PlayStation Blogcast 159: He Who Holds the Marker

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Apr 02, 2015

Axiom Verge

On today’s show, we continue our weeks-long discussion of Bloodborne and its supreme awesomeness, as well as a little chat on the Axiom Verge launch.

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Titan Souls: From Game Jam to PlayStation

Mark Foster's Avatar + Posted by Mark Foster on Apr 02, 2015

A year and three months ago, our team collaborated for the first time to take part in the Ludum Dare game jam that led to the Titan Souls prototype. Before the theme was announced, we sat and thought of different ways we could attempt to make a Shadow of the Colossus-inspired boss rush game in three days — an over-ambitious idea for a game jam, but that’s pretty much how we started.

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Tower of Guns Out April 7th on PS4, PS3, Free for PS Plus

Jakub Mikyska's Avatar + Posted by Jakub Mikyska on Apr 01, 2015

Hey! It’s Jakub from Grip Games. Our newest game Tower of Guns is ready to open its doors and let all the curious visitors in. Please bring your weapons and personal armor with you!

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PlayStation Store Update: March 31st, 2015

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Mar 31, 2015

Store - MLB 15

Now live on PlayStation Store: MLB 15 The Show, Axiom Verge, Paperbound, this week’s Spring Fever deals, and more.

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Spring Fever Week 5: Axiom Verge Out Today, Batman Games & Movies on Sale

Chieh Chen's Avatar + Posted by Chieh Chen on Mar 31, 2015


Hi everyone! It’s Week 5 of Spring Fever, and Axiom Verge (from solo developer Tom Happ) is turning up the heat. One of the most anticipated digital titles, this 2D side-scrolling, action-adventure game debuts today on PS4, with a PS Vita launch scheduled for later this year.

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FFXIV Patch 2.55 Now Live: Prepare for Heavensward!

Hergen Thaens's Avatar + Posted by Hergen Thaens on Mar 31, 2015

FFXIV Patch 2.55

With Heavensward less than three months away, we finally present you with both an end and a new beginning. In patch 2.55, you will finally learn the conclusion to the A Realm Reborn storyline – or will you…? Get prepared for your new journey into the unknown!

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Spotify Launches on PlayStation Music Today

Eric Lempel's Avatar + Posted by Eric Lempel on Mar 30, 2015

PS Music

Hi everyone! In January, we announced PlayStation Music, a new music destination that brings Spotify to PS4, PS3, and Xperia mobile devices in 41 markets around the world. This exclusive partnership brings the best in music and the best in gaming together on PlayStation Network, and I am thrilled to announce that Spotify on PlayStation Music is coming to PS4 and PS3 today!

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/31/2015

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Mar 29, 2015


Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the legendary PlayStation baseball series. MLB 15 The Show steps up to the plate on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this week. Baseball fans, rejoice.

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