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Press X to Ninja: Warframe on PS4

Posted by Steve Sinclair on Jun 05, 2013

Do you like Ninjas? What if they were in space? What if you could slash enemies, blast them with guns and obliterate them with crazy exo-armor powers? Would you like to level-up, build a Space Dojo with your friends and hang out, dueling each other and trading wall-running stories? Good news! Warframe is your ticket to all of that and its coming to PlayStation 4, for free, at launch!

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A Programmer’s Look Inside BioShock

Posted by Steve Sinclair on Oct 08, 2008


I’m Steve Sinclair and I work at Digital Extremes. I’m scrawny with dry skin and male pattern baldness. Despite all that – I’m still smiling because I got to peek up BioShock’s skirt! By skirt I mean the source code. For a programmer there is great joy in understanding. Every time the Great Carmack open […]

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