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Jun 11

Jun 11

Welcome, You’ve Been Waiting

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Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

It’s with enthusiasm, eagerness and, honestly, a little bit of relief that we lift the cover on our first official Sony Computer Entertainment America company blog – welcome and sorry for the wait.

PlayStation.Blog is a bit of work in progress, we see it as a place where we can share with you our company’s collective insights, opinions and perspectives on all things related to SCEA, PlayStation and the industry we play in.

At the moment, we’re thinking about sharing all sorts of things here, ranging from product news and title announcements to developer updates and industry opinion posts – all of which will come straight from the people here inside SCEA who are working, thinking and playing with this stuff every day. Look to the categories on the sidebar for some initial thoughts we have on future post themes.

Now, what we’ve learned, perhaps the hard way, is that a blog like this is really about you and the things you want to hear, share and discuss with us. With that in mind, you’ll notice that comments are enabled – and encouraged – so tell us what you want to see here and we’ll do our best to make it happen. And yes, like most blogs, we have a comment policy, please just keep this in mind when you’re leaving a comment.

We imagine it may take us a short while to find our pace with this, but bear with us as we get underway and we promise we’ll quickly make this blog a valuable stop in your daily info hunt for PlayStation news.

Like we’ve said, we’re excited to finally have a platform for conversation and connection. Much more is in the works too, so we hope you’ll consider sticking around, kicking the tires of our shiny new blog and sharing what you think.


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sinkiller said:

June 11th, 3:43 pm

Congrats Sony, welcome to the best place to get in touch with your fans. We all look forward to some great news and most of all some awesome games for the PS3.

Love Deeko

Kuro said:

June 11th, 3:46 pm

I’ve been waiting for a place for us PS3 owners to congregate and learn about the future of our consoles… You know, with only one bias.

Wickedneoq said:

June 11th, 3:47 pm

Finally, a good way to open the Sony minds! And this statement is coming from an Xbox guy.

Major Nelson is totally advertising this, and wants somebody on his show! He’s serious, he’s been trying for years, make it happen! I’ll thoroughly enjoy it, as much as everyone else would.

Godfather_of_gaming said:

June 11th, 3:48 pm

Awesome, Like the others I want this to be regularly updated with insider exclusive information on games branded by Sony like Drake’s Fortune. Also as a minor design change, I want you guys to place a comment box above the page, instead of below it, thanks.

starcade said:

June 11th, 3:48 pm

It’s great to see that Sony finally has a blog site. You need to be able to have an outlet to publish official information, dispel rumors, or just discuss events relating to the community.

This is a step in the right direction.

psquare said:

June 11th, 3:50 pm

12 things that would help SONY
…. if released today
Price drop
Little Big Planet
The agency
Playstation Store update (BIG TIME) ie: demos demos and more demos
PS3 phone
better online
headset standard
Games ie- GTA IV, MERCS 2, MGS4, RESIDENT EVIL 5, GT 5, FF, BB:BAD COMPANY, GRAW 2, GOW 3, DMC4, COD 4. And so on and so forth.
This blog put under the network thing on the XMB

Torrent said:

June 11th, 3:50 pm

As a 360 owner too I’ve been visiting Major Nelson for about 18 months now. It’s good that I have something equivalent for the PS3 now :) :)

Nice job. Good luck with it.

opapao said:

June 11th, 3:52 pm

please!!! add in new version of firmware, play and listen to music at same time! PS3 rlz!!



Herby said:

June 11th, 3:52 pm

I am really excited about hearing news and ideas straight from the horses mouth.

Just a suggestion:
Please post all your upcoming post related pics in High-Res, either 720 or 1080. Or at least have the option available. When we get RSS support for the PS3 we will be able to see those pics nice and clearly on our HD displays. In the meantime we can use the PS3 to browse to the blog and be able to download the pics in High-res glory straight to the PS3.

In addition, this blog will be a great place to post PS3 compatible trailers or interview videos that we can download straight to the PS3. This will be a great place to get additional trailers or gameplay footage besides the ones available at PS Store. Not even the PS3 fan sites do this, probably due to bandwidth constraints. This shouldn’t be a problem for you guys.

darkiewonder said:

June 11th, 3:54 pm

This is awesome. I look forward to be part of this and be able to read any awesome information :D

natureman3 said:

June 11th, 3:56 pm

that’s nice to have possibility to give Sony direct feedback. I just hope you have a bunch of guys analysing the forums (like e-empire, neogaf or ps3forums) beacuse all the expections of the hardcore fans are there.

Loucifer said:

June 11th, 3:59 pm


Thats what im saying!!!!!!

