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Ray’s the Dead Coming to PS Vita with Cross-Buy

Chris Cobb's Avatar + Posted by Chris Cobb on Sep 03, 2014


Hello again PS.Blog. This is Chris Cobb with Ragtag Studio, developers of the forthcoming PS4 title, Ray’s the Dead. It has been quite a while since we last updated you on our progress, so we have quite a bit of news to share today, including lots of new information on the game, and the announcement that we are bringing Ray’s the Dead to PS Vita!

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Ray’s the Dead is Brought to Life on PS4

Chris Cobb's Avatar + Posted by Chris Cobb on Jun 13, 2013

This is Chris from Ragtag Studio, a small indie game developer out of Chicago. We are giving life to a new game called Ray’s the Dead! Ray’s the Dead is an action adventure game where you are the leader of a zombie army. We are excited to announce that Ray’s the Dead will be available as a downloadable title on PlayStation 4!

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