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Jun 20

no man's land - playstation home

Play No Man’s Land Starting Today on PlayStation Home

Cade Peterson's Avatar Posted by Cade Peterson on Jun 20, 2012 // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

No Man’s Land is a new free-to-play PlayStation Home game that transports you to a post-apocalyptic America that has known only war for decades. Through this devastated wasteland, you must scavenge to survive while confronting tribes of heavily armed enemies focused on their own survival. Employing a cutting-edge cover point system and immersive gameplay, No Man’s Land is a first-of-its-kind on a console: a free-to-play multiplayer shooter.

We are proud to bring you this breakthrough Home experience. Comprised of industry veterans who have worked across a wide range of platforms and genres, VEEMEE saw a unique opportunity with PlayStation Home to evolve gaming by blending the immersive gameplay endemic to AAA games with the social and “freemium” aspects of casual games. This is something that is only possible on PlayStation, with its free online network and vibrant community. No Man’s Land is a game that brings something new – and a bit different – to the Home platform.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

No Man’s Land is a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter, featuring a cover-based movement system and 4v4 team battles. Following the completion of a tutorial session, the player is given an introductory loadout that allows access to the Drydock and the game. Armor and weapon upgrades can be purchased from the Commerce Points in a variety of combinations, which we plan to evolve in time.

The Environment and the Cover System

The challenge for the game universe of No Man’s Land was to create a realistic environment that looked like it had been worn down by conflict for decades. The focus was on rendering a devastated world where obvious resources were depleted and what remained was hard to find and dangerous to claim.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

The cover-to-cover movement system is a deliberate departure from the usual run-and-gun gameplay of many other third-person shooters. No Man’s Land promotes the idea that in order to survive, “cover is king.” The cover control system makes moving between cover natural and fluid. Players can queue additional cover moves or interrupt any move at any time to divert to another cover position. This results in players making frantic dashes between pieces of cover, often taking evasive action when under fire, so they can reach the relative safety of the next cover point. It means players have to think ahead: where they want to be, which direction they want to shoot from, and where their teammates are. This encourages players to work as a team to provide covering fire for each other as they advance and sprint between cover points.

Armor and Weapons

The developers decided to make use of the Home avatars so to increase the player’s connection with the in-game No Man’s Land survivor, which means that your Home avatar will strap on armor while its other physical features remain intact. Plus you can wear it out of the space into the game world too! We all love character customization so have been keen to offer as much flexibility here as possible.

Armor comes in several variants, increasing in weight and damage absorption properties. Heavier armor will slow survivor movement between cover, but it will be able to absorb more damage. You choose between speed of movement and the damage protection.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

It is possible to mix and match all the armor pieces into whichever configuration you require. Light armor for hands and feet? Medium for legs and torso? Heavy for the head? You decide. The weight, speed and damage absorption properties for your character are then calculated appropriately.

Right from the start, the intention was to make No Man’s Land as flexible as possible: from the grenade variants, to the customizable armor loadouts, to the four-weapon carrying system. This means that players can buy any combination of weapons and armor to fit their playing style, while offering a variety of visual styles.

Game Modes

There are two modes of play: Scavengers and Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is the time-tested ‘kill-every-enemy-that-moves’ game mode. In the Scavengers game mode teams must collect salvage packs from the depleted cityscape. These resources are all that are left of the old world. Each team must bring all the salvage to their ‘salvage dump’ before the other team does. This game mode is essentially capture the flag, but with multiple flags. Players earn points for placing salvage on their team’s salvage dump, for stealing enemy salvage, and for simply killing the enemy.

No Man's Land for PlayStation Home

“…the old ones used to call this place the United States of America, we just call it…No Man’s Land…”

We hope you have a great time playing No Man’s Land! We look forward to hearing what you think so we can continue to evolve this unique, free, and first of its kind console game. Post your thoughts here in the comments section and head to the official PlayStation Home forums to continue the conversation.

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+ ALIEN-gunner on June 20th, 2012 at 1:25 pm said:

I’d like to know, is that $49.99 armor/weapon bundle pack price an error??

    Cade Peterson's Avatar


    + Cade Peterson on June 20th, 2012 at 6:06 pm said:

    No, it’s correct. With it will come everything in the game (all armor, weapons, etc). It’s basically the total premium upgrade package.


+ footballrule on June 20th, 2012 at 2:39 pm said:

I should hop on Home sometime today and check this out! It looks good from the images and videos.

    Cade Peterson's Avatar


    + Cade Peterson on June 20th, 2012 at 6:18 pm said:

    All that is real in-game footage. Not bad, eh?


+ punkmusic2009 on June 20th, 2012 at 2:50 pm said:

nothing new in ps home and nothing free for plus this no mans land i already did in beta and passed it in 5 mins what type of update is this nothng new


+ Chase167 on June 20th, 2012 at 2:55 pm said:

any trophies in home yet


+ Eternal-CMO on June 20th, 2012 at 2:58 pm said:

The one thing I absolutely detest is that auto-lock system after ducking into cover. It will not only kill immersion (logistically, one can’t possibly get an exact aim on someone without actually going through the motion of lining it up via sights, making necessary adjustments if it’s a distant target and then firing–in that exact order); otherwise, the bullets should be spraying all over the place straight out of cover until the player does the aforementioned. And the biggest issue I foresee with it is this is a multiplayer shooter, which means it’s competitive by nature. With auto-lock you can kiss that goodbye. Every shoot-out will degrade into someone finding a choke point and abusing the cover system/auto-lock technique so others will either be forced to do the same, or they will need to turtle inside their spawn until the end of the match. This is not fun game play, nor is it conducive to solid gun play mechanics. Please consider taking it out.


+ ALIEN-gunner on June 20th, 2012 at 3:52 pm said:

Why is there no match-making in this game? I was just in a game with all pistol users, myself included, and one player with full armor and a machine gun. The user with the bought weapons dominated the match so much so that our weapons were useless.

And if i put on rose colored glasses and praise this game blindly will i get a response?

    Cade Peterson's Avatar


    + Cade Peterson on June 20th, 2012 at 6:19 pm said:

    Have you checked out the Ranked vs Unranked option?

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