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New Velocity 2X Trailer and Update: So Far, So Good!

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Feb 07, 2014

Hi folks. Today I’m here to reveal a brand new video showing alpha footage of Velocity 2X; to talk through some of the things we’ve been working towards; and to outline what we’re going to be adding next!

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Velocity Ultra Out Today on PS3

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Nov 12, 2013


I’m excited to say that the multiple award-winning Velocity Ultra is available today on the mighty PlayStation 3 for just $7.49!

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Velocity 2X on PS4: Learning From Gamers Like You

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Oct 08, 2013

Hey folks. We had such a good time showcasing Velocity 2X at the Eurogamer Expo, we’d like to share our experience with you!

First of all, we managed to find the courage to jump on stage to talk about Velocity 2X in a Developer Session. For those who missed it, we talked about how we’ve approached making a PS Minis game desirable for PS4.

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Velocity Sequel Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Aug 20, 2013


Hi everyone, we are so excited and proud to announce Velocity 2X; the highly requested sequel to Velocity Ultra!

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Velocity Ultra Blasts Off on PS Vita July 2nd

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Jun 21, 2013

Velocity Ultra

What can I say? Other than sorry for the delay! We’ve been somewhat harassed by you folks for a month on Twitter, Email and Facebook, and frankly we deserved it! But now Velocity Ultra for PS Vita is nearly upon us, bug-free and with a high-res coat of paint.

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Velocity Ultra on PS Vita: New Trailer and Details

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Mar 27, 2013

Many people thought Velocity was a bargain on minis because of the sheer amount of content we managed to squeeze into it, but Velocity Ultra goes a step further by including Trophies (yes, there’s a Platinum!).

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Velocity Getting Remade for PS Vita as Velocity Ultra

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Jan 11, 2013

Velocity Ultra

Hello again! It feels great to be back on PS.Blog — especially now that we’re able to reveal a project that so many people have asked for: a native PS Vita version of our multiple award-winning PS minis game Velocity!

It’s called Velocity Ultra, and it features Trophies, online high scores and a completely overhauled visual style at native PS Vita resolution. We’re reworking all the art in the game, so the cut scene stills have been recreated at a much higher standard than before.

We’re also unifying the art style throughout the game by ditching pixel art in favor of the edgy cartoon style.

The dinky (and rather pathetic) Quarp Jet now looks less dinky (and rather bad-ass)…

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PlayStation Mobile: FuturLab’s Beats Slider and Fuel Tiracas

James Marsden's Avatar + Posted by James Marsden on Oct 04, 2012

Fuel Tiracas

Hello folks! Earlier this year we were shouting about shouting about Velocity, and now we’ve got some new things to be excited about. We’ve been hard at work coming up with more simple, elegant and clever ideas, and crafting them into fun and addictive games.

The first of these games is called Beats Slider, and it’s called that because you slide beats around. It’s simple, rather elegant, and pretty clever too…

Beats Slider – Conquer Those Blasted Slider Puzzles!

Each block of the sliding puzzle represents MIDI data, which is basically musical notation that computers can read. MIDI data can be used to play back any instrument, synthesizer, drum loop or whatever you throw at it, just by changing the instruments or samples that are triggered by it.

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