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Feb 01

Feb 01

PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

James Hallahan's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Plus

Your PlayStation Plus games for the month arrive on February 7! This month we have the incredibly creative LittleBigPlanet 3 and the fast-paced action game Not a Hero from Roll 7 (OlliOlli).

LittleBigPlanet 3 is available for all PS Plus members this month. This is one of the most imaginative games on PlayStation, full of platforming adventure and excitement. After you’ve explored the Imagisphere, flex your creative muscle and bring your own imagination to life or play one of the millions of original creations from the LBP Community.

We are also offering Not a Hero, because sometimes you just want to blast the criminal underworld to bits. Play as Steve, a professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager as he cleans for his boss, an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord. Run, jump, shoot, and cut your way through this white-knuckle campaign.

Full lineup:

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 // PS4
  • Not a Hero // PS4
  • Starwhal // PS3, cross buy with PS4
  • Anna — Extended Edition // PS3
  • Ninja Senki DX // PS Vita, cross buy with PS4
  • TorqueL // PS Vita, cross buy with PS4

A ton of gaming fun for such a short month. Enjoy!

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wart_13 said:

February 1st, 9:48 am

Finally a month to be excited about! Starwhal alone is worth this month’s subscription fee, but 5 games to try on PS4 is pretty fantastic!

Exactoman said:

February 1st, 9:51 am

While the store update would be nice, everyone and their mother has already mentioned it. I would most like to have sorting in the download lists for PS3 & Vita. With all these free games across three consoles, it’s incredibly annoying on my Vita trying to find only the Vita games, skimming past hundreds of PS4 and PS3 games, and all their DLC.
Pleeeeeeeease add some sorting option to the downloads list!

    ZichiroARG said:

    February 1st, 10:20 am

    I second that. This NEEDS to happen!

Superstone said:

February 1st, 9:53 am

Looks like a good month. 5 PS4 games. My only ask is how about a vr game every month. I’ll give up the ps3 games since i don’t play ps3 any more and ps4 isn’t backwards compatible.

Thwip said:

February 1st, 9:56 am

Store Update post, or no Store Update post; I think I’m indifferent. But what I do find troubling is the lack of communication regarding it. Please address the elephant in the room, I don’t think these comments are going away, and disregarding them isn’t the way to go about partnering with your customer.

YoungBlaise said:

February 1st, 9:56 am

Little Big Planet and TorqueL seem great.
That Ninja game though. I have a Vita not a Gameboy Color. C’mon!

Ishot03 said:

February 1st, 9:59 am

Finally a good month!!!Thanks PS+…I hope you keep this going…

brandonw911 said:

February 1st, 9:59 am

Screw you and your lineups. Until you have good games, screw you.

CathRedfield said:

February 1st, 10:02 am

LBP 3! I’m hyped! Loving this line-up, looking forward to next week :D

SovietBR said:

February 1st, 10:02 am


    Sampagne said:

    February 1st, 11:01 pm

    Kinda gotta agree. The psplus lineup has been super weak this past year. where’s that gravity rush remastered sony?

Mollarom said:

February 1st, 10:07 am

As the owner of a PS4, PS3 and a Vita, I look forward to PS Plus announcements every month. Usually I can find at least ONE gem. Not so this month.

boxmyth said:

February 1st, 10:07 am

Sony should consider including some of those PS2-on-PS4 games in the Plus lineup at some point. Mix things up a bit.

    SidNightwalker said:

    February 1st, 12:58 pm

    Or proper backwards compatibility.

DrVonTacos said:

February 1st, 10:08 am


mojtaba333 said:

February 1st, 10:10 am

store update

blugre said:

February 1st, 10:19 am

Today I had to choose between Renewing Plus or buying a Nintendo game ( Mario and Luigi: Boswer’s inside story) and since I own LBP 3 and the rest I don’t care for I got Mario, and it’s fun as hell. Plus ain’t worth it any more, only the multiplayer that’s needed for Ps4. Maybe I’ll renew next month, I suggest you people try other game consoles, like Nintendo or Xbox, don’t rely on PlayStation all the time, their are other choices.

