The First 2 Hours of Child of Light on PS4

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Apr 03, 2014


Before a crumbling statue in a dark wood, Aurora faces her first enemy in Child of Light. As it screeches in the little girls’ direction, she hefts her oversized sword into the air with supreme confidence. She’s unfazed by its arachnid frame and menacing gait. This encounter depicts Child of Light in its purest form: unflinching, beautiful, and defiant of expectations. It’s a PS3 and PS4 RPG that celebrates the RPG tradition while striking out on a new path, wholly its own.

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High Pressure: New SOMA Trailer

Thomas Grip's Avatar + Posted by Thomas Grip on Apr 03, 2014

That’s right, our next game will be set deep below the water’s surface – at the bottom of the sea. It was a decision which came very swiftly; Jens (co-founder of Frictional Games) and I sort of decided it on whim during a meet-up. But it’s something that had been brewing inside us for a long time. Most of our earth is covered in ocean, and yet it’s something that we know very little about. It is an incredibly hostile environment filled with strange creatures, and it is right on our door step.

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Road Not Taken on PS4, Vita: Living a Full, 15-Year Life

David Edery's Avatar + Posted by David Edery on Apr 02, 2014


Lately, we’ve been doing a ton of playtesting of Road Not Taken, particularly with fellow game developers. (If you’re ever looking for brutally honest feedback, other game developers are a good place to start.) In general, the feedback has been pretty positive: people love the game’s basic mechanics, art and audio. But one big issue repeatedly crept up in many of our playtests: people weren’t sensing the depth of the game and weren’t feeling a strong sense of progression. This post is all about how we’ve been fixing that.

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Apr 01, 2014

Store - MLB 14 The Show

Now live on PlayStation Store: MLB 14 The Show on PS3/Vita, Mercenary Kings on PS4 (free for PS Plus), Ragnarok Odyssey ACE on PS3/Vita, and more.

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Mercenary Kings Out Today on PS4

Yannick Belzil's Avatar + Posted by Yannick Belzil on Apr 01, 2014


It’s a thrill for us to finally share this labor of love (and explosions, tanks, maniacal warlords…) with all of you. Mercenary Kings air drops you into a colorful world of stylized, cartoonish warfare.

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Second Son Update Incoming: Change Time of Day, HUD Off, 30FPS Option

Brian Fleming's Avatar + Posted by Brian Fleming on Apr 01, 2014


That’s how long it’s been since I went to the midnight launch of Second Son here in Bellevue, Washington (just outside Seattle). I must have talked to over 100 people there, and so many more on social media and forums, Twitter, NeoGAF, etc. since then. It’s been amazing to see the excitement and passion of inFAMOUS fans, new and old. I want to let you all know how much your enthusiasm and support means to us, how it renews us, and readies us to go try to make even better games in the future.

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Killzone Shadow Fall Insurgent Pack Out Today

Poria Torkan's Avatar + Posted by Poria Torkan on Apr 01, 2014

Today marks the release of the Insurgent Pack, the first major multiplayer expansion pack for Killzone Shadow Fall. In addition to the new Insurgent character class, this pack adds a ton of exciting new content to the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer experience.

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Jet Car Stunts Coming to PS3, PS4, PS Vita

Jakub Mikyska's Avatar + Posted by Jakub Mikyska on Mar 31, 2014


Hey! This is Jakub from Grip Games. I’m here today to announce that we’re bringing our incredible racer/platformer hybrid franchise, Jet Car Stunts, to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.

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