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Jun 06

Jun 06

PS3 Goes Upscale

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi, everyone, I’m excited about this new blog so I can talk with you about all the cool things we’re doing with the PLAYSTATION®Network. To start, we recently released PS3 firmware update 1.80, which is packed with features that we know many of you have been asking for. You can read the specifics of the upgrade here. That’s one of the best things about PS3 – it’s constantly being updated with new features. With 1.80, you can now upscale PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 games and DVD movies, up to 1080p if your TV supports it. You home theater buffs are probably all over this upgrade already, but if you don’t have an HDTV just yet, check out what upscaling does for God of War II and Shadow of the Colossus – games that were already gorgeous-looking to begin with – in these comparison screens.

Firmware 1.80 also added DLNA media server capability for streaming photos/music/videos from your PC to PS3, and I want to make sure that everyone knows how simple setup is. This feature works with many programs and devices; for this example, we’ll use a PC with Windows Media Player 11. All you need to do is:

* On your PC, enable “Media Sharing” on Windows Media Player 11 and allow sharing with the PS3 (it may be labeled as an “unknown device”).

* On your PS3, turn on “Media Server Connection” under Network Settings. PS3 will automatically search for media servers on the same home network, or you can scan for them manually.

Your PC and media files will pop up under the Photo/Music/Video XMB icons.

Need more info? Go here, here, and here.

The other big upgrade we’re thrilled about is Remote Play via wireless Internet. You’ve been hearing us talk about PS3-PSP interoperability for a long time, and this is a great step forward on that front. With the DLNA feature, you can access your PC’s media files remotely on your PSP, so you’re not limited to what’s on your PS3’s hard drive. Here’s a cool tip: if you’re not home on Thursdays when the PLAYSTATION®Store is updated with new content, get a head start by going to your closest Wi-Fi hotspot, turn on Remote Play on your PSP, and access the PLAYSTATION Store to download the latest games, demos, trailers, and more. Using background downloading, you can easily queue loads of content quickly. You will need to leave your PS3 on and in Remote Play, but we hear you loud and clear about wanting to power on or off PS3 remotely.

On that note, we’re always evaluating ways to enhance your PS3 experience, so now’s your opportunity to have your voice heard! Submit your number one most wanted addition to the PS3’s feature set here. We’ll post a list of the top 10 suggestions next week.

Eric Lempel
Director of Operations for PlayStation Network

Add Your Own

zinmaster said:

June 13th, 10:21 am

When will Sony step up to the plate and allow 720p PS3 game to upscale on 480p/1080i HD TVs? Currently they downscale to 480p. The other next gen console does this with no problem.

paul_t_smith said:

June 13th, 10:47 am

I would really like to see support for upscaling 720p games to 1080i. I have an older SONY TV set that will only do 1080i and 480i/p. I have not purchased any games as of yet because of this issue. I am only using my PS3 for demos and for as a BD/DVD player. Would love to see upscaling support for existing and future games.

essogas said:

June 13th, 12:49 pm

I think it’s great Sony is trying to keep in touch with the community like this. I just wanted to have a place where I can tell sony that I am an older gamer 35+ that has little time for games but still enjoys all the other capabilities of the PS3. I don’t have the time or desire for any other console. PS3 represents the pinacle of what can be bought on the market today. Good job!

Teknoman said:

June 13th, 3:37 pm

Im just hoping that they update the PSN PS1 classics section with more titles than whats availible now. Like possibly some of the classic RPGs that appeared on the system. And of course rare games to find these days like Silent Hill 1, Guilty Gear, and Einhander. After seeing what japan has on its PSN PS1 section, I know the North American PSN PS1 section can have alot more than whats currently there.

Anthony1 said:

June 13th, 4:01 pm

I have a Sony KP-51HW40 HDTV. It’s a Rear-Projection CRT HDTV. When I use this Sony HDTV with my Playstation 3, most of the PS3 games look horrible. At first I couldn’t understand what the problem was, and then I found out that the PS3 is unable to scale 720p to 1080i. How is this possible? I can buy a Direct TV HDTV receiver for $100 and it can scale 720p to 1080i easily. The PS3 cost me $646.49 and it’s unable to do this simple function?