MORE GAMES / DEMOS !!!!!!!!!!!!


shaselai said:

June 11th, 4:02 pm

My question is:
Why can’t there be ONE PS store? I am sure many people want to access goodies from the japanese store and vice versa regardless of any potential language barrier. For example, i saw this new puzzle game coming to PSN for japan called Piyotama – it looks a lot of fun and I really want to play it but I am from US.
I am just curious what is stopping Sony from having one giant store – it will surely simplify the different stores scheme and reduce costs from maintaining different stores. Sure the server fee might increase but the fact that it’s increasing means more transaction which ==$$. Is it copyright issues? Arent loyalties paid per copy sold or there has to be a different loyalty per region? I guess I am simplifying it too much but i really dont see why a giant company like Sony can’t have a single store.. some explanation would be great!

Loucifer said:

June 11th, 4:03 pm


Just say no to RUB A DUB!!!!!!!!!


sycodude said:

June 11th, 4:04 pm


Grym said:

June 11th, 4:04 pm

“This blog put under the network thing on the XMB”

Something like that would be awesome. :)

Or RSS feed feature built into XMB.

Hylian Hero said:

June 11th, 4:06 pm

Finally, an official blog!

I’d like to see exclusive news. I’d also like to give my opinion and be heard. Alot of great ideas will come to you guys if you listen to the gamers. ;)

puertorock_papi said:

June 11th, 4:07 pm

This is really great. Perfect place to squash any rumors or to set the record straight.

Mo said:

June 11th, 4:12 pm

Great initiative guys! Congrats!

Borderline Psycho said:

June 11th, 4:17 pm

Congrats, Sony folks. Been waiting for this!

Now give us, your European diciples, your most loyal followers, som Sony love. :)

oobey said:

June 11th, 4:24 pm

Hey guys! Even as a heathen 360 owner I have to congratulate you guys on this, it’s a pretty big PR step forward that I’m really glad to see Sony finally take.

Good luck, and I’ll be watching!

Cliffbo said:

June 11th, 4:24 pm

Are you really going to listen Sony? to prove this isn’t just a PR stunt, you must address real issues here! i believe in your product. i believe in You, but i think your strategy needs to change. i wouldn’t advocate a mass release of vids of all your major games, because that would give us less of a surprise when we get to see the finished game, but a few significant snippets here and there, would keep fans happy. three significant pieces of information a week would keep the forums turning over quite nicely (E-mpire, for instance) so i’m expecting a lot more information come friday, or this site will be history as far as i’m concerned. i don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, i’m trying to express to you how net traffic works. Learn to use it wisely and it will use the PS3. good luck!! see you FRIDAY :)

ninjaBOT said:

June 11th, 4:27 pm

Thanks for this wonderful blog… will be looking forward to seeing Sony’s posts

MasterCharged said:

June 11th, 4:27 pm


yukikaze said:

June 11th, 4:29 pm

Wow, this is cool there is finally a blog for PS3 yeah.

chuck said:

June 11th, 4:29 pm

lol! You suck!! You copied MS and Major Nelson…Guess what? PS3 sucks. Now, you can delete this post, or be a doll and keep it intact. Copycats!

psquare said:

June 11th, 4:34 pm

well this definetly didn’t make me smile. I was actualy kind of ed because this is sooooo .

BelligerentOC said:

June 11th, 4:34 pm

This seems to be different. Major Nelson is one person… This seems to be an area where multiple PS people can come Chuck is wrong

Loucifer said:

June 11th, 4:35 pm

Now with all MY negativity out of the way…i just wanna say PS3 is the answer to all my dreams…LOL ok maybe not all but most!! If this blog can actually be a medium between gamers and Sony then Sony has truly stepped up to the plate..if this blog is another waste of internet space then thats a big fat strike out!

I pray to the Sony Gods to hear our cries!

Danyboy said:

June 11th, 4:35 pm

Great Blog! Thanks Sony! I really hope that you inform us PS3-Users in future with News and listen a little bit to the Playstation-Community!

You Guys know what we want in the Firmware-Update 2.0 ^^

Chrono Breaker said:

June 11th, 4:36 pm

Well this blog looks like major nelson blog, well bloger tecnologhy its not from MS soo everyone can be created one, by the wey i wanna se more info about games, not tattos!! what about ps3, low price?, when its coming out to mexico?, its gonna be subbed games? anyway…

HanSolo said:

June 11th, 4:36 pm

finally, this is an amazing feature and it will get better, thank you


1 please no more trailers for the psn, its insulting to us, demos, and more games from the ps1.. ( why does japan get them and not us?? )

2 have a talk with third parties devs, either they spend the time to port a game and use the power of the ps3, or they should not bother…. especiallly ubi port or activision, sony should set a standard and they all must pass it

finally, the ps3 is just amazing, great hardware, no problems at all.. unlike that other beta console!!, thank you sony for caring about the quality of your/our console

i forgot… i cant wait for all those great games coming, the world is ours!!!

