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Outlast Whistleblower DLC Available Today on PS4

Philippe Morin's Avatar + Posted by Philippe Morin on May 06, 2014


When we started working on Whistleblower, we knew we wanted to expand on the story, providing some memorable new encounters, new sources of terror, and some answers to the mysteries brought to light in Outlast.

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Outlast Out Today: Survival Horror on PS4

Philippe Morin's Avatar + Posted by Philippe Morin on Feb 04, 2014


Hello gamers! I’m Philippe Morin, one of the co-founders of Red Barrels. Our first game, Outlast, is coming to PS4 today, and I’m excited to share that those of you who are PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download it completely for free.

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PlayStation Plus: Outlast and Metro: Last Light Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar + Posted by Kristine Steimer on Feb 03, 2014


We’re kicking off February with a little something for everyone, regardless of what PlayStation console(s) you own. PS4 owners can give themselves a good scare by nabbing Outlast, a survival horror game where you’ll play as a freelance journalist investigating a psychiatric hospital. Not really a job I’d take, but hey, times are tough. There’s no fighting back in Outlast, you can climb or hide, and that’s it, so proceed with caution. If you’re a PS3 owner, you’ll be able to explore post-apocalyptic Russia in Metro: Last Light. A first-person shooter with the option to be stealthy, your decisions throughout the game will impact the story’s outcome. Finally, our PS Vita Play sale also continues this week with Dustforce, which you can grab for $7.99.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 4th, 2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Feb 02, 2014


Word on the (dark, abandoned) street is that Outlast frightens people. Intensely. PlayStation gamers can experience that for themselves when the hit survival horror game comes to PS4 this week, bringing with it a torrent of nightmares and cold sweats.

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PlayStation Plus: February Preview

Kristine Steimer's Avatar + Posted by Kristine Steimer on Jan 30, 2014

Typically when you think of February, your mind goes to chocolates, flowers, and other lovey-dovey things. So we thought we’d celebrate this sappy month by scaring the bejesus out of you with Outlast on PS4.

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Outlast Will Scare the S*** Out of You on PS4

Philippe Morin's Avatar + Posted by Philippe Morin on Jun 10, 2013


The game we wanted to make, a realistic survival horror game, wasn’t the type of thing any big companies were willing to take a risk on. So we’re taking the risk ourselves with Outlast, a survival horror, stealth-based game set in an abandoned asylum, coming to PS4 next year!

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