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The Witch and the Hundred Knight Out Today on PS3

Posted by David Alonzo on Mar 25, 2014


In The Witch and the Hundred Knight, you play as the legendary Hundred Knight — a demon summoned by the swamp witch Metallia to help her spread all her neon green, swampy badness across the land.

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 25th, 2014

Posted by Ryan Clements on Mar 23, 2014


The critically-acclaimed, head-scratching puzzler Fez arrives on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this week. Living in a quaint 2D world, Gomez’s perspective is torn asunder when he learns that his world is in fact a 3D space, and it’s being shattered. Embark on a colorful and unique adventure wrought with rotating pixels.

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