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Nerd HQ: Play Star Wars Battlefront, Project Morpheus This Week

Posted by Zachary Levi on Jul 07, 2015

Hi guys – Nerd HQ is a free four-day geek culture event held in downtown San Diego, California. We’re known for holding cool celebrity panels, exclusive gaming experiences, and nightly events. Did I mention that attendance is free? Well, it is. And you’re invited!

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Six Reasons to Step into the Arena of RIGS Mechanized Combat

Posted by Rhys Sutheran on Jun 18, 2015


Onstage at E3 2015 this week, Andrew House introduced a high-octane, big-hitting new title coming exclusively to Project Morpheus: RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

Down on the show floor, we caught up with Piers and Tom from Guerrilla Cambridge to learn more about their lightning-fast and explosively fun new VR arena shooter – and why you’re going to want to grab a VR headset and step into the arena.

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Announcing Headmaster for PS4’s Project Morpheus VR Headset

Posted by Ben Throop on Jun 17, 2015


Hello! I’m Ben Throop (pronounced Troop) of the new micro studio Frame Interactive. But enough about me!

I’m excited and humbled to announce Headmaster for Project Morpheus. What started as an experimental prototype last year has turned into a Project Morpheus launch title showing on the floor of E3. That’s bonkers.

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Harmonix Music VR Coming to Project Morpheus

Posted by Jon Carter on Jun 17, 2015


You know what’s weird? Music visualizers. You know what’s even weirder? Virtual Reality. So if there’s one thing you can say about Harmonix Music VR – my company’s first foray into the medium, and an attempt to define the category of “VR music visualization” – it’s that it’s one wonderfully weird project. It takes any song you give it and generates a unique, musically-driven event sequence. The resulting experiences range from subtly magical to outright psychedelic, depending on the world you select. Sometimes fireflies show up to compliment a relaxing melody, and sometimes stars descend to engulf you in synesthetic spirals of color. It’s definitely weird. And as the title’s creative lead, I couldn’t be happier about that.

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A Look into Wayward Sky on Project Morpheus

Posted by Chandana Ekanayake on Jun 17, 2015

Wayward Sky

Hi all, this is Eka, Game Director of Wayward Sky at Uber Entertainment. We’re super excited to introduce our new look and click VR adventure game in development for Project Morpheus on PS4. We set out to make a unique adventure game that shows off the magic of VR while simultaneously making it accessible and comfortable for first time Morpheus players.

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SUPERHYPERCUBE Coming Exclusively to Project Morpheus

Posted by Nick Suttner on Jun 16, 2015

Introducing SUPERHYPERCUBE — a first-person puzzler developed by KOKOROMI and published by POLYTRON, coming exclusively to Project Morpheus at launch!

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Introducing Battlezone for Project Morpheus

Posted by Jason Kingsley on Jun 16, 2015


Well, what can I say? Rebellion may have been formed in 1992, but this will easily go down as one of the most exciting weeks in our history. After all it’s not every day that you have your new (and top secret) project debut at E3, let alone seeing it running on something as exciting as Project Morpheus.

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Godling: A God-like VR Experience Coming to Project Morpheus

Posted by Kjartan Emilsson on Jun 16, 2015

Hello PlayStation.Blog! We are Solfar and we have a very exciting project we would like to share with you today.

About a year ago, when we were thinking about starting a company to look at all the new exciting VR tech emerging — such as PS4’s Project Morpheus and the incredible game developing tool that Unreal 4 is — we felt like children in a toy box. Everything seemed to be within our grasp to create… or destroy. It was both exhilarating and terrifying.

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