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Living a Legend: King’s Quest on PS4

Ryan Clements's Avatar + Posted by Ryan Clements on Mar 11, 2015


With a bow, cape, and his trusty (perhaps iconic) cap, Sir Graham enters a cave riddled with spare beds and a slumbering dragon. This odd story is only one of many being told in King’s Quest, the ambitious rekindling of the decades-old adventure series.

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Two New Games Come to PlayStation Home – Conspiracy & Slap Happy Sam

GlassWalls's Avatar + Posted by GlassWalls on Jan 19, 2011


Two brand new games are coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, January 20th. First up is Conspiracy – Jet Set Games’ action-packed espionage game where you and your friends form alliances and raid enemy facilities, engaging in firefights with guards while subverting high-tech security systems and stealing bits of intelligence that have been locked in […]

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