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Happy New Year from the Contrast Team

Guillaume Provost's Avatar + Posted by Guillaume Provost on Jan 01, 2014


When a small team of seven — five guys and two pretty amazing gals — set up to create Contrast in a small solarium a few years ago, we didn’t think we’d be launching on a brand new console, across several continents, or get as much attention as we did. 2013 was as exhausting as it was rewarding.

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Contrast on PS4: Is There Truth in the Shadows?

Guillaume Provost's Avatar + Posted by Guillaume Provost on Jun 12, 2013

You want to know more about Contrast, and I want to shed light on a few topics of my own. Did you know that Contrast, in its initial concept, was set in a cyberpunk virtual world? We thought that related well with the Film Noir and Burlesque eras, too. Have you heard tell of the international slumber party work week before Compulsion found an office? When we started working on the game, the team was spread out across four continents!

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