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DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition Details (Updated)

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on May 07, 2014

Last week we announced the release date for PS4’s first socially connected racing game – DRIVECLUB.

The response we’ve seen to the trailer is seriously overwhelming, and it’s time for some more news.

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Season’s Greetings from the Driveclub Team

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Dec 24, 2013


While the Driveclub team continues to work hard to create an outstanding racing game for you and your friends to enjoy in 2014, we’re taking a moment to thank you all. We wish you well for the holidays, because your support and enthusiasm have kept us fired up all year.

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DRIVECLUB: New 1080p Videos

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Sep 06, 2013

Thanks to everyone that played the DRIVECLUB demo at Gamescom! There were some blindingly quick racers, and even though my team weren’t the fastest overall, we earned the most fame points to win the challenge. So that means that the Gamescom trailer plays out with ”Like A Boss” winning, which I’m obviously very happy about! Also, in case you were wondering, the music track is Be Here Now by Hybrid (The Qemists remix). ;-)

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DRIVECLUB Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Aug 20, 2013


The goal for Driveclub is to build a strong, connected community of clubs and racers that will keep the game fresh, with new challenges. A key part of achieving this is how we let you get into the game: so I’m here to not only reveal the options you have, but also share our stylish box art and the three exclusive incentives on offer when you pre-order the game.

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#DRIVECLUB – E3 Club Challenge + New Trailer

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Jun 10, 2013

Your reaction to #DRIVECLUB at the #playstation2013 event in February really got everyone at Evolution Studios fired up! We’re so excited to finally be able to show you more of #DRIVECLUB, I can barely contain my hashtags!

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Conversation with Creators: DriveClub on PS4

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Jun 06, 2013

Hi everyone, I’m proud to represent the talented team here at Evolution Studios, and to introduce this video, which shows some of our key team members involved in the brilliant Conversations with Creators series.

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Free Update: MotorStorm RC Gets New Demo Tracks, New Features

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Jun 13, 2012

motorstorm rc

Attention MotorStorm fans! MotorStorm RC — one of the most popular PSN games of the year — has just received a community-focused update and I’m here to give you all the details! Beginning today, MotorStorm RC fans will have access to new tracks to try out for free, experience fun and more accessible races, the chance to share challenges whenever you like, and recover lost medals! Please note that it can take up to an hour for the update to be available in all territories. You will be prompted to download this game update when you next fire up the game from the PS3 XMB or PS Vita LiveArea.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to MotorStorm RC or if you’ve been playing from the start: This update makes MotorStorm RC better for you and your friends.

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MotorStorm Pacific Rift Game Update Just Around the Corner!

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Jan 26, 2009


The first major update for MotorStorm Pacific Rift is currently in the final stages of development and testing. This update contains many improvements and amendments to the game, as well as fixes to several issues reported on the forum, and is scheduled for release in the near future. Details of the first update: Restrictions to […]

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