    ZichiroARG said:

    February 1st, 10:23 am


    TrueAssassin86x said:

    February 1st, 10:29 am

    Hope you can keep thoses free games at the end of the when nintendo charges for online like Sony and Xbox oh wait you dont even if you still own the sub

Mollarom said:

February 1st, 10:26 am

You know, I would GLADLY trade the “hey, here’s a free selection of games” with “hey, here’s a month of PS Now.”

    CrusaderForever said:

    February 1st, 11:01 am

    Not a bad idea! I would be all over that.

Hayades said:

February 1st, 10:30 am

Bring back the weekly update page. Also bring back the videos that show all six ps plus games (no need for fancy editing).

Fuhr31 said:

February 1st, 10:34 am

Kettle, meet Pot/

Fuhr31 said:

February 1st, 10:37 am

I’d like to see more older AAA PS3 games that people may have missed. I still enjoy the Indies that i’d likely never be exposed to without Plus though. Mix it up, there’s a huge library.

Tombikk said:

February 1st, 10:39 am

Acceptable line-up for PS4. But do you have any idea how bad the PS Plus games for Vita (february) ? I’m NOT saying that because they are 2D or have pixel graphics. They are just “eh” games.

ShadowSkylark7 said:

February 1st, 10:39 am

Please bring back the Store Update! I’ve purchased less since since they’ve stopped and I’m sure I’m not the only one, if that’s any motivation to bring them back.

CAAG said:

February 1st, 10:50 am

Thanks for a AAA. But I’ll pass on all titles. Starting to agree with all the complaining, increase in price should be increase in product. No offense to these indie games but damn I haven’t downloaded a game in months. I’m not 10 and if I wanted to play retro like games, I would just play my Nintendo. Seriously though this is not hate but Sony you might want to improve on your “free” games. I know you can’t satisfy everyone, but if you here the exact same complaint monthly, maybe something should be fixed. Other than that thanx.

SwiggyPiggy123 said:

February 1st, 10:54 am

Ugh.Just bought LBP3 last year.

lll-URBAN-III said:

February 1st, 10:59 am


These look like a big bag of WANK.

CrusaderForever said:

February 1st, 11:00 am

Own LBP3 and Not A Hero and I am glad I bought them D1. Really good games, glad that more gamers will get to play them. Good line up Sony!

Henagata said:

February 1st, 11:00 am

best month this year!
I already own LBP3 but i was annoyed by the loading times. I heard the digital version is better so i’ll get the gang together and try again. regardless starwhal will be great replacement if LBP3 does not pan out.

WackyMonster23 said:

February 1st, 11:10 am

Fantastic, I am getting Lbp 3

selektone said:

February 1st, 11:11 am

Sounds like a cool lineup. It would be cool if you guys could make some video footage in your YouTube video highlighting the month of games that actually shows all the games to maybe generate a little more interest.
Thanks as always anyways though! Can’t wait to check out Not A Hero!

Randinator-_001 said:

February 1st, 11:17 am

Hmmm lbp3… I’ll get a month of ps plus just for that, I rarely play online.

Skyyplum said:

February 1st, 11:26 am

If I wasn’t forced to pay for PS+ to play online I would have stopped paying a while ago. I can buy LBP 3 for less than $10 and another indie game I couldn’t care less about. Xbox wins again with their free game offerings.

pablikenemy79 said:

February 1st, 11:35 am

So this is the “great” line up for Feb pluss games, just a couples of week before the Nintendo SWITCH release…

However, this is Another good reason for SAVE THE MONEY AND “SWITCH” TO NINTENDO !!!!
. I Cant belive how Sony just dont care at all for those Vita owners, i mean they pay for the console, games and highly prizes memory cards Right!?
But what about the support !?

