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Jun 28

Jun 28

Blu-ray Summer Promotion

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

I’m guessing some of you saw the announcement this morning, but I wanted to make sure you knew about the Blu-ray Summer Promotion that starts this Sunday, July 1st. Basically, you can get five free Blu-ray movies (from a predetermined list of course) when you purchase select Blu-ray players. And yes, PS3 is one of those players. The participating movie studios are: LionsGate, MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista, and of course, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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XxBigP123xX said:

June 28th, 8:03 pm

i havent bought one blu ray movie for my ps3 yet and dont plan to. also first

balliinn said:

June 28th, 8:05 pm

this is a great deal for those thinking about getting the PS3.

Starfleets said:

June 28th, 8:05 pm


During the launch of the PlayStation 3, people got free copies of Casiono Royale on Blu-Ray.

Are you confirming that during this promotion, only new purchases of PlayStation 3 consoles will get a free Blu-Ray movie – or that current owners of the console will also get a copy of a movie?

Can you just confirm this please.

Thank you

Starfleets said:

June 28th, 8:06 pm

Yeah Ballinn pretty much said it. I don’t know why I thought current owners would get a bit of this action.


balliinn said:

June 28th, 8:13 pm

how do I use the Gravatar icon? I signed up and everything…

Starfleets said:

June 28th, 8:19 pm

Balliin, it took mine 2 days after I signed up to show up. Also make sure, that you have assigned your chosen avatar to the e-mail address you registered on this blog.

penguinpower81 said:

June 28th, 8:19 pm

i just bought my ps3 on the 23rd. bummer :(

tielo said:

June 28th, 8:24 pm

Great deal. I got the Casino Royal blu-ray when I bought my PS3 and was very happy with it. I also bought Ice Age 2 and both pirates of the caribbean movies. Hellboy will arive soon. I have a 1080P screen and watching movies on blu-ray is just fab. Wouldn’t mind to get a few fom that list as a loyal customer…

Rogers71 said:

June 28th, 8:25 pm

Way to leave out those of us that have been loyal since the release. We should be able to show them our receipt showing we bought the PS3 and get our 5 movies.

west said:

June 28th, 8:26 pm

Really good deal. I have 27 blu ray movies and I love it. Pirates of the Caribbean is great.

Stoffinator said:

June 28th, 8:28 pm

Is this only in the US or also in Canada? If its only in the US you should state so. Just to make it clear to everybody. ;-)


Trojan said:

June 28th, 8:41 pm

I guess this isn’t for europe.

WoodyWood09 said:

June 28th, 8:47 pm

That is pretty cool

blizzard182 said:

June 28th, 8:55 pm

Aww maaaann. Nice for the new buyers but it kind of let me down because I would like a couple of Bluray movies.

Please say to me that this is only for the US. At least that would make me feel better for living in Argentina.

PS. Can you PLEEEEEASE add support for foreign credit cards? I want to buy a couple of things soooo badly but I can not register a user of Argentina neither buy anything.

I know we are a minority but how hard can that be?

It is not a critic, is a commentary.

bobeotm said:

June 28th, 8:56 pm

This is an awesome promotion. I am planning on buying a PS3 in august (right before the big fall games are released) and this only sweetens the deal for me. Its a good way to get people interested in what Blu-Ray can offer. I am definitely excited to see this news, i guess patience is a virtue!

John Koller's Avatar

Patrick Seybold said:

June 28th, 9:05 pm

You are correct Trojan, this is a promotion for North America.

nmc75 said:

June 28th, 9:06 pm

For the new PS3 owner, this is a great, great deal. Having 5 Blu-ray movies instantly in your collection is a great incentive. Blu-ray movies rock, seriously, especially if you love watching movies, and who doesn’t? I’d recommend picking up a PS3 Blu-ray remote controller as well. It’s a must for using it to watch DVD’s or BD’s on the PS3 because it’s so much easier to use than the SixAxis for movies.

fragged_23 said:

June 28th, 9:13 pm

hopefully this convinces some people to jump on the SONY train.

self.confessed.cynic said:

June 28th, 9:17 pm

Fantastic deal – shouldn’t change people’s minds about getting one, but it may well grab a few people who are watching the next gen format war and get a bunch of people to buy a PS3 a tad earlier than otherwise.

Of course, being in Australia doesnt help much, but still – I can see this being cool.

I must say, though, that it still doesn’t make up for a good old fashioned price cut.

