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Photography in Tearaway: Let Your Creativity Loose

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on Aug 29, 2013


Tearaway is about going on an adventure. It’s a very personal journey between two people: you, and your new messenger friend. If you’re going on an adventure, you’re likely going to see lots of amazing things, and you’ll probably want to tell people about them. That’s why we gave Iota and Atoi their own cameras!

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Introducing LittleBigPlanet HUB

Steven Isbell's Avatar + Posted by Steven Isbell on Aug 20, 2013

The imagisphere will be expanding later this year with LittleBigPlanet HUB, your free invitation to the ever-expanding LittleBigPlanet omniverse and all the wonders contained within! Let’s take a look!

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LittleBigPlanet Competition: It’s Tearaway Time!

Steven Isbell's Avatar + Posted by Steven Isbell on Aug 13, 2013

The Sackfolk of LittleBigPlanet are getting very excited for the release of Tearaway on PS Vita later this year and they want to put on the most splendid of welcomes for Iota and Atoi by creating some simply fantastic levels that will pay tribute to their new friends… But they need YOUR help!

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Tearaway Release Date Update

Rex Crowle's Avatar + Posted by Rex Crowle on Jul 29, 2013

Here at Media Molecule we love to make new things on new platforms. To us, making games is a real labor of love. Our very blood, sweat and tears are poured into every pixel, every line of code, every note in every song, and every little post it note we use to plan our lives.

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New Tearaway Trailer for PS Vita Charms E3

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on Jun 11, 2013

As is customary at this time of year, a squadron of highly trained Molecules has been sent forth from the safety of Mm Towers in the UK, to the familiar walls of the LA Convention Center where E3 is held each year.

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LittleBigPlanet Update: Sackboy is a Real Racer!

Steven Isbell's Avatar + Posted by Steven Isbell on Jun 03, 2013


In this week’s LittleBigPlanet Update, we’re excited to announce the release of the long anticipated Racing Driver Costume and Kart Pack, before whizzing over to the LittleBigPlanet community to check out their latest and greatest creations in the Team Picks.

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Hands-on with Tearaway: Media Molecule’s New Adventure

Justin Massongill's Avatar + Posted by Justin Massongill on May 29, 2013


Media Molecule have proven themselves the masters of cuteness and community creativity, constructing a passionate fanbase worldwide through the madly successful LittleBigPlanet series. But what happens when the house that built a Planet sets out to create something completely new?

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Unfolding Tearaway’s Pre-order Bonuses

James Spafford's Avatar + Posted by James Spafford on May 20, 2013

Tearaway - atoi

The Tearaway team are incredibly busy at the moment because E3 is right around the corner, so we’re spending every waking second preparing for that, and trying to make sure the game is in every way as special as it can be!

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