PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Jun 24, 2014

Store - Transformers

Now available on PlayStation Store: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, GRID Autosport, Blue Estate, the Summer Blast sale, Mutant Mudds Deluxe free for PS Plus members, and more.

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PlayStation Plus: Mutant Mudds Deluxe Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar + Posted by Kristine Steimer on Jun 23, 2014


It’s time to do some extreme jumping with Mutant Mudds Deluxe. A perfect fit for the Vita, Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a nod to classic platformers complete with pixel art and a chiptune soundtrack. The hero, Max, sports a fancy jetpack, which you can use to bounce between the foreground and background to keep things interesting. Max also grabbed a water gun before the mutated mud monsters invaded, so use it to make them squeaky-clean, jellybean (a.k.a. kill them).

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VidZone Update: Psy, Ariana Grande, Dillon Francis, More

Jamaal Moore's Avatar + Posted by Jamaal Moore on Jun 19, 2014

Oooh what a big update we have for you this week! It’s been an extremely busy time at VidZone HQ recently in preparing some truly excellent content for all of you. And so we’re pleased to not only present some of the hottest new music videos around including the latest soon-to-break-the-internet smash from Psy, BUT finally bring you a BRAND NEW ZONE in celebration of the best hip-hop and RnB and more specifically the 30th Anniversary of Def Jam Recordings!

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Elina Chen's Avatar + Posted by Elina Chen on Jun 18, 2014


Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 6/17/14:

Check out what’s new on Sony Entertainment Network’s ultimate entertainment services! Read more below –

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Jun 17, 2014

Store - UFC

This week’s PlayStation Store update is live! EA Sports UFC comes to PlayStation 4, Terraria is free on PS Vita for PlayStation Plus members, and more.

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GTA Online: “I’m Not a Hipster” Update is Live

R*Q's Avatar + Posted by R*Q on Jun 17, 2014


Express your incredible individualism and stand out from the herd with The post ironic, artisanal, organic, entirely independent, 100% re-claimed “I’m Not a Hipster” Update now available for Grand Theft Auto Online. This new content update features new retro print tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos, animal masks and more, as well as additional enhancements to general gameplay to ensure the world is constantly evolving.

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Destiny’s PlayStation-Exclusive Content Detailed

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Jun 16, 2014

Destiny PS content

During last week’s PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference, you might remember the illustrious Adam Boyes noting that PlayStation owners were set to receive a ton of exclusive Destiny content – literally too much to detail in the show itself. Now that the E3 hubbub has died down, I asked Bungie and the PlayStation elders to share those details right here on PlayStation.Blog for the first time.

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PlayStation Plus: Terraria Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar + Posted by Kristine Steimer on Jun 16, 2014


Grab some of your friends and explore a 2D sandbox world where you can gather materials to craft, build whatever you desire and fight monsters like harpies and demon eyes. Once you’ve gotten used to the regular monsters, there are several bosses you can work toward defeating like King Slime. Of course you should be relatively prepared for these encounters, so create some decent gear and weapons before you try to take them down.

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