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Switch Galaxy Ultra Revealed for PS Vita, PS4

Posted by Gary Nichols on Aug 22, 2013

It only seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were writing our guest post about the release of Switch Galaxy for PlayStation Mobile, and already we’re back with our announcement for Switch Galaxy Ultra.

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Rogue Legacy Coming to PS Vita, PS3, PS4

Posted by Teddy Lee on Aug 22, 2013


So if you guys have been surfing the web, you might have heard that Rogue Legacy is coming to PS Vita, PS3, and PS4. Well… it is! Pretty crazy stuff. If you guys didn’t watch the Sony Gamescom conference, you can check it out here. Feel free to watch for, like, 30 seconds, even though the rest of it is really cool.

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Gun of Icarus Online Coming to PS4

Posted by Howard Tsao on Aug 21, 2013

guns of icarus

To have the opportunity to bring Guns of Icarus Online to PS4 is a dream come true for us. We are Muse Games, a small studio in New York City where Guns of Icarus Online has been our baby and our life for almost 3 years.

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Building a New London for The Order: 1886 on PS4

Posted by Ru Weerasuriya on Aug 21, 2013

the order

When creating our alternate history in The Order: 1886, our goal was to make the environment as believable as possible while at the same time adding our own twist to real places. With the release of our trailer back at E3, we hinted at our vision of an alternate London.

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Wasteland Kings Hitting PS4, PS Vita in 2014

Posted by Rami Ismail on Aug 21, 2013


Vlambeer has been around for almost three years. It’s sort of a weird realization for the two of us that the past three years of our lives — practically every moment after we decided to run a games company full time — has been dedicated to making the games people know us for. It’s been an amazing run that’s taken us from extreme highs to emotional lows, and introduced us to so many amazing people – whether they’re developers or industry or fans.

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Mike Bithell’s Volume to Debut on PS4 and PS Vita

Posted by Mike Bithell on Aug 21, 2013


Hello, I’m Mike Bithell, and I am a man who makes video games. The last game I made was Thomas Was Alone, and the next is called Volume. It’s a stealth game about being heard, and it’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita first!

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Using the DualShock 4 in Infamous Second Son

Posted by Nate Fox on Aug 21, 2013

Hello again from Germany! We just kicked off our Second Son behind closed door presentations for our media friends here at gamescom, and we wanted to give you all a glimpse at what we’re talking about behind the scenes. We’re using the new DUALSHOCK 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 in some really cool ways to bring players even deeper into Second Son with new gameplay controls and mechanics, making them feel like they’re superhuman themselves.

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Music Unlimited Gets Amplified on PS4

Posted by Anu Kirk on Aug 20, 2013

Music Unlimited

During E3, we mentioned that the Music Unlimited service would be available for PlayStation 4 at launch and today during Gamescom we revealed some great features we think you’ll love.

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