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Take Rotastic for a Spin Tomorrow on PSN

Posted by on Dec 03, 2012

Hi there, PlayStation Blog readers! This is Martial Hesse-Dreville from Dancing Dots, here to tell you about our game — Rotastic — arriving on PSN tomorrow!

Now, how to best sum up what Rotastic is all about… well — imagine a knight. Got it? Good. Now give him a rope with a hook. Ok? Very well… now swing that knight around 80 levels filled with jewels and gems to collect. Sounds simple? Well, maybe then I should tell you about the hundreds of deadly traps, cannons, razor-sharp blades, crazy chickens, black holes, flying dragons, and killer bats… it won’t be easy!

The whole idea behind Rotastic is simple: we wanted to provide tons of fun while using a very simple game mechanic, and I think it worked. Using just one button, you latch your grappling hook onto the nearest anchor point, many of which are scattered around each level.

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