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Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming to Stores August 28th

Jenova Chen's Avatar + Posted by Jenova Chen on Jun 25, 2012


Journey, thatgamecompany’s most recent and largest project to date, represents three years of intense collaboration and growth for our small studio. As such, in conjunction with Santa Monica Studio, it is an honor to announce the Journey Collector’s Edition, launching for the PS3. This is our first disc-based release, and will be available at retail outlets across North America for just $29.99 on August 28.

From the simplicity of flOw, to the beauty of Flower, to the awe of Journey, this special Blu-Ray bundle features thatgamecompany’s three award-winning PlayStation Network-exclusive titles, paired with exclusive new content and previously released digital content.

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Into The Pixel 2012: PlayStation Artists Honored

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on May 29, 2012

into the pixel

Good news! Each year, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (ITP) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) present the Into The Pixel art exhibit, a collection of videogame artwork hand-picked by experts from the traditional fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry.

This year, we’re excited to share that art from four exclusive PlayStation titles is included in this year’s list of winners – The Last of Us (PS3), Journey (PSN), Gravity Rush (PS Vita) and wipEout 2048 (PS Vita) were chosen for this year’s collection. This is a true honor for SCEA and our developers.

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Sack it to Me: Sackboy Journeys and Escapes in LittleBigPlanet!

Steven Isbell's Avatar + Posted by Steven Isbell on Apr 23, 2012


Coming This Week: Journey Costume Pack!
We teased about this costume last month and now Sackboy is ready to begin his own incredible Journey with this costume pack based on the awesome game by our friends at thatgamecompany!

This pack also comes with a nice selection of stickers to help you create your own Journey levels in LittleBigPlanet.

However the fun doesn’t stop there for Sackboy this week…

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March 2012 PSN Top Sellers: Journey Soars

Morgan Haro's Avatar + Posted by Morgan Haro on Apr 06, 2012

PSN Top Sellers Logo

It’s pretty clear that March was a banner month for PlayStation Network. As you may already know, Journey was recently proclaimed PSN’s fastest-selling game. It should come as no surprise to see that it’s also March’s top selling PSN game! Our hats are off to thatgamecompany for making a truly unique experience that you can only find on PSN. We also saw the debut of the free-to-play Killzone 3 Multiplayer, Motorstorm RC and Mass Effect 3. All of them proved to be big movers and shakers as they all made their debut in the top 20.

Also of note is Escape Plan’s second month in a row in the #1 spot on the PS Vita lists! Can Lil and Larg go for a third month in April? Or will the releases of new PS Vita content like Disgaea 3 and The Pinball Arcade shake things up a bit?

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Spring Fever Expands Tomorrow: Wheels of Destruction, Mortal Kombat Discounts

Ro Hernandez's Avatar + Posted by Ro Hernandez on Apr 02, 2012

spring fever week 4

It’s official: Spring Fever has been elevated to a full-on pandemic and gamers everywhere are showing symptoms. Case in point: our week-one title Journey has become the fastest-selling PSN title ever released by SCEA! Due to the overwhelming response to Spring Fever, we are delivering a bonus week packed with more special offers, starting with the multiplayer car combat game Wheels of Destruction and a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members!

Wheels of Destruction‘s vehicular mayhem gives you tons of awesome weapons to decimate your enemies in the multiplayer arena. You can learn more about Wheels of Destruction in a series of dev diaries and videos here.

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Journey is PSN’s Fastest-Selling Game, Soundtrack Coming Soon

Jenova Chen's Avatar + Posted by Jenova Chen on Mar 29, 2012


Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. It has been an exciting two weeks for us since we launched Journey on PlayStation Store. We see the personal connection between our work and the players, which is the most real and priceless reward for us. For that, we thank you so much for your support, for spending time and money to play our game and for spreading the word about Journey to your dear friends and family. Thanks to you, Journey has officially broken PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store sales records, surpassing all first and third-party games to become the fastest-selling game ever released in the SCEA region on the PlayStation Network.

After we released Flower in 2009, players sent hundreds of emails about their experience with the game. They varied from a nine-year-old girl to a 65-year-old man, from a marine serving duty overseas, to a soldier returning from Iraq. There were even stories about a mother’s memory of her two children in the wheat fields, a surreal butterfly fantasy from someone’s grandmother who passed away, and a young man who spoke about his brother who has Down syndrome. Those kinds of letters are what drive us at TGC to keep working.

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PlayStation Blogcast 017: Warren Spector Slips Us an Epic Mickey

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Mar 23, 2012

PlayStation Blogcast logo (use this!)

Today’s show is a wee bit late…but for good reason! With full details on Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two rolling out wide right this very moment, we cajoled threatened convinced veteran game designer and Epic Mickey creative director Warren Spector to join us on our humble slipshod industry-leading podcast. In my youth, I saw Spector as a god given his key role developing legendary games such as Deus Ex, Thief, Wing Commander and many more. Warren describes his work on Epic Mickey: The Power of Two — out this fall on PS3 with PlayStation Move support — as well as his thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and PS Vita, working with cartoon mice instead of cyberpunk assassins, and much more.

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Close out Spring Fever with Closure: PSN’s Next Innovator Hits March 27th

Tyler Glaiel's Avatar + Posted by Tyler Glaiel on Mar 15, 2012

Hey! I know we’re all heavily enjoying Journey right now (it’s amazing), but don’t shut off your PS3 when you’re done with it because another awesome game, Closure, is coming out at the end of the month. We just finished our launch trailer, which you can watch below right now!

Just for recap, Closure is a puzzle platformer based around manipulating lights to phase objects in and out of reality. The core gameplay premise is: If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. It’s a simple enough concept to understand, but the puzzles are anything but. A team of three (myself, artist Jon Schubbe, musician Christopher Rhyne) have spent three years working on Closure, designing nearly 100 unique and challenging puzzles spread across a variety of dark and eerie settings including a decrepit factory, a murky forest, an abandoned carnival, and a few other locales that I’ll leave as a surprise.

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