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Apr 09

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A FES-tivus for the rest of us: Persona 3 FES Hits PSN Tomorrow

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Aram Jabbari on Apr 09, 2012 // Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

PlayStation.Blog readers,

There’s a new PlayStation 2 Classic coming to PlayStation Network. I want to talk to you about it. Instead of just getting to the darn point, though…LET’S DRAG THIS OUT.

Join me, won’t you, as we take a trip back in time? Step into this police box with me, please. Get the door behind you? Thanks.

Ok, the year is 2008. You just saw Al Pacino’s 88 Minutes in theaters. It was terrible.

You’re on your way home, your head hung low in abject disappointment, when you pass by your local INSERT NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO GAME RETAILER HERE. What’s that? New releases? You wander in to take a closer look, thinking that a new game might help cleanse your mental palate…

Persona 3 FES for PSN

Whoa. Wait, didn’t Persona 3 come out in 2007? Sure, it was one of the best RPGs you ever played, introducing one of the most memorable casts of characters ever and a ridiculously sweet half-dungeon RPG/half-social sim gameplay mechanic that let you balance the everyday demands of a high school student with the every night demands of a world-saving, Persona-wielding badass.

Persona 3 FES for PSN

And then there was FES. It took the original game, which was now known as “The Journey,” and added: a new Hard Mode selectable from the start, new Personas, a new Social Link with new Arcana, new classroom pop quizzes, a new Weapon Fusion system, over 50 new requests from Elizabeth, new nighttime events with Koromaru, and a few secrets as well.

Persona 3 FES for PSN

But FES also offered “The Answer,” an entirely new chapter that dealt with the events after The Journey’s ending. In The Answer, players control Aigis as she works to solve the mystery of “time skips” that have trapped the S.E.E.S. members in the same repeating day. The Answer gives players who have completed the Journey a formidable challenge: conquer hundreds of new floors filled with enemies and bosses harder than anything in The Journey’s Hard Mode, and do it all without the benefit of The Journey’s Persona compendium.

Persona 3 FES for PSN

Persona 3 is widely considered one of the finest JRPGs ever made. Persona 3 FES takes all of that even further. It has an 89 on Metacritic, getting perfect scores from sites like Destructoid.com, who raved: “Persona 3: FES manages to take one of last year’s best RPGs and make it even better, trumping the original with loads of gameplay and fantastic value.”

Persona 3 FES for PSN

Anyways, we’re back in 2012 now. Please get out of my time machine. No, seriously, I’m tired of having to watch you out of the corner of my eye. Second of all, and perhaps more importantly, Persona 3 FES is available tomorrow as a PS2 classic via PSN.

Own a PS3? Always wanted to play Persona 3 FES and never got around to it. NOW YOU CAN!

Well, it’s been fun. I’m off to 1999. I go back to it a lot. I sit outside of big movie theaters and watch peoples’ reactions as they shuffle out of Phantom Menace. Schadenfreude is an addicting thing.

Until next time!!

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+ KnifingGrimace on April 9th, 2012 at 10:21 pm said:

I saw the announcement for this on Sunday night and have been jumping for joy since then. Since playing FES in 2009, I’ve gone on to buy every other Persona game. It’s such a fantastic series with memorable characters.

Even though I’d much prefer having a PS3 version of P3P with its augmented battle system and widescreen display, the original FES is amazing. It has in-game graphics that P3P lacks, as well as in-game animated cutscenes and the Answer storyline.

If you guys were ever to release a Yukari PSN avatar, I’d buy it right up. Just sayin’.


+ DARGO-G on April 9th, 2012 at 10:29 pm said:

Is it coming on PSN EU too? or it will be next week? thanks


+ TJF588 on April 10th, 2012 at 12:08 am said:

To chime in to the “merely days ago” waxes ‘nostalgic’, it was only a couple days ago that I was telling my to-be bro-in-law about how Final Fantasy draws names from all kinds of mythologies, but that Persona [3 [FES]] had a catalog with rundowns of each figure’s mythoses…es. And then I saw The Drop.

However, I’m in the same boat as chemerie (#47): Only partway through (only a couple personas have “beefed up”, in a sense), and I’d really like to not have to start over (which would mean several tens of smaller start-overs), so do save files from PS2 memory cards work with PS2 Classics? (I guess I could test out a PS1 game I have on disc and download, and assume that’d be indicative.)



+ TJF588 on April 10th, 2012 at 12:08 am said:


But, yeah, got P3FES from the GameStop a college friend worked at, then got a very nice used copy of the P3 set (and have had “Master of Shadow” in my playlists since), then pre-ordered P4 on Amazon (though I didn’t get in on that complementary swag set, which is about as perused as the included, and large, artbook), and from the same site have picked up the box sets of P1 and P2IS (WHERE did I put P1’s box?!); love having the track names and such, though still gotta get in touch with SquareEnixMusic.com about a typo. Held off on P3P (I’m a bucket hat kinda guy), but intend to gender-bend if I ever get through FES.

But for requests, yes, avatars! Oh, and could you guys host a page on your site with album art for the CDs you’ve released with the games? Especially the ones that don’t have proper covers, like P3, P4(1), and Catherine? PURDY PLURSE!! I can do without P4 on PS2Cs is P4G is “everything and more”, unlike the heart-wrenching compromises twixt P3/F and P3P.


+ Abu_Omar86 on April 10th, 2012 at 4:30 am said:

why they didn’t release the PSP port ? its better then the PS2 version
and what about P4 ?
they are re-releasing it on PS vita..they also should ported to PS3 as will
and i don’t care about that fighting game wanna be


+ jebara on April 10th, 2012 at 5:01 am said:

The Persona games are some of my all time favorites.
BTW is it too much to ask for some Persona related avatars?
As much as I love MGS I rather show of my all time favorite franchise.
Maybe have a few other SMT related stuff like Nocturne but for now P3/4 is all I’m asking for.


+ dinges44 on April 10th, 2012 at 6:31 am said:

Will there be an European release for this? Just finished Innocent Sin on PSP, want to play this one on PS3 badly.


+ Orohu on April 10th, 2012 at 7:13 am said:

I will almost certainly buy this, if just for the reason that it will support the series and potentially make Persona 4 a PS2 Classic. Also, I /really/ want to get P4G for the Vita I’m picking up later today.


+ Orohu on April 10th, 2012 at 7:34 am said:

Hey, would you guys recommend me getting P3F for my PS3, or a non-UMD copy of P3P for my Vita?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar


    + Aram Jabbari on April 10th, 2012 at 9:30 am said:


    I think it’ll really depend on whether you’d rather play more on the go or sitting at home. P3P, being a handheld remaster, does streamline some of the presentation elements of the original PS2 game, but it does also offer flexibility for what is ultimately a 60+ hour RPG!

    Do you prefer the couch, or the car/plane/bus/train/toilet seat?


+ x-LadyTitania-x on April 10th, 2012 at 8:07 am said:

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I am buying it today after I get off work!! Get some Persona 3/ 4 avatars!! I hope it has trophies!! In fact I might just buy a Playstation Plus membership since I’m in a good mood! -fan girl squeal- !!!! ♥♥ ^.~

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