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New Slimmer, Lighter PS Vita Model Out Today

Don Mesa's Avatar + Posted by Don Mesa on May 06, 2014

Slim PS Vita

The new slimmer, lighter PlayStation Vita model is now available at retailers across North America. Pick up the new model today as part of the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle, featuring the first-person role-playing shooter Borderlands 2 with six DLC packs and an 8GB memory card, all for $199.99 (MSRP).

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PlayStation: The Best Place to Play

Jack Tretton's Avatar + Posted by Jack Tretton on Jun 10, 2013

The Best Place to Play

One of the highlights of our event tonight was the official unveil of the PlayStation 4 system and price of $399. The PS4 design is sleek and functional, and contains a powerful system architecture that will enable the industry’s best developers to create amazing titles.

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PlayStation 4 Hardware Revealed at E3

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Jun 10, 2013


We promised that you’d “see it first.” Now here it is: PlayStation 4 in the flesh.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and keep watching our live feed of the press conference. We’re just warming up!

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PlayStation at E3 2013: Watch it Live

Sid Shuman's Avatar + Posted by Sid Shuman on Jun 10, 2013

PS E3 Livecast

Update: We’re live on Day 2 of E3 2013! Keep an eye on the PlayStation Livecast (embedded above) for developer interviews, behind-the-scenes peeks and more.

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God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle Includes Garnet Red PS3

Crystal MacKenzie's Avatar + Posted by Crystal MacKenzie on Jan 31, 2013

Like God of War

Ascension PS3 Bundle

We have some exciting news, fellow Spartans! In celebration of God of War: Ascension hitting stores March 12th and to commemorate one of our most popular and epic franchises, we’re releasing a limited edition God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle for our die-hard fans!

This bundle comes complete with a 500GB Garnet Red PlayStation 3 system, the entire God of War storyline including God of War: Ascension and God of War Saga (which includes all five of the previous games from the franchise) and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. You can get your hands on this collector’s bundle when it hits stores on March 12th.

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Limited-Edition White PS3 Bundle Hits January 27th With 1 Year of Plus

Crystal MacKenzie's Avatar + Posted by Crystal MacKenzie on Jan 17, 2013

When we launched the new, slimmer, lighter PS3, one of the top requests we heard from you was to bring the white PS3 to North America. We’ve answered the call — for the first time in North America, we are introducing a bundle that features a Classic White PS3.

For $299.99 (MSRP), the Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle comes packed with value. It includes a massive 500GB hard drive and a one-year membership to PlayStation Plus that includes a dozen PS3 games with the Instant Game Collection. The bundle hits store shelves on January 27th.

With a 500GB hard disk drive, the Classic White PS3 makes it easy for you to store your favorite games from PS Plus, like inFAMOUS 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2, along with movies, TV shows, music, photos and other PSN DLC.

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New PS3 Model Out Today, Exclusive First Look

Maya Butler's Avatar + Posted by Maya Butler on Sep 25, 2012

The launch of the new PS3 has finally arrived and I hope you are just as excited as we are. Today I’m here to give you the first official look at the brand new PS3 model, plus show you all the goods inside the UNCHARTED 3 Game of the Year Edition Bundle.

As mentioned last week, this bundle is packed with incredible value. It includes the new 250GB PS3, so you’ll have plenty of storage space to house all of your favorite games, videos, photos, and music.

In addition, you’ll get:

  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition Blu-ray
  • Voucher worth over $30 towards Dust 514 bonus digital content
  • Additional voucher for a free 30 day membership of PlayStation Plus

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New PlayStation 3 + NHL 13 Bundle Coming to Canada September 11th

Janine Smith's Avatar + Posted by Janine Smith on Sep 05, 2012

NHL 13 Bundle

We’re coming up on a favourite time of year for Canadians – hockey season! But, that’s not the only exciting thing skating your way. This year we’ve partnered with EA to offer a NHL 13 PS3 bundle that will save you $60.00 based on MSRP.

Available on September 11, this bundle includes a 320GB PlayStation 3 System and EA SPORTS NHL 13 for $299.99 at most major retailers.

Featuring the speed, creativity, and strategy of today’s NHL with revolutionary True Performance Skating, NHL 13 is the biggest innovation for the franchise in six years. New social experiences like GM Connected and NHL Moments Live connects you with your friends and the real world of hockey, making NHL 13 the definitive hockey experience.

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