#killallzombies Out Today on PS4

Alexey Menshikov's Avatar + Posted by Alexey Menshikov on Oct 28, 2014

Hi everyone! When we at Beatshapers announced #KILLALLZOMBIES for PS4 on August 8th, we were not expecting to receive as much praise and anticipation for the game as we did, so thank you for helping us generate that. And now we’re back to provide a significant update on the game.

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Battle Islands Launches Today on PS4

Rory Jackson's Avatar + Posted by Rory Jackson on Oct 28, 2014


Hi. My name is Rory Jackson. I’m the Studio Head at DR Studios in the UK, the developers of the free-to-play strategy combat game Battle Islands, which is launching on PS4 today!

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Details on Exclusive Content for Returning GTAV Players

R*Q's Avatar + Posted by R*Q on Oct 28, 2014


Ever since we announced Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4, some of you have been asking if there will be anything extra for those PS3 and Xbox 360 players who are planning on picking up the new versions.

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How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition Coming to PS4 11/4

Rodrigo de la Pedraja's Avatar + Posted by Rodrigo de la Pedraja on Oct 28, 2014


Just a year ago, How to Survive made its way into the now-popular crafting survival genre. It reached top positions worldwide and even became a favorite in countries like Japan, where it can be spotted regularly among PlayStation Store’s top sellers (Last week it was top 3!).

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Primal Carnage: Extinction Coming to PS4 Next Year

Aaron Pollack's Avatar + Posted by Aaron Pollack on Oct 27, 2014


So remember all that hype that started early last year about dinosaurs on PS4 but then things went dark on the project? Set your ringtones to roar, because dinosaurs are coming to the PS4 in Q1 of 2015 with the launch of Primal Carnage: Extinction!

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6 Moments from Far Cry 4′s Open World

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Oct 27, 2014

Let loose in Kyrat, I was immediately overwhelmed by the volume of play built into this open world space. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry 4 invites players back into a first-person exploration of quiet villages, dangerous tyranny, and majestic views.

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Major PS4 System Software Update v2.0 Available Tomorrow

Scott McCarthy's Avatar + Posted by Scott McCarthy on Oct 27, 2014

PS4′s system software v2.00, codenamed Masamune, is making its arrival tomorrow and we can’t wait for you to check out all the new enhancements it’ll bring to your PS4. This update adds unique, forward-looking features like Share Play, and addresses some of the most highly requested features from the community including YouTube integration, USB music player, ability to find players you may know, sorting options for PS4′s game library, and themes that change the look of your home screen.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 10/28/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Oct 26, 2014


Goblins, ghouls, ghosts, and gremlins fill the streets. Candy flows like a river of sugar. People willingly terrify themselves. Halloween is creeping around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a shambling host of new games coming to PlayStation?

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