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Galak-Z Coming to PS Vita

Raj Joshi's Avatar + Posted by Raj Joshi on Mar 07, 2014


We here at 17-BIT are ecstatic to announce we’ll be bringing the same seat-of-your-pants space shooting gameplay of Galak-Z to PS Vita. Since each game of Galak-Z is a unique, randomly-generated adventure, you’ll be able to dive deep into a fresh experience anytime you have a free moment, no matter where you are.

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GALAK-Z: A 16-Bit Space Shooter for the Next Generation

Jake Kazdal's Avatar + Posted by Jake Kazdal on Jun 10, 2013


The very definition of “shooter” has changed greatly over the past decades – what once described classic 16-bit arcade space shooters now refers to modern first-person tactical combat shooters. We at 17-BIT want to merge the best of both worlds for an all-new type of adventure!

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