Solace said:

June 11th, 4:37 pm

let the gates open for the fanboys on all sides to flame away!

Lemonade said:

June 11th, 4:41 pm

Ingame XMB please!

Better Codec support.

Better Playstation Store support – where’s all the PSOne downloads for Europe? Why all the delays? Where’s the videos and trailers. If I’m not mistaken Sony have a movie AND a music business. Where’s the content from them? PS should have the Sony Pictures channel and music videos from Sony-BMG.

Good luck, Sony – you need it.

djroland1 said:

June 11th, 4:43 pm

finally, ive been waiting for this

Andy D said:

June 11th, 4:43 pm

Great job SCEA, weve been asking for this for a while, and now its here. I hope we get regular info and user feedback.

sectionz said:

June 11th, 4:45 pm


1. I like the trailers .. since the store was barren for a while this is what i use now to see trailers.

2. I agree and if that doesnt work just punch them in the stomach really really hard and threaten to take away the internet.

HellgardX said:

June 11th, 4:45 pm

Congrats guys.
This is a positive surprise, and here’s hoping that through listening to the community public relations will improve for Sony from now on.

KTallguy said:

June 11th, 4:46 pm

Thanks for putting this up.
I’m really looking forward to hearing the latest developments here. This kind of blog would be excellent for breaking news in an official way, so that people aren’t confused by rumors and such.

Good luck and I’ll be checking back regularly :)


June 11th, 4:46 pm

Glad this has finally started. I hope this blog doesnt just turn into a dump for PSN content announcements.. you know who you are.wink

CooperHawkes said:

June 11th, 4:47 pm

Very pleased. Welcome to the 21st Century. :)

Howzer said:

June 11th, 4:48 pm

The summer is going to be a harsh month for us gamers with the drought so please release PS1/2 games like Resident Evils and a sweet mini game for Home that could make use of the Sixaxis would be a fishing game. It would be awesome to have a fish tank in your Home with fish you caught. The games are there people with Oblivion, Resistance, Motorstorm, MLB 07 The Show, and with games like The Darkness, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Assassins Creed, MGS4, GTAIV, DMC4, HL2:Orange, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and Haze coming out this year Sony is delivering the games; especially when compared to Nintendo, and MS in it’s first year.

dribbles said:

June 11th, 4:49 pm

Good to see Sony finally got a blog up. I hope to see a lot of good PS3 related news on here and I’ll definitely be adding this site to my bookmarks.

Killer_Paul said:

June 11th, 4:50 pm

Great to see the Playstation team have just started blogging. Will this site be just for US related info or will it also be useful for us over in Europe ??

NAZAR said:

June 11th, 4:50 pm

As always only in US region =(

ZaqVendar said:

June 11th, 4:51 pm

Well, If you want feedback of what the majority of PS3 user’s want in future firmware updates i can list a few of the top of my head.

1. Ingame XMB – With The Ability To Play Music, Acess Messages, Invite players to the game you are currently in, And Of Course The most simple feature of viewing the time when you press the PS Button ( No idea why this was not in there from launch as the PSP Had it Already )

2. Customisable Themes and Backgrounds for the Playstation 3 XMB

3. User Added Icons/Pictures For The Friends Tab Under The XMB for the Profile.

4. An Updated browser that has the ability to play the latest flash applications, and maybe slightly faster if possible.

I could think of more, some of these features were already seen before the Playstation 3’s Launch But were not included i am guessing due to give people something to look forward to. But i feel it is time to include these features And show the full capabilties of the playstation 3 system, as other competative products already have some of these features.

Stoffinator said:

June 11th, 4:56 pm

It’s great to see Sony with one of their own blogs. Looking forward to it.

Can this be tied in with

djroland1 said:

June 11th, 4:57 pm

will there be a new ps3 update soon?

mdaddy said:

June 11th, 4:57 pm

I haven’t seen too many comments about the PSP on here, but I’ll chime in with those that have and ask you not to forget your little portable powerhouse when it comes to posting stories.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a few more demos come down the pike if you all can help it; and if not, could you talk to someone about posting the monthly content packs in the first week of the month instead of the third or fourth?

Thanks, and good luck!

ChaoticInfinityX said:

June 11th, 4:59 pm

I hope this isn’t that “big news on the 11th” that I read Sony was going to share… a blog is nice and all… but more [playable/interactive] content (especially for PS3 owners) outside of release announcements and the endless amount of trailers would be greatly appreciated.

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