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How to Kick Butt in Gunhouse

Brandon Sheffield's Avatar + Posted by Brandon Sheffield on Jan 16, 2014


Hey pals! I’m happy to announce that Gunhouse is available now on PlayStation Mobile! We’ve got music by Disasterpeace of Fez fame, code by the guy that made Frog Fractions, and design by yours truly.

I’m here to give you some Hot Tips to excel at Gunhouse, which is a pseudo-turn-based, puzzle game/tower defense sort of hybrid. The aim of Gunhouse is to protect your precious orphans from these mechanical alien invaders, who want to eat your dang orphans. Why!? Who would do such a thing?

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PlayStation Mobile Update: Crystal Ice and Gun House Land on PlayStation Mobile This Week

Jamaal Moore's Avatar + Posted by Jamaal Moore on Jan 15, 2014


This week is the last week of our Festive Giveaway promotion that began over Thanksgiving. We are sending this promotion out with a bang by giving you Monster Hotel and Quiet Please.

We have some amazing games launching this week, so be sure to check them out. This week, we have Gun House and Crystal Ice launching. We also have updates to Chromatic Aberration and Shooting Star Featured.

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December 2013 PlayStation Store Top Sellers

Justin Massongill's Avatar + Posted by Justin Massongill on Jan 09, 2014

PSN Top Sellers

Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 ruled PS4, both with and without counting the digital upgrade program. Minecraft blasted immediately to the top of the PS3 charts, the premiere of The Walking Dead’s second season had an especially strong debut, and Terraria and Tearaway continue to stimulate the minds of PS Vita creators.

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PlayStation Mobile Update: Festive Giveaway Continues

Jamaal Moore's Avatar + Posted by Jamaal Moore on Jan 08, 2014


Now that we are all returning to our daily routines post holiday break, we hope that you all enjoyed your time off, playing all of the awesome games that we gave away in late November and December. Today, we are resuming our Festive Giveaway promotion that began during Thanksgiving by giving away two more super cool games this week: Rock Boshers DX and Bike Rider DX.

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PS Mobile Update: UFO Dad Arrives This Week

Paul Sullivan's Avatar + Posted by Paul Sullivan on Dec 18, 2013


Every Tuesday, there are new games, apps, and updates added to PlayStation Mobile. UFO Dad — our featured game of the week — and Night Riders were released this week. We also have a ton of updates on the way.

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Chromatic Aberration Out Now on PS Mobile

Andrew Rollings's Avatar + Posted by Andrew Rollings on Dec 12, 2013

On Tuesday, we launched our second PS Mobile game, Chromatic Aberration. This is an original idea that utilizes borrowed elements from different 80’s games. Since we wanted the game to have a very unique feel, we had to get the right set of tools to give us the look and feel we wanted. After securing the use of SuperIcon’s Pixel Engine, we set about designing 64 of the most fiendish, insane levels we could think of.

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PlayStation Mobile Update: More Free Games This Week and Two New Releases

Jamaal Moore's Avatar + Posted by Jamaal Moore on Dec 11, 2013


We are halfway through our Festive Giveaway promotion now, and I hope that you have been enjoying the free games. After giving you four great titles over the last two weeks, we are going to give you two more awesome titles this week to carry you through New Year’s: Super Crate Box and Fuel Tiracas!

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November 2013 PlayStation Store Top Sellers

Justin Massongill's Avatar + Posted by Justin Massongill on Dec 06, 2013

PlayStation Bug - Flow

Here we go: it’s the first month of PSN top sellers to include PlayStation 4. We’ve got two separate PS4 charts this month: one that includes the PS3 to PS4 digital upgrade program, and one that doesn’t. The games included in that program did very well either way, of course.

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