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Omega Quintet Coming to PS4 on April 28th

David Alonzo's Avatar + Posted by David Alonzo on Mar 18, 2015

Dig, if you will, this picture: you’re part of the world’s biggest and well-known idol group, warming up your vocals in sound check before performing for your adoring fans. The harmonies are sounding sweet and your choreography’s on point, when suddenly a gang of giant mutant rats and robots crash the party! What’s an idol to do?

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PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar + Posted by Grace Chen on Mar 17, 2015

Store - Battlefield Hardline

Now live on PlayStation Store: Battlefield Hardline, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (with FFXV demo), Jamestown+, new Spring Fever deals, and more.

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Spring Fever Week 3: Jamestown+ Out Today, More Game & Movie Sales

Chieh Chen's Avatar + Posted by Chieh Chen on Mar 17, 2015


Hi everyone! Today we’re kicking off Week 3 of Spring Fever with the console debut of Jamestown+ from Final Form Games, exclusively on PS4.

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Warframe PS4 “Stolen Dreams” Update Out Today

Pat Kudirka's Avatar + Posted by Pat Kudirka on Mar 17, 2015


Since Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter, we try to fill every update with as many unique weapons and events as we can. When it comes to space ninja-ing, there are few things more satisfying than leaping into action and unleashing a hailstorm of bullets from a shiny new gun, or cutting through enemies with a newly polished blade. For Warframe, Update: Stolen Dreams adds a lot.

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Helldivers Reinforcement DLC Deploys Today for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Malin Hedström's Avatar + Posted by Malin Hedström on Mar 17, 2015

Greetings, Helldivers. As a civilian, you made the most important decision of your life by enlisting in the Helldivers. As a Helldiver, you made Liberty… Democracy… and the protection of Super-Earth your personal responsibility.

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Watch God of War Done Quick, Live March 20th

Aaron Kaufman's Avatar + Posted by Aaron Kaufman on Mar 16, 2015


In 2005 we released God of War on PS2. At the time, we would have never predicted that 10 years later we would be celebrating the legend and icon that Kratos has become with millions of PlayStation fans worldwide.

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Blackwater Archives | The Art of The Order: 1886 Available Now

Nathan Phail-Liff's Avatar + Posted by Nathan Phail-Liff on Mar 16, 2015


Crafting the world and visuals of The Order: 1886 has been a long and hard fought labor of love from the art and creative team at Ready At Dawn Studios, and it is our great pleasure to now be able to share some of the massive trove of visual development and production art that we have brought to life along the way.

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Bullet Hell Shooter Jamestown+ Launches on PS4 Tomorrow

Mike Primo's Avatar + Posted by Mike Primo on Mar 16, 2015

Good news and bad news, all. Buckle up.

Bad news first: Jamestown+, the long-awaited PS4 release of our critically-acclaimed 4-player co-op shoot-em-up, is NOT coming out last summer like we promised. I know. You’re shocked.

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