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Surgeon Simulator Out Now on PS4, Gets Co-op Play

Tom Jackson's Avatar + Posted by Tom Jackson on Aug 13, 2014


January 28, 2013. That was the day we put the first build of a silly little game jam project onto the Internet for anyone to play. It was a run of the mill game jam project for me, and my fellow teammates, James Broadley, Jack Good and Luke Williams. But the aftermath saw our little medical-themed toy turn into a real grown-up full game.

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Hustle Kings Coming Soon to PS4

Neil McPhillips's Avatar + Posted by Neil McPhillips on Aug 12, 2014

Hustle Kings

For the PS4 release of Hustle Kings we wanted to try something new to freshen up the franchise and we really wanted to focus the game to be a better online experience. With those goals in mind we’ve created a whole new structure for the game and have gone to work adding new PS4 exclusive features and touches.

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Introducing PS4 Exclusive WiLD

Michel Ancel's Avatar + Posted by Michel Ancel on Aug 12, 2014


When we started working on WiLD we wanted to make sure that we would have fun playing our own game even after months and months of development! This is the reason why the world of WiLD is the size of Europe, with dynamic weather and seasons, and filled with interactive opportunities that feel endless.

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Bloodborne: Gamescom PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Aug 12, 2014

The PlayStation Gamescom press conference is over, but the story is just beginning for Bloodborne — the new PS4-exclusive action-RPG being developed by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. See the latest below.

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Aug 12, 2014

Store - Hohokum

Hohokum is now live on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita! Also out today: Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition, Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, and more.

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New inFAMOUS First Light Trailer Revealed

Jason Connell's Avatar + Posted by Jason Connell on Aug 12, 2014

It feels like I was just on the blog announcing inFAMOUS First Light at E3, a brand new standalone DLC to inFAMOUS Second Son, and I’m happy to be back to talk about all the progress we’ve made. We are officially in the final days of the project and it’s really exciting to debut our latest trailer at gamescom.

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New DRIVECLUB Video Showcases Online Challenges

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar + Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on Aug 12, 2014

It’s Gamescom 2014, which means we’re sharing a new DRIVECLUB trailer with you all! This time, we’re showing you how challenges bring the world of DRIVECLUB together to prove who’s got the skills to earn fame for their club.

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The Order: 1886 at Gamescom – Introducing Nikola Tesla

Ru Weerasuriya's Avatar + Posted by Ru Weerasuriya on Aug 12, 2014

Ready At Dawn is excited to be at Gamescom 2014. This event has been an amazing place to reveal more of our game in the past and we are happy to do so once again this year.

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