!!!!! PRONTO!!!!

DeadSilence1811 said:

July 4th, 1:54 am

keep up the good work i guess

XxCrAzYxX000 said:

July 4th, 2:17 am

The only good is 5 star rating
I want a Update like hearing music while playing games and stuff
Play station Plus sucks because its just like wii
Xbox 360 Kinect is better that

nmccall said:

July 4th, 2:49 am

Fix the trophy system! Specifically, let us turn off trophy notifications and delete ones we don’t want. Enough with microscopic tweaks, like the new power setting default (what a joke…). Put more effort into fixing what’s already in action.

SunshineSkyBlue said:

July 4th, 3:40 am

something to highlight:

PSN App has to be opened from the bookmark box on the left of the facebook page in order to view the PSN-profile/friend tab

if you access the App from the facebook profile tab (at the top of the facebook profile page), you can only see the PSN profile list, but not the friends’ list

Raqoon said:

July 4th, 12:19 pm

Eric…if you are reading any of the comments here, can you please tell the bigwigs in Japan to start listening to some of it’s north american market customers?

-update the web browser!
-add mkv support
-quit removing features
-cross game chat…hello??

Add something usefull like Skype or streaming music like the PSP has. (add skype and watch your sales of cameras go up)

I’ve lost patience with Sony and the PS3. It’s a dead platform, and quite frankly a dead brand if they keep it up. I’ve moved on and got a Wii for basic games and browsing the web on the big screen, and use my computer for the more graphically intense game titles.

These updates are nothing more than fluff for the Japanese market, and are quite insulting. What next? The Hello Kitty version?

You can do alot better than this!

sirhootsalot187 said:

July 4th, 7:57 pm

im having trouble signing into psn when clicking that facebook app link on this page

MTRezNIN said:

July 4th, 8:46 pm

I also still CANNOT SIGN IN to PSN when trying to register for the FACEBOOK APP???

plemak said:

July 5th, 4:26 pm

I’m sorry, but as long as Sony does not reintegrate OTHER OS feature back to older PS3s, I am fully boycotting them…

cesar1er said:

July 6th, 12:52 pm

i will not update…i’ll on 3.15 and keep my linux…and wait for a way to acces PSN and other online stuff.

Shin--Hiryu said:

July 6th, 5:47 pm

This update really sucks… now the internet browser sucks more, here are my problems with the browser right now:

– I cant see some videos on Youtube and others sites that i could see before the update (it only plays the sound and shows a black box instead of the video).

– The PS3 freezes sometimes when changing to another page on the browser.

I hope that this problems get fixed. My opinion on the PS Plus is that is a waste of money…im not going to pay for that and then pay for the things in the store, the discounts are not impressive

mobil44 said:

July 7th, 2:23 am

Great update but where is the Resurgence DLC

mobil44 said:

July 7th, 2:26 am

Has anyone downloaded the resurgence pack yet (besides every XBOX owner)?Ive been reading that its available to download but its not on the PSN as yet.Or is it?

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