Gavi said:

June 28th, 9:19 pm

An excellent promotion. To everyone who states that they don’t plan on buying a Blu-ray ever, that’s a bit of a statement. Trust me, once you have a Full HDTV set, say in a couple of years when the prices come down and you’ve got a blu-ray player in the form of your PS3, you might be saying differently. I made the switch to BD from DVD. I was unsure at first, but The Prestige, The Departed, Casino Royale and Pirates convinced me. I can’t wait for LOTR Extended Version on Blu-ray, now that would be quite something. I just hope Sony gets the message out there to all potential new buyers, it’s a great offer, 5 free Blu-ray movies, very nice. However, it would have been nice if there had been an AAA title like Casino Royale in the choices.

John Koller's Avatar

Patrick Seybold said:

June 28th, 9:29 pm

Also, just a note: This isn’t a PlayStation specific promotion. Sony Computer Entertainment is just one of the 6 hardware manufacturers who are participating. BD players from Pioneer, Phillips, Samsung and others are all part of this. PS3 is just one of the BD players in this promotion.

Sephiroth_VII said:

June 28th, 9:30 pm

I’ve already got 3 movies – Casino Royale, Million Dollar Baby, & Planet Earth.

There’s a big difference in quality, and I’ve stopped buying DVDs now.

joel said:

June 28th, 9:31 pm

I have the movie that came with the ps3 and bought a blu-ray disc movie xmen 3, though I have an SD tv it looks sbetter than regular dvd.

dragNdrift said:

June 28th, 9:57 pm

Patrick: sorry to correct you, but I have to point out that the ps3 is not “just one of the BD players in this promotion”…
The ps3 the is not “just” anything!
(cue maniacal laughter)
ok ok… 35 hours without sleep, and my sense of humour starts to go a little askew. I’m calming down now…

Krono said:

June 28th, 10:02 pm

who cares

A really few people actually uses the ps3 to see movies….

So instead of promotions, better… talk about that PS3 price cut, so i can buy one

ja ne

self.confessed.cynic said:

June 28th, 10:03 pm

@ Patrick Seybold

You’re right – I guess HD-DVD is on the way down if the Blu-Ray council is moving this hard and fast to put those nails in that coffin.

Anyhow, good to see you on the site – your daily series is going great : )

Too bad so many people gave you flack for it first time around – but yes. Good work in general, and keep on posting.

PS: Its interesting seeing you guys around here time and time again and watching this community get to know yall. Its the closest thing to having friends in Sony.

Howsabout an Info page for the standard .blog group – I’d like to see the usual suspects outlined – much like on gaming websites where everyone gets to know the editors etc (like Jeff Gerstmann on Gamespot)

MrDaBucket said:

June 28th, 10:24 pm

Including 10 Blu-Ray movies won’t make me able to afford the PLAYSTATION 3…..

TristanMike said:

June 28th, 10:28 pm

I didn’t see it mentioned…is this offer valid in Canada ?

Jeterocks said:

June 28th, 10:31 pm

To quote Patrick, “this is a promotion for North America.” Last time I checked, Canada was in North America…

I really wish you could show a receipt of a Ps3 or blu-ray player purchased over the past year and receive this promotion. The people who have purchased blu-ray players over the past year (including Ps3 owners) are the people who made blu-ray become the number 1 HD media device and should be rewarded just as much, if not more than all of the people who buy a blu-ray player in the coming weeks…

Janos2615 said:

June 28th, 10:38 pm

This is a great deal for people that are into Hi-def Movies and want a PS3.


For people that would spend the money anyway on the movies this is great.

For people that won’t not so much…

Figboy said:

June 28th, 10:53 pm

so, xxbig, what you’re saying is that you wasted your money on the PS3?

i mean, why the hell would you buy a PS3 if you weren’t interested in one of it’s primary functions?

there are other gaming consoles out there, that do just games (ie, the Wii), for much cheaper.

i, personally, bought my PS3 because of things like Blu Ray, and while i haven’t bought any Blu Ray movies yet (i was waiting to get my HDTV. i have one now), i plan on buying quite a few once payday hits.

for $600 you are getting a gaming console, *AND a high definition video player, among other great functions.

i just can’t understand why someone would spend that kind of dough, and *NOT utilize what it has to offer.

get a 360 and a Wii, then, if you are aching to spend $600 on a games console.

the PS3 is a multi-media device.

after seeing movies in Blu Ray, on my new HDTV, i’m *ADDICTED to HD, and i’m glad i went with a PS3 instead of a 360 (though i do plan on picking up a 360 when some games i’m interested in hit, and when they iron out the hardware issues).

AznSniper said:

June 28th, 11:22 pm

I think you guys should go all out with this promotion and put it up everywhere so there would be a huge increase in sales

Siggy said:

June 28th, 11:35 pm

When will I see the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray? I hope it comes out this year since BD+ protection was just embraced by the major studios supporting Blu-Ray.

