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MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 2: Lucifer Ring

Ryan Olsen's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Olsen on Jan 20, 2014


MonkeyPaw Games is back for the second game in the Retro Rush lineup! What’s the Retro Rush? Each week, for six weeks, we’ll be releasing a new import PSone Classic on the PSN for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. The first week was Double Dragon, and now Lucifer Ring is the next stop for Week 2.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 21st, 2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Jan 19, 2014


If there’s one thing that video games have taught us through the years, it’s this: don’t fall on your face. Really, just let that one sink in for a bit. Falling on your face hurts, it’s embarrassing, and more often than not it interrupts your score combo. Fortunately, a new, retro skateboarding game named OlliOlli is here to train you on avoiding faceplants. It launches this week on PlayStation Vita.

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