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How We Created Kaz Hirai’s CES ’14 Keynote in Real-Time

Rex Crowle's Avatar + Posted by Rex Crowle on Jan 10, 2014

It was such a buzz doing it all live, the three of us (Karen, Tim and myself) trying to match what we were doing with Kaz’s speech, whether that was painting, drawing, collaging or sliding real Sony products onto the paper scene. I think it really represents how personal technology can and should be.

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CES ’14: The Creative Vision of Media Molecule

Kenny Young's Avatar + Posted by Kenny Young on Jan 09, 2014

We were honored that Media Molecule was highlighted in the keynote as a kind of apotheosis of this concept (Yay, us!), embracing the desire to deliver something special and truly unique and “wow” in each of our games. We were excited to work with the team to put together this little video for his prezzo, where we discuss our creative process and vision for our games.

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LittleBigPlanet Update: Merry Christmas from LBP!

Steven Isbell's Avatar + Posted by Steven Isbell on Dec 23, 2013


Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, and it really encourages our community to come out in full force and show off their creative spark by developing some very festive levels to help celebrate this special time of year.

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LittleBigPlanet Update: Santa is coming to LBP!

Steven Isbell's Avatar + Posted by Steven Isbell on Dec 09, 2013


The jolly man himself has now arrived on LittleBigPlanet to spread some festive cheer across the community. This FREE costume can now be picked up from the store, so head on over there today and surprise your friends when you next pop into their Pod!

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The Best of Tearaway Community Photos So Far

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on Dec 03, 2013


Tearaway has been out now for about a week, and what a phenomenal response it’s been getting. We’ve been quite blown away by the great reviews and kind words from everyone, so thank you all!

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Tearaway Out Today on PS Vita

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on Nov 22, 2013

Tearaway is out today!

You can buy it from your local store, or download it straight to your PS Vita from PlayStation Store — the choice is yours. There’s also a free trial available to download, leaving you Vita owners no excuse to miss out on the fun.

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Tearaway Arrives This Friday on PS Vita, Watch the Launch Trailer

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on Nov 20, 2013

We’re nearly there! Tearaway is out this Friday. We’re really looking forward to you folks finally getting your hands in our new game — it’s so great to be this close.

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Media Molecule: About Us

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on Nov 19, 2013

The last video in our little Tearaway miniseries is all about us: Media Molecule, the studio behind Tearaway and our first game LittleBigPlanet.

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