Resistance Map Packs Coming Tomorrow and Other Musings….

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I wanted to let you all know that the Resistance map packs are scheduled for release tomorrow (Friday) on the PlayStation Store. Normally, the Storefront only updates on Thursday, but we wanted to make sure you had something before the weekend with a special Friday release because you’ve been so patient with us and waited for this. No sense in making you wait until next week. We should have it up on the store by the early afternoon PST.

For those that have been following this saga since the beginning, this is not the first release date for the maps and content update. It is, however, the final one. We have completed testing on the global server and after many late nights, gallons of coffee and takeout dinners, we’re ready to go tomorrow. The team down at Insomniac, as well as us here in SCEA PD, are really excited about this launch, and can’t wait to get going with some of the best RFOM players on these new maps. Yes, these are global servers, so we’ll be competing with our friends on either side of both oceans as well.

And for those who are joining us late, all you need to remember is this:
• Downloadable content for Resistance: Fall of Man will be available this Friday, June 29th.
• There is a free content update which includes global play along with several other enhancements.
• There are two brand new, online maps that can be bought in a pack from the PlayStation Store for $7.99.

Full details on the content can be found here

See you in Westmorland.

Oh yeah, and next week we’ll have some Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction news, featuring a sneak peak of what will be shown at E3.

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  • Damn, now I want to buy Resistance.

    Like a couple said, nice update in PS Store today and also in the Blog.

    Keep it up

  • Good to hear that the global servers are being implemented and the map packs are coming…finally. All is well.

    Nice update in the store today, hearing rave reviews about the PSN game. Love the new GTA IV trailer, why couldn’t Sony have struck a deal with Rockstar though to get the additional content too, would love to see what Rockstar could do with the power that the PS3 offers, maybe GTA V then, huh?

    Guess, the only thing missing was the PSone games, any announcements due at E3 about that service, Japan seems to be getting all the love with this feature at the moment.

    Oh, and finally a demo, keep up the good work SCEA, a step in the right direction.

  • I wish everyweeks PS store updates were like this in quality and content. Keep them coming.


  • I’m really excited to try global play and the new maps. I bought Rainbow Six yesterday. So playing it’s muiltyplayer after two days, I really miss Resistance. Not that Rainbow Six is bad, it’s just not Resistance. So, Sony you’ll get my eight bucks.


  • I can’t wait for global play. That will be great. This way people can see truly if they as great as they say they are.

    Also several months back there was talk about adding new episodes. So I was wondering if that is still being planned or will we have to wait until Resistance 2 to find out what happens next.

  • Great, better a flawless update than a game witch crasses on the Box…like Forza on the 360…..

    But I have an importend question for the PS crew. I read the following:
    From a former employee of Microsoft:

    Reading these posts is fun for me. As a long time MS employee, and founding Xbox member (no longer there), I shake my head at some of the crap I read. And just have to wonder who it is making these posts. I remember on XB1, we had team members whose job it was to constantly surf these kinds of sites and try to diffuse any critisism.

    So I want everyone who reads these posts to know that some of the “fan boys” are xbox team members who are charged with monitoring and re-directing the talk on these sites. We used to laugh about it at meetings, how dumb you all are. I’m sure they still do. You can tell them by the turn of phrase they use, the TLAs they use, the posts they object to, the posts they make, etc. Its a many headed dragon…

    Is Sony also doing this kind of stuff, bashing the other consoles on gamesites and forums, and try to diffuse any critisism against the PS3??

    When this is true how lowe can you go??

    If you dont, than it is shurly showing what a nasty horrible mean and low company Microsoft is….

  • I’m with XxBigP123xX on the update situation. Over in Japan, they just update whenever. Cut with the tradition, same applies to SCEE, just put content up there when it’s available. Hopefully this would improve download speeds as everybody wouldn’t be surging to the store to download the new content every Thursday.

  • To Doom: This is a little off topic, but to answer, no. There is no reason for any of us at SCEA behave in this fashion.
    Communities are very adept at picking up on this kind of behavior and, honestly, it is more than a little bit slimy.
    Also, I would also take what you read on any forum coming from an ex-employee of a company with a grain of salt.

    And, to everyone else, glad to see you all are excited. See you online tomorrow :)


  • I cant believe i traded resistance to eb cause my ps3 kept shutting off during the game only to realize it was my ps3(it didnt do it for other games)I get a stiffy just thinkin bout gettin my ps3 back.

  • Glad to hear about the update, can’t wait to download it.

    Thanks for letting us know earlier.

