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Resogun Heroes Out Today: New World, New Modes, New Trophies

Ian Pickles's Avatar + Posted by Ian Pickles on Jun 24, 2014


Hey there PlayStation Nation! Ian Pickles here, Producer at XDEV Studio Europe Back again as promised to give you some information about our new expansion: Resogun Heroes.

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Resogun Update Out Tomorrow: Ship Editor, Local Co-op, More Trophies

Ian Pickles's Avatar + Posted by Ian Pickles on Jun 21, 2014

Resogun Update

What up PlayStation Nation! Ian Pickles, Producer at XDEV Studio Europe here with some news regarding the new Resogun update, which will be hitting your PS4 before the end of this weekend.

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John Cleese is the Voice of PS Vita’s Smart As

Ian Pickles's Avatar + Posted by Ian Pickles on Aug 13, 2012

SMART AS-Voice Over

My name is Ian Pickles and I am the Producer from XDev Studio Europe working on PlayStation Vita’s all-new social brain training experience, Smart As. I’m here with some exciting news to share. I am delighted to confirm that John Cleese, the English actor, comedian, writer and film producer is injecting his unique personality and sophisticated sense of humor into the game as the voice of Smart As.

Best known for his hilarious antics as a member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, it’s great to be able to confirm the comedy legend’s participation in the game. His instantly recognizable voice and distinctive style deliver intelligent and witty narration during the game, always encouraging and sometimes teasing you to improve every time you play.

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