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Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita Detailed

Kumi Yuasa's Avatar + Posted by Kumi Yuasa on Oct 07, 2013

In Destiny of Spirits, building powerful spirits and working cooperatively with other users will be the key to progress successfully in the game. If you haven’t heard of Destiny of Spirits yet, it is a free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game for the PlayStation Vita. Players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based, RPG style action to battle fierce Chaos spirits. Today, I’d like to talk about summoning, merging and renting supporter spirits as well as items that can be used to help maximize your game progress.

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Puppeteer: Japan Studio on Taming its ‘Unruly Teenager’

Fred Dutton's Avatar + Posted by Fred Dutton on Oct 04, 2013


All games are the product of individual creators, and while it’s occasionally hard to see it, all are duly imbued with the personalities of the artists that first breathed life into them. As anyone who’s played it will surely know, this is no more true than it is with PS3 platformer Puppeteer. Japan Studio’s sublime adventure drips with charisma, character and, above all, passion.

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rain Arrives on PS3 Today

Dais Kawaguchi's Avatar + Posted by Dais Kawaguchi on Sep 30, 2013

rain will be available for purchase tomorrow on PS3 for $14.99! Also, starting tomorrow, the full soundtrack for rain will also be available for $9.99, featuring the enchanting music created by composer Yugo Kanno and the gifted singer Connie Talbot. Don’t forget today is the LAST day to pre-order! The pre-order includes five hand drawn avatars, a musical montage, a static theme, and a dynamic theme — all for $14.99.

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New Trailer for Knack Revealed

Daniel Brooke's Avatar + Posted by Daniel Brooke on Aug 21, 2013

Hi, we’re pleased to present the new Gamescom trailer for Knack. It’s action-packed and reveals some exciting hints to the game’s story, as well as including some new characters you won’t have seen before — make sure you give it a look!

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rain Release Date, Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

Dais Kawaguchi's Avatar + Posted by Dais Kawaguchi on Aug 21, 2013

Today, we’re very excited to announce that rain will launch on October 1st on PlayStation Store for $14.99 in North America! To celebrate the news, we’re sharing the second developer diary from the team at Japan Studio and PlayStation C.A.M.P., so watch and enjoy.

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The Boss Battles of Puppeteer, Part 1

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Aug 15, 2013


The stage is set, and the show’s about to begin for Puppeteer! I’m excited to share some of my craziness with you today.

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Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita: The World Unites in Battle

Kumi Yuasa's Avatar + Posted by Kumi Yuasa on Jul 25, 2013


Hello PlayStation.Blog readers! In our last blog post, we provided an overview of Destiny of Spirits, a PS Vita game launching this year. Today, we’re back to share more details about its social aspects.

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Destiny of Spirits Brings Social Strategy to PlayStation Vita

Mark Valledor's Avatar + Posted by Mark Valledor on Jun 10, 2013

Amidst all the E3 announcements happening this week, we have a special one of our own – introducing Destiny of Spirits, a new free-to-play social experience that integrates strategic fantasy battles with your everyday PS Vita activity.

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