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The Boss Battles of Puppeteer, Part 2

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Aug 29, 2013


Hello everyone! I just got back from Germany where I had the amazing opportunity to discuss Puppeteer with so many people while at Gamescom. And, since Puppeteer is on the brain, I figured why not showcase the rest of the bosses in the game to you all. So, take a look at the final six Generals as well as some small details about the Moon Bear King. Puppeteer is almost out and I can’t wait for everyone to lose their head!

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The Boss Battles of Puppeteer, Part 1

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Aug 15, 2013


The stage is set, and the show’s about to begin for Puppeteer! I’m excited to share some of my craziness with you today.

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Puppeteer Powers: Heads Will Roll

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Jul 26, 2013

Puppeteer is nearly upon us. To keep you satisfied until launch on September the 10th, we put together a short video that explains some of the concepts behind the strange and fantastical world of Puppeteer. I would ignore the weird English guy and his funny accent and concentrate on all the luscious, varied gameplay. If you like what you see — and you’re looking for a unique gaming experience this fall — then don’t hesitate to pre-order and pick up Puppeteer’s soundtrack for free.

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Puppeteer interview: Delving deeper into Japan Studio’s incredible platformer

Fred Dutton's Avatar + Posted by Fred Dutton on Jul 15, 2013

puppeteer interview

Shameless favoritism alert: PlayStation Blog ruddy loves Puppeteer. It’s one of the liveliest, loveliest and most downright out-there platformers to come along in years, and plays beautifully to boot. It arrives in stores on September 11th 10th, and if it’s not on your radar yet, it’s time to stick a pin in it. This is a game unlike any other you’ll see on shelves this year.

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Puppeteer: Hero Heads, E3 Trailer & Pre-Order Extras Revealed

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Jun 05, 2013

It’s that wonderful time of year where the gaming world goes crazy in L.A. — E3 2013. We’ll be showing off Puppeteer at the PlayStation booth, and we can’t wait for people to finally experience our strange and fantastical world for themselves!

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PlayStation Blogcast 068: Tales From GDC

Justin Massongill's Avatar + Posted by Justin Massongill on Apr 04, 2013

PlayStation Blogcast logo (use this!)

We’re back, well-rested after last week’s GDC, and ready to return to our regularly scheduled Blogcasting. This week, we considered spoiling BioShock Infinite (we’ll save that for next week), gushed about the simple-yet-sensational Divekick, and interviewed industry luminary Keiji Inafune. All this, along with next week’s new PSN releases, a selection of 100% organic listener tips and voicemails, and much more.

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Puppeteer: Release Date and Hero Heads Revealed!

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Apr 02, 2013

I’m just back from the wonderful city of San Francisco and the 2013 Game Developers Conference. Whilst I was there, I met with some members of the press to give them an exclusive look at the first two acts in Puppeteer, and also share an exciting gameplay reveal… Hero Heads!

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Happy Holidays from the Puppeteer Team

Gavin Moore's Avatar + Posted by Gavin Moore on Dec 18, 2012


Hi everyone and a Merry Christmas to you all! To bring a little peace and goodwill to PlayStation fans all around the world, we decided to create a special Puppeteer Christmas card, designed so that you can reach out to your friends, family and gaming buddies and put a smile on their faces. Think of it as an early Christmas present from us to you.

Who hasn’t forgotten to send Season’s Greetings to certain friends or family? I know I have. We end up rushing madly around to get the card in the post and then hope it gets there before Christmas day. With the Puppeteer Christmas card, it’s as easy as clicking on the link, adding your recipient’s email address, writing a few thoughtful words and clicking send. All from the comfort of your home, work… or even the pub.

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