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Mike Bithell’s Volume to Debut on PS4 and PS Vita

Mike Bithell's Avatar + Posted by Mike Bithell on Aug 21, 2013


Hello, I’m Mike Bithell, and I am a man who makes video games. The last game I made was Thomas Was Alone, and the next is called Volume. It’s a stealth game about being heard, and it’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita first!

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Thomas Was Alone: Out Today on PS3, PS Vita With DLC

Mike Bithell's Avatar + Posted by Mike Bithell on Apr 23, 2013

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is a game about friendship and jumping. As you can see from the images and videos no doubt littered amongst this post, it is also very much about rectangles. If you’ve got PlayStation Plus and you’re in the US, you’ll get 20% off the game for a limited time, because of the Spring Fever sale. Which is awesome. Daffodils rock.

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Introducing Thomas Was Alone, coming soon to PS3 and PS Vita

Mike Bithell's Avatar + Posted by Mike Bithell on Feb 27, 2013


I hope you’ll understand the excitement I feel at uttering the following words: This Spring, Thomas Was Alone is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita (with cross buy).

Which is, if we’re honest, ridiculous. I made a game about rectangles and friendship in my free time. I was lucky enough to find some incredible collaborators who made my script sound good, and my environments sound far more awesome than their humble rectangular graphics.

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