Now, I understand that this was a engineering mistake in the design of the PS3, but it’s not too late to rectify it. Just add a real scaling chip to new PS3 systems. Eventually those of us with 1080i only TV’s will hear that newer versions of the PS3 have a “REAL” scaling chip inside them, and then we can sell our current PS3’s used on Ebay, and go buy the new one with the scaling chip. Sure, we will end up taking a $200 loss because of this, but that’s better than playing Resistance or Motorstorm in 480p. The playstation 3 is supposed to be the Ferrari of video game systems, but when I connect it to my Sony HDTV, it’s more like a Yugo.

The other things I want are:

1. RUMBLE – come on, you kissed and made up, now release the DualShock 3! Or at least allow PS2 controllers to work via a USB adapter with games like Motorstorm and to actually have rumbe. This wouldn’t be so hard. You simply have a patch available for Motorstorm that allows you to use a PS2 controller (with a USB adapter), and then you can actually get rumble while playing Motorstorm. Motorstorm without rumble is like toast with no butter.

2. DTS-HD-MA support. I love watching Blu Ray movies with my PS3, that’s the one thing the PS3 does really well. I just want to be able to hear the lossless DTS sound format, known as DTS-HD-MA. Add support for this, so that the raw file can be send to new Receivers that have HDMI 1.3 support, and have on board DTS-HD-MA decoding.

3. Custom Soundtracks during games – The only time I use custom soundtracks in games, is if it’s a racing game. But even though I don’t use it all that much, when I am playing a racing game, and I can’t add custom soundtracks, that just seems so strange??? Why is this feature not already available?

I know it sounds like I’m doing nothing but complaining, but I actually think the upscaling DVD player with the 1.80 firmware is a very good thing. It looks very good. I also think the Blu Ray movies look outstanding, and I’m very much looking forward to games like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Ratched and Clank. The PS3 is a good system, you just need to fix a few things. I can’t wait till I have nothing to complain about.

jodonn08 said:

June 13th, 7:14 pm

PS3 just needs XMB access during the game, that would make it insane, i mean just think about listening to your favorite songs while you play Resistance, being able to send and recieve messages without leaving the game, and voice chatting with someone to join the same game together. Another thing we need is customizable backgrounds, it would give the PS3 a much more personable feel to it.

Zta said:

June 14th, 4:30 am

The default background as it is now should still be available nomatter what extra background features are added. I like the detail about it changing colours during day and between months. It sort of makes it alive.

I also like the background waves just turning purple when you listen to music. It’s descrete but you can still see the PS3 is in playing-music-mode. Please don’t remove those, in case you think of adding more music visualisers. (I never really understood the point of these).

captainken said:

June 14th, 10:09 am

As has been noted due to a lot of dvds and ps2 games doing widescreen by simply adding black bars top and bottom of the 4.3 image we really need a third oversize upscale option. basically keep the image ratio intact and scale to full width, effectivly pushing the top and bottom bars off the screen. to go along with this it’d probably be useful to be able to shift the image up and down, and again as has been mentioned the option to change this from the ps menu within ps2 games…. and maybe an option of saving various setups for quickly switching to the correct set.

it’s pretty anoying to have a huge screen go to waste with black bars top bottom left and rioght.

ACE72 said:

June 14th, 1:13 pm

Dear Epic Lempel;

When will there be a more unified approach to content deliver (DLC) with regards to The Playstation Store and its associated regions.

There’s bee numerous complaints from across the North American Market to United Kingdom with regards to the way Sony chooses to maintain their corresponding Stores.

In reflection to Sony of Japan delivers on March 31st eleven new titles and a
PSN DEMO of Folks Soul.

While here in the States we received additional add-ons for Ridge Racer 7 additional MLB 07 trailers and Midway’s Championship Sprint?

While our competitors continuously deliver new and appealing content to their customers what is Sony doing to rectify this matter?

I think that level of attention and care that Sony of Japan show for its customers, should be what we’ve grown to expect form our North American/Canadian and European Markets.

I’m just heart broken at lack of attention The Playstation Store gets, with regards to downloadable content

I hope this helps in shedding a light for more unified approach towards content delivery (DLC) And site maintenance.



