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Skullgirls Encore Coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2014

Peter Bartholow's Avatar + Posted by Peter Bartholow on Jul 10, 2014


We read your comments, we took them to heart, and we’re finally making it happen: Skullgirls Encore will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita later this year! The PS4 and PS Vita versions of Skullgirls Encore will be feature complete.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 7/8/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Jul 06, 2014


Classic platformers, adorable puzzles! Another serving of gaming tastiness arrives on PlayStation this week, including MouseCraft and Another World on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 7/1/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Jun 29, 2014


¡Vamanos! Juan and Tostada face off against the terrible Carlos Calaca and his gang of minions in the latest game to join the PlayStation library. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition arrives on PS4 this Tuesday. Prepare your luchador mask.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/24/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Jun 22, 2014


With the industry-wide excitement of E3 cooling, we have another list of games coming to the world of PlayStation this week. Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark arrives on PS4 and PS3, alongside Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

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Borderlands 2 Vita Update Out Today, Improved Stability and Control

Gio Corsi's Avatar + Posted by Gio Corsi on Jun 20, 2014


It’s been a few weeks since we launched Borderlands 2 for PS Vita and so far we’ve been overwhelmed by the community response. We’re happy to announce that title update 1.04 is available today, which should further improve the overall Borderlands 2 PS Vita experience and addresses some of the feedback from you the fans.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/17/2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Jun 15, 2014


The latest in MMA simulation, EA Sports UFC boasts incredible fighter likenesses based on high-resolution head and body scans, supplemented by real-time body deformation. The design team has taken exhaustive efforts to create the most authentic MMA experience possible, which is notable from sheens of sweat to muscle flex.

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Flash Sale: Over 15 RPGs & Add-Ons, Up to 75% Off

Chieh Chen's Avatar + Posted by Chieh Chen on Jun 03, 2014


Hey RPG fans! We’re putting some awesome games and add-ons on sale as part of our newest Flash Sale… which starts right now! Never played an RPG before? Now’s the perfect time to head over to PS Store and pick up recent hits like South Park: Stick of Truth and Dark Souls II at a discounted price.

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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection Out Today on PS Vita

David Alonzo's Avatar + Posted by David Alonzo on Jun 03, 2014

Greetings, doods! Your humble Prinny David here, and I’m drawing on years of singing telegram experience to sing some good news into your face — the idol simulation Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is out today in both retail and digital formats for PS Vita!

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