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The Polarity of Outland – Experience it June 14th

Aki Raula's Avatar + Posted by Aki Raula on Jun 05, 2011


As we are now about to release Outland, I thought it would be nice to share some thoughts on developing the game, especially on its main feature, the “Ikaruga” polarity mechanic. Thinking about it almost two years later, it feels like we came about the concept easily and naturally.

At the very beginning I had an idea on creating an action adventure platforming game that would give the player similar emotions and encounters I experienced when playing some of my favorite platforming games in the 80’s (Pitfall II, Jumpman Jr., Rick Dangerous etc. – see, I never had a NES). Early versions of Outland had a guy jumping, shooting and sliding around in a jungle environment. We expanded that basic gameplay by adding a special spirit mode that made the character move faster and cause more damage.

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Outland Hits PSN This Spring With Co-Op, Arcade Modes

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Mar 17, 2011


Last fall I was introduced to Outland, a side-scrolling PSN action game that casts you as an urban nobody turned spiritual warrior. The dreamlike visuals, acrobatic platforming and sharp swordplay showed plenty of promise. Since then, developer Housemarque (creators of Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD) has fleshed out the game with a more fluid feel and gameplay depth that will make fans of the classic 2D side-scroller Castlevania: Symphony of the Night beam with delight.

A gorgeous introductory cinematic introduces you to the protagonist’s plight. As a nameless, faceless modern-day city dweller, you’re haunted by visions of a vast wheel endlessly turning. Maddened by the hallucinations, you seek out a shaman who guides you on a path of spiritual awakening and an uncomfortable truth: You’ve been chosen to fight in a timeless, cyclical battle with a pair of god-like Sisters who created the world and now seek to destroy it. Lucky you!

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Dead Nation Introduces Voice Chat Integration, New Development Diary

Petteri Putkonen's Avatar + Posted by Petteri Putkonen on Mar 04, 2011


Hi everyone! Housemarque is extremely pleased to report that Dead Nation received the Editor’s Choice award by Gaming Nexus, Just Push Start, Playstation Lifestyle, ZTGD, and Gamingbolt! Not only that, but the game was also chosen as PSN game of the year 2010 by PS Nation, Gamingbolt, and PlayStation Lifestyle! We’re most honored for these […]

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Dead Nation Metagame: Your Nation Needs You!

Robert Karp's Avatar + Posted by Robert Karp on Dec 13, 2010


Due to issues beyond our control, a nasty, disgusting and horrific zombie outbreak has occurred and we need you to help prove your nation is the best in world at fighting the zombie infection. Dead Nation has a unique online component which we call the metagame. It means that every time you kill a zombie, […]

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Dead Nation Tips and Tricks: Dead Bodies Everywhere

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Dec 03, 2010


What’s old is new again! Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition hits PS4 on March 4th, 2014 with a host of new features and enhanced graphics. We’ve dusted off this comprehensive strategy guide from the game’s 2010 PS3 launch, which should get you a head start with the Apocalypse Edition. Enjoy! Dead Nation’s nonstop shooting and scrambling […]

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Dead Nation to Receive Online Voice Chat Soon

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar + Posted by Daimion Pinnock on Dec 02, 2010


We know some Dead Nation online co-op players have requested voice chat functionality. I’m here to tell you that we’ve listened to the fans and are taking steps to add voice chat for online co-op in the near future. To reiterate this point, here’s a note from the team at Housemarque: We know some of […]

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Dead Nation Hits PlayStation Store this Week, Eradicate the Infection!

David Bull's Avatar + Posted by David Bull on Nov 29, 2010


The week you’ve been waiting for is here! Dead Nation will release on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th for $14.99 in North America (and at a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $11.99). We’re pleased to present the Dead Nation launch trailer below. As you can see, we’ve revealed a few new treats […]

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Dead Nation – Turning Up The Heat

David Bull's Avatar + Posted by David Bull on Nov 24, 2010


Dead Nation invades the PlayStation Store in only one week! We want to make sure that you’ll hit the ground running because the zombie hordes will be relentless in their quest for fresh, warm meat. Today, we want to show you Dead Nation in its full chaotic glory. Watch Super Stardust HD pro Tlo-Mek, who […]

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