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Remastered Music in Final Fantasy X HD

Lee Williams's Avatar + Posted by Lee Williams on Aug 23, 2013

You might have gathered that it’s Gamescom week, so there have been lots of goodies coming in recently — like a lovely little trailer comparing some of the gameplay from the original Final Fantasy X with footage from the new HD Remaster version. It shows off a sequence of battles, focusing on the Overdrive attacks. Check out the difference between SD and HD! But the new thing we’re showing off here, is the arranged version of the battle music!

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom Trailer

Lee Williams's Avatar + Posted by Lee Williams on Aug 21, 2013

It’s the Gamescom trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, plus a whole slew of new screens! The Savior’s Choice trailer takes you into The Wildlands; a rough expanse of wilderness that will reunite Lightning with Chocobos, Moogles (Kupo!), and an old friend: Sazh. You’ll also get a glimpse of Lightning’s unique battle abilities, including her super attack: Army of One.

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