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The Powers of Murasaki Baby on PS Vita

Chris Jones's Avatar + Posted by Chris Jones on May 14, 2014


In Murasaki Baby, Baby wakes up in a nightmarish dream world with all sorts of frightening creations straight from a child’s imagination. So far, on her journey to find her Mommy, Baby has made two new friends and used eight background mood powers in the previous two chapters.

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Murasaki Baby Confirmed for PS Vita in North America

Michael Pulst's Avatar + Posted by Michael Pulst on Feb 10, 2014

Last summer at Gamescom we debuted the new, exclusive PS Vita game Murasaki Baby, from new Italian indie development team Ovosonico, and announced that it was coming to European markets this year. Today, we’re excited to share that it’s officially coming to North America later this year too!

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