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PlayStation Blogcast 110: The Secrets of Left Behind

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Feb 23, 2014

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Safely tucked at the end of this week’s show is our long-awaited spoilercast for The Last of Us: Left Behind, with Naughty Dogs Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann discussing the creative process and challenges in developing a downloadable follow-up to the 2013 game of the year.

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Hands-on with Daylight on PS4: Broadcasting Your Horror

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Feb 20, 2014


The meek shine of a cell phone light provides precious little comfort in the dark halls of an abandoned hospital. Its glow throws menacing shadows across every wall and beneath long-abandoned wheelchairs. Creaking steps and whispers flutter down the passage, and the promise of a scare is never far off. But Daylight, which launches on PS4 this April, offers a different take on the classic genre.

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Daylight on PS4: Designing the Hero

Jessica Chobot's Avatar + Posted by Jessica Chobot on Feb 12, 2014


With the Daylight launch just around the corner, I wanted to give PlayStation.Blog readers a bit of background on our protagonist, Sarah Gwynn. The reasons we chose to go with a female main character were twofold. The first reason being that because I was writing the game, she became (in a roundabout way) an extension of myself. I came up with the outline for Daylight based on some urban exploration I did in my high school days.

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The Real Horror Behind Daylight on PS4

Jessica Chobot's Avatar + Posted by Jessica Chobot on Oct 31, 2013


Considering today is Halloween, the dev team and I wanted to share with you a story about what inspired Daylight’s location, the fictional Mid Island. It’s an abandoned, desolate place with the fa├žade of any other island in the New England area, but bears deep scars in terms of unspeakable events that took place there and at its most infamous location, the Mid Island Bay Hospital.

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Daylight on PS4: The Power of the Unknown

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Oct 09, 2013


In an age of horror games with carefully crafted scares and achingly detailed environments, Zombie Studios is trying something new with its upcoming horror game, Daylight. Players awake inside an abandoned hospital, with only the light of their cellphone to guide them through the thick black. But unlike other horror games, Daylight changes every time you play.

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Daylight: Procedurally Generated Psychological Horror on PS4

Collin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Collin Moore on Jun 07, 2013

E3 is upon us, and Zombie Studios is ready to scare the PlayStation community when Daylight comes to PlayStation 4 early 2014.

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