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EVO 2011 Starts Tomorrow, PlayStation Home Streaming and Panel Details

Seth Killian's Avatar + Posted by Seth Killian on Jul 28, 2011

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All week long, I’ve had this strange tension in my shoulders. I was hunched up, and was even having trouble sleeping. As Comic-Con came to a close, I couldn’t figured out the source of my weird aches, until I finally realized: it’s EVO time.

EVO is the World Series of Fighting Games, and it’s this weekend, July 29th through the 31st, in Las Vegas. EVO has been running for over a decade, and has grown from a small gathering of friends into the biggest fighting-game event on the planet, with thousands of competitors and fans attending from dozens of countries (46 countries are represented this year!). The best of the best come not only to win prizes, but to claim a place in fighting game history, to earn a name, and to test themselves at the highest levels.

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LA, you’re invited! Super Street Fighter IV Event this Friday

Seth Killian's Avatar + Posted by Seth Killian on Apr 19, 2010


Hi guys, I’m Seth Killian, O.G. Street Fighter, Capcom community guy, and the shadowy “special advisor” to Super Street Fighter IV. I wanted to give the PlayStation.Blog a heads-up on a little party we’re teaming up with Sony to throw in honor of the arrival of our new game. For those who don’t know, we […]

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Attention Fighting Fans: Prove You’re the Best… Around!

Seth Killian's Avatar + Posted by Seth Killian on Jul 08, 2009


Hello PlayStation-land. I’m Seth Killian. I run community for Capcom, and if you like Street Fighter, you’ve probably seen me running my mouth about it around the internets. I’m the special advisor to Street Fighter IV and lent my name to the final boss, but what brings me here today is what got me to […]

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