TTP said:

June 14th, 3:01 pm


Please someone post something about the lastet store update so that we have a place where we can go to express our frustration

Thank you

AgtSmith1108 said:

June 14th, 9:37 pm

How could i forget…
I belong to the overlooked and underappreciated Caribbean Market.
Due to restrictions I do not understand my VISA card is not accepted and thus i have no way of purchasing anything on the PS Store! Even tho there isnt much there i would still like to at least have the option. I could have sworn i heard something about purchasable cards or the like… was i dreaming. Please don’t make me have to go throught the convoluted routeof using someone in the USA’s VISA card.

GizmoB73 said:

June 15th, 4:06 am

I agree with the force 24Hz idea. I would love to see this too.

Also it is great that the DLNA client has been added, but I think there is some room for improvement here.

How about using the Upscaler to improve the look of content that it sent at a lower res (to save bandwidth). Also I like to stream mutiple videos, but it would seem that if I set these up as a playlist, the PS3 won’t play the entire list without pressing “play” for each item in the list.
Also the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward videos would be great. It appears that the PS3 does not cache, so rewind doesn’t work!

Also… of course, DivX AVI support is badly missing. I really think the PS3 is a poor media server without this support. Please sort this out.

Great work, keep it up.

cflex7 said:

June 15th, 6:38 pm

i think sony yall have done fime with the ps3 the only thing i cant wait for is remote play with more games thanx sony!

cflex7 said:

June 15th, 6:40 pm

Keep up the good work Sony

cflex7 said:

June 15th, 6:41 pm

When do yall think you will have more titles supporting remote play?

Danaantje said:

June 16th, 3:29 am

Oh, my God!!! PS3 on BLOG???

-Sony keep up the good work ;-)
-Why is everbody blogging ;-)??
-I see youre also using WordPress its a nice peace of blogging software (we also use it)!!
-Who is reading al this stuff??
-Its a lot of work to read al these interesting suggestions for a better PS3!

Greeting from Danaantje (ps3/user&betatester)

aarontra said:

June 17th, 3:01 am

So when is rumble coming? A couple of firmware updates ago it said something about PS1/PS2 games on PS3 now supporting rumble, but how do you do it with no rumble on my PS3 controlers. Also even though I do want rumble on my PS3 controlers I do have 4 controlers already. It would be nice to get an insider tip that it is a go so I could sell 2 controlers and use the $ to buy the new rumble-6axkics controlers. Even nicer would be a free upgrade.

aaquib said:

June 20th, 10:58 am

IN-GAME XMB! And why isn’t the top 10 list posted yet?

dakh said:

June 20th, 11:16 am

Can we have 1080P 24fps setting “ON” not just AUTO or “OFF”. Some of us with AV equipment would definately buy a PS3 for Blu Ray if this were included. Can this be included in a Firmware update please?

qO_Op said:

June 20th, 11:16 am

Ok so all we need now is to be able to play your ps3 games via wi-fi on your psp!!!!! :D

Jazar said:

June 22nd, 12:09 pm

It’s been 12 days since this blog post. Should I not be surprised that the director of PSN did not stick to the deadline for the top 10 list in his own blog? Hopefully we will hear from you today but this brings about a very large issue regarding PSN: Promised Content. Don’t announce something only for the due day to pass by without a peep.


rednibia said:

June 26th, 1:17 pm

How about a firmware update so PS1 and PS2 games set to widescreen fill up the entire screen with no black bars.

1777primus said:

June 27th, 1:10 am

hey playstation what the [DELETED] is going on with the demos, you still dont have a rainbow six vagas demo! Getting very [DELETED] lame

Eji said:

June 28th, 1:07 am

I thinks you guys can consider about ogg/ogm support, that will be a great improevment.

slave2pc said:

June 30th, 1:08 pm

Great work so far Sony, but remember there are a lot of people with plasma screens (incl. me) with a potensial danger for “burn in”. Thats why it would be great if you could consider a better visual player with information about the track showing but moving around so we did not need to worry about burn-in problems.

slave2pc said:

July 5th, 7:43 am

One more thing…everytime you upgrade I have to use the ps3 controller. The remote control should also do the trick.

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November 19th, 11:20 pm

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