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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/12/2015

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on May 10, 2015

The Last of Us: Left Behind

A bittersweet story of lost friendship, a world embroiled in strife, and… an interstellar soup empire! These are just a few of the experiences coming to PlayStation this week, starting with a standalone version of The Last of Us: Left Behind.

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This Week in PlayStation

Justin Massongill's Avatar + Posted by Justin Massongill on May 09, 2015

Store - Wolfenstein The Old Blood 2

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is out now on PS4, Nom Nom Galaxy launches on Tuesday (moar Pixeljunk!) as does TowerFall: Dark World, May’s PlayStation Plus lineup is ripe for the downloadin’, Sid ran us through the Prison of Elders in Destiny: House of Wolves, PlayStation Now subscriptions are coming to PS3 Tuesday, and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition is predictably adorable (with Star Wars!).

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TowerFall Dark World Expansion Coming May 12

Matt Thorson's Avatar + Posted by Matt Thorson on May 08, 2015

Today we can finally announce that Dark World, our expansion for 2014’s critically-acclaimed TowerFall Ascension, will launch May 12 on PS4!

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Toren Ventures Onto PS4 May 12th

Lance James's Avatar + Posted by Lance James on May 07, 2015


Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! Along with developer Swordtales, we’re proud to announce that Toren will be heading to PlayStation 4 on May 12th! We’re also extremely happy to announce that we’re doing a special 10% discount for all PS Plus members for the first week of our launch.

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Nom Nom Galaxy Lands on PS4 Next Week

Gareth Wright's Avatar + Posted by Gareth Wright on May 07, 2015

Hi everyone. I’m pleased to announce that following a collaboration with Q-Games, Nom Nom Galaxy is on its way to PS4 on May 12th!

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Destiny House of Wolves: Prison of Elders Details

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on May 06, 2015

In addition to upgrading the game’s popular competitive mode, Destiny’s next expansion aims to flesh out the backstory of The Fallen, the dastardly alien race that have claimed many of mankind’s abandoned strongholds following the appearance of The Darkness.

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on May 05, 2015

Store - Wolfenstein The Old Blood 1

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is now live on PlayStation Store, alongside May’s PlayStation Plus lineup, new sales and more. Read on for the full list.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Coming to PS4 & PS3, Featuring Star Wars

Allison Petrek's Avatar + Posted by Allison Petrek on May 05, 2015

We’re really excited to share the news that Star Wars will join Disney, Disney•Pixar, and Marvel in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition for PS4 and PS3! The team’s been working tirelessly on the next installment of Disney Infinity, which will bring together many favorite characters and include more gameplay content and variety than ever before.

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