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Resogun: Save the Last Pirates!

Rogan Ogden's Avatar + Posted by Rogan Ogden on Sep 18, 2014


Ahoy, me hearties, I be writin’ you this message, t’ inform you of new treasures to be found! If you be playin’ Resogun between the dates of September 18th and September 20th, you will find one of me very own ship mates has joined your crew… and you can keep him, I don’t be wantin’ that traitorous dog back!

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Resogun Heroes Out Today: New World, New Modes, New Trophies

Ian Pickles's Avatar + Posted by Ian Pickles on Jun 24, 2014


Hey there PlayStation Nation! Ian Pickles here, Producer at XDEV Studio Europe Back again as promised to give you some information about our new expansion: Resogun Heroes.

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Resogun Update Out Tomorrow: Ship Editor, Local Co-op, More Trophies

Ian Pickles's Avatar + Posted by Ian Pickles on Jun 21, 2014

Resogun Update

What up PlayStation Nation! Ian Pickles, Producer at XDEV Studio Europe here with some news regarding the new Resogun update, which will be hitting your PS4 before the end of this weekend.

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Resogun: New Modes, Ship Editor, and More Coming This Month

Mikael Haveri's Avatar + Posted by Mikael Haveri on Jun 09, 2014

The explosive PS4 launch title, RESOGUN, is finally getting more content in the form of the Heroes expansion and a complimentary patch.

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Resogun Out Now on PS4

Tommaso De Benetti's Avatar + Posted by Tommaso De Benetti on Nov 15, 2013

To celebrate the official release of RESOGUN and PS4 in North America, I am delighted to to share yet more details about the game, from the team at Housemarque, and of course, some more great explosions!

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Resogun Co-op Detailed, More Ships Revealed

James Hawkins's Avatar + Posted by James Hawkins on Nov 13, 2013

I’m here today on behalf of Housemarque and XDEV Studio Europe to squeeze in one more update before the official Resogun and PS4 launch on Friday. How time flies!

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PS Plus: Ibb & Obb, Resogun & Contrast Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar + Posted by Kristine Steimer on Nov 11, 2013

PS Plus - Resogun

PlayStation 4 is only a work week away! Once a shiny new PS4 is acquired, PS Plus members will be able to download both Contrast and RESOGUN for free. RESOGUN is an intense new shoot-em-up from Housemarque, the talented folks behind Super Stardust, Outland and Dead Nation.

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Inside the Explosions of Resogun on PS4

Mikael Haveri's Avatar + Posted by Mikael Haveri on Nov 08, 2013

As final platform testing comes to an end, I’m here on behalf of Housemarque to share some new footage and a few development insights for Resogun, our incredible new shoot-em-up launching alongside PS4 on November 15th.

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