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FINAL FANTASY XV Coming to PS4: Watch the Trailer

Ben Bateman's Avatar + Posted by Ben Bateman on Jun 12, 2013

Moments ago, we took to the stage at our exclusive pre-E3 Future of FINAL FANTASY event to confirm to press and fans alike the news you’ve all been eagerly waiting for – FINAL FANTASY XV is in development for PlayStation 4!

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50% off Select Final Fantasy Games for the Series’ 25-Year Anniversary

Shinji Hashimoto's Avatar + Posted by Shinji Hashimoto on Feb 04, 2013

Final Fantasy 25 Years

Twenty-five years ago, our company launched a game called Final Fantasy. It was the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. It was also the start of a franchise that would go on to capture the hearts of millions of players around the world.

As we celebrate Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary, we look back on a series that contains 14 installments, numerous spin-off games, and all sorts of merchandise. We are always impressed by the love our fans show for this franchise.

To celebrate this amazing milestone in the history of Final Fantasy, we’ve put a number of Final Fantasy titles on sale on PlayStation Network. For the next two weeks, the following titles will be on sale in PlayStation Store for 50% off.

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Final Fantasy III Coming to PSN Tuesday

Charles McCarter's Avatar + Posted by Charles McCarter on Sep 21, 2012

Final Fantasy III

PlayStation fans are no strangers to the FINAL FANTASY brand, and have continued to be devoted supporters over the series’ 25 year history. Last fall, we brought two additional classic entries in this franchise to the PSN catalog as part of our Winter of RPGs campaign.

This time, I’m here to help close out summer with a bang. The list of numbered FINAL FANTASY titles available on the PlayStation family of consoles has been incredible, but alas, it has also been incomplete. That changes on September 25th, with the release of FINAL FANTASY III on PlayStation Network.

Now, PSP owners will be able to experience a piece of FINAL FANTASY history as they embark on a journey with the four Warriors of Light — Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus — as they battle to save the world from being engulfed in Darkness. A dangerous mission, to be sure; to accomplish their task, they will need an incredible set of skills.

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PlayStation: 15 Years In The Making…

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar + Posted by Rey Gutierrez on Sep 09, 2010


Today we celebrate 15 Years of PlayStation, the gaming industry and most importantly, the PlayStation fan. It is an honor to officially kick off our celebration on the PlayStation.Blog with a retrospective journey and history lesson 15 years in the making. The PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation Portable, the PlayStation 3 — these aren’t […]

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Final Fantasy IX Coming Soon to PlayStation Store

Ami Blaire's Avatar + Posted by Ami Blaire on May 07, 2010


Following up to the fan favorite release of FFVII and FFVIII, PS3 and PSP owners will have a new and exciting opportunity to immerse themselves, once again, into the world of Final Fantasy. Considered by many gamers to be a must-play title for any RPG fan, FFIX will soon to be available for North American […]

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This Week in PlayStation Home: New BioShock 2 and FINAL FANTASY XIII Content, Sodium Up...

Locust_Star's Avatar + Posted by Locust_Star on Apr 21, 2010


You’ve been asking us for weeks in the official PlayStation Home forums, in the comments section of this Blog, and on fan sites and podcasts…and we’re coming through for you like you knew we would! That’s right, Home people – this Thursday, April 22nd the long-requested FINAL FANTASY XIII costumes (along with some additional FFXIII […]

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FINAL FANTASY XIII Comes to PlayStation Home + Sodium Updates, Indiana Jones Items ...

Locust_Star's Avatar + Posted by Locust_Star on Mar 10, 2010


By now you’ve read Jack’s post regarding the exciting new update to PlayStation Home’s core client, which will, among many other things, greatly improve loading times as well as streamline navigation in-between spaces. But we have much more than just the 1.35 update coming at you this week. We’re talking FINAL FANTASY XIII content, new […]

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Qore Episode 22 – Featuring Final Fantasy XIII, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Lost Pla...

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar + Posted by Kevin Furuichi on Mar 10, 2010


With Final Fantasy XIII just released, Qore’s got an in-depth walk-through of this stunning title. Get the real story on the story, characters, and fascinating insights provided by exclusive interviews with creators Motumu Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase and Yuji Abe. There’s also an interactive gallery of gameplay tips, and a look back at the launch day […]

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