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Music Festival Sim BigFest coming to PS4 and PS3

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on Aug 08, 2014

We recently brought you news of our festival management and music discovery game BigFest, where players build their own mega festivals by discovering and promoting real-world, unsigned bands. Well…we are very excited to announce that the game will also be coming free to play for both the PS4 and PS3!

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Freedom Wars: New Details on PS Vita’s Upcoming Action RPG

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on Jun 30, 2014

It’s my distinct honor to bring you more information regarding one of the biggest PS Vita titles you’ll see this year – Freedom Wars! The futuristic action game launched last week in Japan, so we wanted to bring a few more details to our North American “Prisoners.”

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Promote Real Music in BigFest on PS Vita

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on May 14, 2014


Revealed at Gamescom 2013 for PS Vita, BigFest is about building your own festival that will promote real, unsigned bands. Players will go on a journey with the bands with the goal of building their own thriving festival and becoming the most successful promoter in the world.

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More Ways to Play Knack: Co-op Mode, Mobile App Detailed

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on Nov 07, 2013

Hello, everyone. We’re just a little over a week away from the launch of PS4, and I can’t wait for everyone to finally get their hands on Knack. If you’re looking for a taste of something different, something a little more old-school, Knack is the perfect PS4 game for you. With Knack, not only are we taking gamers back to the days of classic games like Crash Bandicoot, we’re also introducing some new and unique ways to experience the game.

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A Deeper Look at the World of Knack on PS4

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on Oct 18, 2013


Hello, everyone. We’re coming to the final stretch before the launch of PS4, as well as Knack, a game I’ve been honored to be a part of. It has been great working with the very talented folks at Japan Studio, not to mention Mark Cerny, a true living legend.

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Knack on PS4: Conversations With Creators

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on Sep 03, 2013

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. Having just announced the November 15th release date for PlayStation 4, you can imagine that it’s a very exciting time at PlayStation. We’re busy right now putting the final touches on Knack, including the drop-in/drop-out, 2-player local cooperative mode announced at Gamescom. Knack is both fun and challenging, and is a blast to play with a second player controlling a robot version of Knack.

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Table Mini Golf Putts to PS Vita on April 9th

Nick Accordino's Avatar + Posted by Nick Accordino on Mar 28, 2013


Like the previous games in the AR Play series, Table Mini Golf is a bite-sized game with monster-sized scope – you’ll use the AR Play cards to construct dozens of mini-golf courses across most flat surfaces of your choosing, and then pick one of three stylish characters to show off your putting skills in style.

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