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OlliOlli Launches Today for PS Vita

Tom Hegarty's Avatar + Posted by Tom Hegarty on Jan 21, 2014


OlliOlli is out today, exclusive to PlayStation Vita for $12.99. Those of you with a PlayStation Plus account will get a 20% discount on that price for the first week.

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OlliOlli for PS Vita Drops in on January 21st

Tom Hegarty's Avatar + Posted by Tom Hegarty on Jan 09, 2014


We’ve finally finished OlliOlli, and what’s even better, we now have a release date: January 21st!

As you may know, this our first PS Vita game, so it’s been a big challenge for us – a challenge that’s been well worth it (and we hope you’ll think so, too). We originally planned to launch before the holiday, but due to some technical issues we had to push back. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who patiently supported us throughout 2013, including fans, press, and all the crew at PlayStation – especially Shahid and Spencer.

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OlliOlli on PS Vita: Career Mode Explained

Tom Hegarty's Avatar + Posted by Tom Hegarty on Oct 28, 2013

Hello! It was back in June that we last posted here. At that point we were about to embark on our first E3 trip with a very early build of the game. Needless to say a lot has changed since then! Player physics have been tweaked, we’ve redesigned a ton of grindable assets and we’ve also settled on the final modes of the game (there are four in total!).

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