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TxK: A Beginner’s Guide to Vita’s Trippy New Shooter

Jeff Minter's Avatar + Posted by Jeff Minter on Feb 12, 2014


TxK is an arcade-style shooting game. The basic idea is simple: shoot all the enemies that arrive on each playing surface. When the surface is clear or all enemies arrive at the top, the surface explodes and you transition to the next level.

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TxK Out Today: The History, Development, and Gameplay of Llamasoft’s Latest

Jeff Minter's Avatar + Posted by Jeff Minter on Feb 11, 2014


TxK is the latest in a particular genre of arcade-style shooters which can be described as “neo-retro”. These games are characterised by gameplay inspired by arcade games of old, but take advantage of modern hardware to provide graphics and audio that far surpass anything that was possible back in ancient times.

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Cult studio Llamasoft blazes onto PS Vita with TxK

Jeff Minter's Avatar + Posted by Jeff Minter on Apr 24, 2013


Nearly 20 years ago, in 1994, one of the best-known Llamasoft games ever was released on the Atari Jaguar – the seminal Tempest 2000. This title came to be recognized as one of the finest games on the system. Based upon an early ‘80s arcade game, T2K aimed to be more than just a port of an older game. Instead, T2K took that old classic game as an inspiration, and offered up something entirely new and modern.

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