Can I use my PSP as a Blu-Ray remote?

xplosneer said:

June 28th, 11:42 pm

Cool. Maybe I’ll op to get another player for the living room(PS3 in my room) First gotta get that new HD set though.

Oh and I like siggy’s idea. PSP as a remote.

Going to pick up that new Pirates of the Caribbean soon. :)

jackrabbit75 said:

June 28th, 11:47 pm

Whoo hoo! 5 free movies! Free is good.

artofwar420 said:

June 28th, 11:51 pm

Count me in, I was always looking for that tiny thing that made me get a PS3, and this makes it. I just need to save up a little more and Sony you’ve got a happy customer. Oh just so you know, people like bundles. SONY ARE YOU LISTENING? I know you are. Thanks for the heads up I had forgotten about this.

chronotrigger said:

June 28th, 11:54 pm

Hmmm I might buy a PS3 very soon so this is pretty cool deal.

PsychoEddie said:

June 29th, 12:56 am

Thanks for the info. Maybe you guys haven’t heard; I know sony hasn’t, but, the ps3 is a GAME platform. I and everyone else purchased our ps3 to play games. Would one of you be so kind as to tell Sony? Thank you very much.

CubanB said:

June 29th, 12:59 am

@ Jeterocks

I totally agree with you. I got my PS3 a week after it came out (only then I could get my hands on it) and bought many other Sony products in the past. It would be nice to see Sony rewarding early adapters !

Jeterocks said:

June 29th, 1:07 am

@ PsyhoEddie

I hate to inform you, but the PS3 is NOT a Game platform, rather a multi-media device. Sure, most people use it to play amazing video games, but it is a high definition blu-ray player, a MP3/Mp4 player, picture viewer, internet surfing, friend chatting Power house machine…You didn’t pay $600 just to play video games i hope…if that is the case, you should of thought of something that was built pretty much JUST for games…


I know what its like, where I live I couldn’t find one till about a month after it was launched, which as soon as i found it, I picked one up. I got the system, an extra controller, headset, and now i have 5 games…and now they are feeling the need to reward NEW buyers and forget about the millions of people who have been loyal to their PS3’s for all this while? Seems kinda backwards to me.

Gord Lacey said:

June 29th, 1:28 am

I think a few posters are missing the point of a promotion; it’s to sell new products. I just got a free iPod when I bought a Mac because there was a promotion (I didn’t buy it because of the promotion, I bought it because I needed a new computer). I didn’t get a free iPod for the other 8 Macs I’ve purchased in the past because the promotion wasn’t running. Promotions are designed to increase sales, not reward consumers, though sometimes those go hand-in-hand.


PsychoEddie said:

June 29th, 1:32 am


the PS3 is NOT a Game platform, rather a multi-media device. Sure, most people use it to play amazing video games, but it is a high definition blu-ray player, a MP3/Mp4 player, picture viewer, internet surfing, friend chatting Power house machine

It’s foolish notions like that that keep Resistance and Folding@home the only two playable games to date for the PS3.

I don’t care if it plays movies, music, mows the lawn, slices, dices, rices, makes julien fries, is guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust, or have babies, or if it can cure cancer, the common cold, shin splints, nor do I care if it can do my taxes.

YES. I spent twelve hundred dollars on two PS3 GAME PLATFORMS to play games. I already have equipment that does all that other crapulence and I don’t need any more; what I don’t have is PLAYABLE games for my gaming systems (that would be the aforementioned very expensive currently collecting dust ps3 systems).

At the risk of being repetitious, Sony, please, make with the games.

Thank you very much.

Gotenks_GB said:

June 29th, 1:45 am

Em… i take it that this is a US only Promo?? Hopefully you do something like this in the UK too! it will convince my bro to get a PS3 now!!

Hiroken said:

June 29th, 2:04 am

How do I get my Gravatar to work?

Hiroken said:

June 29th, 2:05 am

never mind…just took a few days

Savage said:

June 29th, 2:10 am

The Europeans need some Blu-Ray love.

The games will come if the developers have faith in Sony and the platform. So Sony keep the faith.

johnxmzzhang said:

June 29th, 2:48 am

Aww this rely leaves out the early bloomers who bought the PS3 upon release! I recieved a copy of TaledegaNights blueray and after watching that, the blueray functionality has became unused besides playing games. Iv regretted buying the PS3 early since the price drops began happening, and now this promotion makes me regret thje decision a little more -_-. There should be more stuff for the people who bought the PS3 upon release :\


June 29th, 2:51 am

Well i have 23 blue rays already :-) Sony Your da best :-) love blue ray movies with My hdtv hell yesss

Sushi-X said:

June 29th, 2:56 am

This is nice for new buyers. I wish this was going on a month ago when I bought my PS3.

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