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Rush’N Attack: Ex-Patriot Available on PSN with ‘Systema’ Combat

Posted by Pearl Lu on Mar 30, 2011

Rush'N Attack

For those of you not old enough to remember, Rush’N Attack was originally a side-scrolling game for arcade cabinets, later adapted for home consoles. It used to look something like this:

True to its name, it was a lot of rushing. And attacking. Mostly with a knife, sometimes with a flamethrower or a machine gun, but always against hordes of faceless Russians (it was the Cold War, which meant that was totally cool that Russians were bad guys and even cooler to come up with a pun-tastic name for the game). And as we approached the 25th anniversary of Rush’N Attack, we realized it might be nice to revisit an old friend.

But bringing a game like this back into something accessible and interesting to a modern audience presented some unique challenges.

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MLB 11 The Show Fantasy Predictions

Posted by Eric Levine on Mar 30, 2011


The MLB season is about to get underway so for those looking for some last minute advice on which players to target in your fantasy baseball drafts, we simulated the 2011 season using MLB 11 The Show to offer a bit of help. You definitely want to grab guys who will be atop the Triple Crown categories to rack up the fantasy points, so for hitters, look for Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols to have another beast of a season with 50+ Home Runs and nearly 120 RBIs. Also, look for Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez to have a strong follow-up to last year’s breakout season, along with Joey Votto, who should hit around .320 with 45+ Home Runs and over 100 RBIs. On the mound, you’ll want to grab hurlers who can get you wins, strikeouts, and a low ERA, so look for aces C.C. Sabathia (20 wins), Tim Lincecum (250 strikeouts), and Felix Hernandez (2.50 ERA) to be the cream of the crop this year.

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Killzone: Ascendancy Author Sam Bradbury Talks Novelization

Posted by Victor Zuylen on Mar 30, 2011


You saw through their eyes and guided their actions, but do you really know what drives Tomas ‘Sev’ Sevchenko and Rico Velasquez? Sam Bradbury does – for his novelization of Killzone 3, the author delved deep into the game’s story to answer these and other questions. We sat down with Sam for a short Q & A about Killzone: Ascendancy. What was the most challenging part of writing Killzone: Ascendancy?
Sam Bradbury: It was maintaining the excitement and forward momentum of the game as well as delivering the depth and insight that readers expect from a novel. And there were times when the gameplay elements were incompatible with the demands of a book, so working to make them gel and complement each other was demanding, but of course very fulfilling when it all comes together.

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Resistance 3 Will Support 3D, PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Thanks to Community Demand

Posted by James Stevenson on Mar 29, 2011


Greetings from the fabulous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, where we’re in the middle of Insomniac’s 3rd Annual Community Day. We’ve been letting fans get some of their first hands-on gameplay with Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. We’ve also been showing cool demos and producing Q&As to bring you in the form of Full Moon Show podcasts in the coming weeks.

That said, today we are finally able reveal, due to overwhelming community demand, that Resistance 3 will support Stereoscopic 3DTV. Furthermore, those of you who are enjoying the precision of the PlayStation Move motion controller with your copies of Killzone 3 and the SOCOM 4 Beta will be delighted to know that Resistance 3 will also support PlayStation Move and the sharp shooter.

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PlayStation Store Update

Posted by Grace Chen on Mar 29, 2011


It’s the fourth week of Spring Fever 2011. Today you’ll see that the Spotlight New Release is the PSN Exclusive, Moon Diver. You’ll also get discounts on Top Darts and Worms Battle Islands (PSP). For all of the PlayStation Plus members, you will want to check out the featured free games, including Comet Crash, A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks, Vector TD and the PS one classic, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. There are also some great discounts, free and exclusive themes, exclusive avatars and a free full game trial for Split Second.

Finally, as a reminder, there is still the opportunity to donate to Japan relief efforts via the PlayStation Store. Visit the New Releases category and go to “Aid Japan”, where you can donate $2, $5, $10, $25 or $50.

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Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies

Posted by Stephen Bokkes on Mar 29, 2011

Free Realms

Today, as a PS3 gamer, you should ask yourself only one question: where can I race a demolition derby car against my friends, build a fun house for my friends to come play in, battle monsters as a stealthy ninja, own a parrot and talk like a pirate, raise a dragon pet that poops hot coals, and ride a rainbow unicorn off into the sunset?

Starting today, the answer is Free Realms! That’s right, Sony Online Entertainment’s popular online virtual world makes its way to the PlayStation Network today and you can all play it for FREE. Free Realms is the first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network and definitely has something for everyone to play, adventure and experience.

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The 3rd Birthday Teleports to PSP Today with Dissidia 012 Bonus

Posted by Sonia Im on Mar 29, 2011


The 3rd Birthday launches today on UMD and via PSN! While your PSP may still be hot from Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy, you should definitely add The 3rd Birthday to your “play” list. It has all of the makings of a game that ensures my PSP is rarely idle: Awesome graphics, gameplay that’s gets as deep as I want it to be, teleporting (“overdive” system), plus I love games that get the shooting mechanics right on a PSP. Hope you have as much fun as I predict I will! :)

A few quick bits of info and then onto the gorgeous launch trailer!

  • A true action-RPG hybrid
  • Strategic gameplay
  • All-star production staff

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PlayStation Network Launches 2011 MLB.TV with New Features for Opening Day

Posted by Brandon Stander on Mar 29, 2011

mlb tv

The Major League Baseball pre-season is coming down the home stretch, and with Opening Day of the 2011 season just two days away, we’re excited to announce 2011 MLB.TV for PS3 is now available on PlayStation Network.

For the 2011 MLB season, the MLB.TV team is introducing significant advancements, including an improved user interface, more integration and more sophisticated tools for live streaming. Check it out as our own Jeff Rubenstein walks you through the highlights:

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