H_Flint said:

February 1st, 11:45 am

No thanks.

DoctorIntruder said:

February 1st, 11:50 am

Please stop giving us pixel games on PlayStation 4!!!! :-) PLEASE thank you if you do so, our PlayStation plus membership should get us better games then pixel games. Games should show us how good the PlayStation 4 is, not how bad the PlayStation 4 is.All I’m asking is better games graphics and no more phone games and no more sega games back in 1989.Please and thank you have a good day and think about it.

yarinn4n said:

February 1st, 11:54 am

A pleasent suprise, just when I lost hope in PS+ game lineups

UltraWookie said:

February 1st, 11:57 am

Thanks! It’s nice that we finally get a Triple “A” title that adds some value to the PS+ membership.
Let’s keep this trend going!

m-a-k-e-l-e-l-e said:

February 1st, 12:02 pm

Amazing Games, good work and good choice. thank you sony i am happy ;)
i criticized the games in the last few months, but now i am very pleased, thanks a lot.
little big planet 3 is huge and an amazing plus game, ninja dx looks promising, and not a hero i want to try it out.

Mando44646 said:

February 1st, 12:08 pm

holy hell, where is the quality control anymore? Those two Vita games look like utter BS and are terribly rated on Steam. You don’t even bother trying anymore, right? Hell, I’m surprised us Vita folks are even remembered by you guys. I keep giving PS+ a shot at improving, and it never does. I’m done with it – I’m done hoping

    pablikenemy79 said:

    February 1st, 12:18 pm

    Im tired too… But just wait and Save the money for the Nintendo Switch and forgive about Sony !

nicholaswagner said:

February 1st, 12:52 pm

Oh LBP3? Does that mean they finally fixed the totally game breaking bugs?

joaryche said:

February 1st, 12:52 pm

not happy with this month….i received LBP3 free with my BF bundle at TRU a couple of years ago….i guess it will be great for others..

SidNightwalker said:

February 1st, 12:53 pm

Eh, there’s some decent stuff here, I guess. Anna has abysmal DLC on PC, so I suppose I could try it on PS3 fir very little cost.

j3diMaStrDAVE88 said:

February 1st, 1:06 pm

I would like to personally thank PS for including a AAA title for February. The other LBPs were fun, and i never played LBP3, so this month (Finally) feels more like a win over X1 freebies… for February, they still got PS beat for the past few months. Can’t wait for the update, someone needs to start making these available on the first every month.

cusman said:

February 1st, 1:11 pm

I think I already have most of these games. No matter, I am very happy with the PS+ sales discounts and other benefits as well.

Vyprstryke said:

February 1st, 1:13 pm

Not a Hero! Nice!

GoCanes89 said:

February 1st, 1:22 pm

5 free games on PS4? do they realize what this does to my backlog of games??? it hurts so good…

gilgamesh21 said:

February 1st, 1:29 pm

When will the Store have another ‘Spend $100 get $10 back’ deal?

ManOfEvilAX7 said:

February 1st, 1:37 pm

Pretty strong lineup this month. Not a Hero kinda reminds me of BroForce in a way


February 1st, 1:43 pm

AWESOME I lokking forward to playing little big planet 3 I have not played it yet good month.

nicklippus said:

February 1st, 1:44 pm

Are they kidding? 5 2d platform games?!

DwiftclawDragon said:

February 1st, 2:04 pm

Nice line up this month one triple a game an some Indies they should do this every month there something for everyone one here

whereymyconary said:

February 1st, 2:04 pm

Wow first month in a while i got nothing I’m interested in, LBP3 has a lot of fame, but i didn’t care for the PSP version which is claimed to be one of the best. See what next month has in store.

it’s not that i want AAA games, i just like it to have variety. A shooter, platformer, mystery game. Variety… not platformer, platformer, platformer.

Torracat83 said:

February 1st, 2:06 pm

Not bad

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