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MLB 12 The Show: Taco Bell Unlocks Home Run Derby Online Mode

Rob Guarino's Avatar + Posted by Rob Guarino on May 29, 2012

MLB 12 The Show Taco Bell

With the MLB season now in full swing, I have great news for baseball fans. Starting May 28th, you can head to your local Taco Bell, grab a Big Hitter $5 Buck Box, and download the Taco Bell mobile app to play the mini MLB Home Run Derby game. Then, for a limited time you can challenge your friends via Facebook Connect to see who the heaviest hitter is and after you battle it out, you’ll unlock the Home Run Derby Online mode for MLB 12 The Show on PS3.

And if you want to get the upper hand against your friends, bring your camera enabled smartphone to participating Taco Bell restaurants for more ways to play. Just pick up a Big Hitter $5 Buck Box to unlock cool features like the ability to play as MLB 12 The Show cover athlete Adrian Gonzalez. You can also search in-store to scan other MLB 12 The Show branded items to help you rack up extra points. Win or lose, Home Run Derby Online for MLB 12 is yours, just for playing via Facebook Connect – but you have to go to Taco Bell before July 9th if you want to get it first.

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ModNation Racers: Full Game and DLC Sale on Now!

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on May 21, 2012


A ModNation haiku…
finally it’s here
fantastic dlc sale
modnation racers

That’s right. Check this out…

  1. PS3 Career Theme Extension Packs (Arctic, Big City, Far East) DLC regularly $9.99ea, now only $4.99ea
  2. PS3 Mini-Theme Sets (Alien, Medieval, Pirate, Western) DLC regularly $6.99 ea, now only $3.49 ea
  3. PS3 Props Packs (Carnival, Construction, Moon Colony, Prehistoric, Stunt, Water World) DLC regularly – $4.99 ea, now only $1.99 ea
  4. PS3 Parts Packs (Gladiator, Haunted, Junkyard) DLC regularly $4.99 ea, now only $1.99 ea
  5. ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme regularly $2.99, now free!
  6. ModNation Racers for PS3 (Full Game) PSN®Plus Store – regularly $29.99, now only $14.99.

This offer runs from May 22nd 2012 – May 29th 2012

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ModNation Racers: Two Year Anniversary Palooza! Week Three

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on May 14, 2012


Palooza it up people! This party’s not over yet!

Track Creation Challenge: “Home Sweeeet Home”
This challenge will test the skills of even the best track creators in the game. Relying on imagination and not a “midnight pizza-vison” to come up with amazing tracks or creations; those skills may not work here. Players will need to simulate the city where they live. Our favorite tracks will make their way into PS3 Top Tracks or Hot Lap for a week of notoriety (San Diego Studio Faves for Vita). Sign up HERE!

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ModNation Monday’s Two-Year Anniversary

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on May 07, 2012

ModNation Monday Header Anniv

Palloza-mania has hit ModNation. Can you feel it? Can you feel the love, people? This is week two of our Anniversary Celebration and this shin-dig is just heating up.

Check it out…

The “Moddys”: Our Favorite Mods
This week we begin the uber-popular “Moddys” Celebration 2.0. We searched through thousands upon thousands of Mods. Karts, and Tracks to present you with some of our favorite amazing, scary, and wacky creations.

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ModNation Racers: Two Year Anniversary Palloza!

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on Apr 30, 2012

ModNation Mondays (latest, use this)

Wow! Two years? Really?

Let me tell you the secret to the success of the MNR franchise … it’s you, the ModNation community that keep the games strong. The numbers speak for themselves… you’ve hosted millions upon millions of great races and as of today you’ve created 629,972 Tracks, 1,331,405 Mods and 1,221,817 Karts for a total of 3,182,817 creations!

It’s not just the remarkable numbers that stand out, it’s the genuinely nice, friendly, encouraging, and yet competitive members of the community that make this game like no other. Thank you to each and every person that has played ModNation Racers for the PS3, PSP or Vita. We are honored that you enjoy this game as much as we do!

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ModNation Racers: Fun Never Goes Out Of Style

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on Apr 23, 2012


but these have…

2012 “Jumped The Shark List”

  • Zombies
  • Cupcakes
  • The current bacon frenzy *
  • Meme’s
  • Trolling
  • LOL, ROFL, TTYL, YOLO, BRB and of course BFF
  • Saying “that would make a great name for a band”
  • The term “Jump The Shark”
  • Athletes who claim “it’s not about the money”.

… almost forgot planking! Definitely planking.

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ModNation Racers Road Trip: Do You Mod?

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on Apr 16, 2012


Fingers crossed the term above has no impending underground or urban double-meaning.

Either way, if you are not modding you should be. It’s a lot of fun! “Adults” can deny all they’d like, yet creating your own personal Mods in ModNation Racers: Road Trip (Vita) takes us back to those memorable, endless days of playing with our action figures and figurettes (some still do? oops, my bad).

Enjoy this very informative tutorial to help you create that ultimate Mod you have been dreaming of…

ModNation Racers Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Coming Soon!

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ModNation Racers Road Trip: Ch-Check It Out

Mark Wilson's Avatar + Posted by Mark Wilson on Apr 09, 2012

mnr road trip_lead

Wha-what’s this all about, you say?

We’re talking some pretty sweet ModNation Racers: Road Trip exclusive unlockables, thank you for asking!
This past week I noticed that “Road Trip’s” Global Travel Points feature had really started to gain some notable momentum. “How does this affect me?,” again a great question. Well, if we all work together like the great nation we are, we will begin to see some of the 15 uber-cool Road Trip exclusive unlockables come to life.

Here is how it works…

Essentially the Mod Explorer feature in ModNation Racers: Road Trip allows you as an individual, and the community as a whole to be ultimately rewarded for each and every mileage check-in. The more Mod Explorer check-in’s you post, the more miles you accumulate, the more pieces you attain. Similarly, this goes for the community. When all of our miles are “pitched” together into the big Mod Explorer pot even more items become unlocked to use. Yahoo!

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