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Ibb & Obb Tag-Team PSN Today

Richard Boeser's Avatar + Posted by Richard Boeser on Aug 06, 2013

In October, we introduced you to ibb & obb. Today it launches exclusively on PSN as part of PlayStation Store PLAY.

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Cloudberry Kingdom Lands on PSN Today

Jordan Fisher's Avatar + Posted by Jordan Fisher on Jul 30, 2013

We’ve made the hardest, most stupidly ridiculous hardcore game ever. And we’re sorry. Kind of. We even called it a happy name like Cloudberry Kingdom to help ease the pain. But before I actually try apologizing for real, let me take a step back and defend myself.

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PlayStation Store PLAY: 4 New Games for Summer

Pierre Gravereau's Avatar + Posted by Pierre Gravereau on Jul 15, 2013

PlayStation Store PLAY, our annual summer program showcasing a diverse lineup of great PSN games and special offers, is back with four hot new games, including two PSN exclusives. PlayStation Store PLAY begins tomorrow when this year’s lineup of games becomes available for pre-order on PlayStation Store — click here to learn more.

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