  • I must say i’m jealously following the updates of the stores in US and in the UK, and that’s just because there is no Polish store. Nor is there one in 20 other European countries. It’s a shame, we won’t have the oportunity to play with the lucky ones over in the US/UK, just because we can’t buy the new mappack.

    I wonder how is SONY going to explain the delay in opening up the store (WE WAN’T TO PAY OUR MONEY FOR THE CONTENT, JUST GIVE US A POSSIBILITY)?

    You need help translating it into polish? I’m a skilled translator, i’d love to help you out guys! Just ask.

  • “To Doom: This is a little off topic, but to answer, no. There is no reason for any of us at SCEA behave in this fashion.
    Communities are very adept at picking up on this kind of behavior and, honestly, it is more than a little bit slimy.
    Also, I would also take what you read on any forum coming from an ex-employee of a company with a grain of salt.

    And, to everyone else, glad to see you all are excited. See you online tomorrow :)


    better watch what you say some M$ employee might attack you like the A-hole peter moore

  • thank you !!! I am so happy we don’t have to wait an arbitrary time for the one day a week update…:rolleyes: but thanks again, please make this a more common theme with releases released on the PSN store when the content is ready, not the usual lest push this back for the “store update”

  • Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I would also like to say that the update today was awesome. Pleaaase…Lair demo next week!

  • YES!!!!! YES!!!! Everything is finnaly coming together with the PS3!

  • Awesome job guys. PSN is getting better and better. With this, the motorstorm update(made the game fun again and the newly released Super Stardust which kick butt im am very impressed. Also game released are picking up. Just got The Darkness (make starbreeze patch the online its so laggy and it would be stellar if their wear some anti aliasing patch if possible) and Vegas, next week Gaiden comes out. You guys are making me broke. I guess thats your job though ;)

  • also i had a question. does the resistance update get rid of chimera vs chimera games? please say yes, i stopped playing cause of those matches

  • Heck…Now you tell me…I just got Rainbow Six-Oh well, Vegas will just have to be put on hold. Thank you for bringing the map pack out for R:F.O.M.

  • It’s nice that you’re bringing it out on a Friday. In the future, however, I hope to see more content coming put when they are ready rather than having to wait every Thursday.

  • Coolies. now if I can just stop playing the game long enough to actually download the update, I’ll be rockin. :)

  • Nice one. I’ll have to start practisin so I can own everybody in the US and own at the new maps. Hehe.

  • Great to see all of the bugs ironed out (hopefully ;) ) and it’s great to have the extra content before the weekend.

    Can I make a suggestion, and you will all call me crazy, but that’s ok, if you set a release date, and have to keep delaying it, which is fair if the content breaks the game, it would be nice if you provided it initially at a discount. It’s not very fair to your fans to promise something, then not delivering on that promise, especially if it happens several times. As you can see, you have many fans who are all very loyal.

    If you were going to sell the pack for 8 bucks, provide it for a week at the cost of 5 bucks or something, as a sort of “we’re sorry for all the delays”. It would be a show of good faith for the fans for all their support and patience. I don’t think it’s asking all that much.

    Just my nickel seventy five. Keep up the bloggin’ :D

    Oh, great job with the store update to day. Fantastic. **Thumbs Up**

  • So far I must admit I am very impressed with this blog and the amount of updates posted. I hope this keeps up.

  • Thanks for making PSN free and making good contents.

    Even tho only 2 maps for 8$ is a bit much… i expected it to be 5 or 6…

    but anyways, please add more PS1 games pls!!

  • Resistance, is definitely the PS3s flag ship title.. just when you guys do part two please let Hale narrate, and tell his own story.. we want to get to know him.

  • OH yes so glad you didnt wait till next week to post a download. Wouldnt mind in the future if you did the same if its ready for release dont wait. Make thursdays a definate for something but if nothing is schedualed then hold off a few days so something is allways released on thursday.

    Perhaps to meet the 180 said games to appear on the PS3 one might expect to see more than just one game a week anyhow.

    oh and IN GAME XMB SOON please.

    And please improve the online playability on games like gauntlet.

    I like the table layout of my wifes POGO account just sit at a table to play and wait for someone to join, and if a game is in session make it so anyone can join in.

    just like the arcades do.

  • Great addition, but I think it’s a bit expensive

  • Yes, more PS1 games PLEASE… Also, a ripper for our own PS1 games would be nice.

    Do you know what else would be nice? Beat devs like Ubisoft senseless for making crappy ports. I have been looking forward to Assassin’s Creed forever, and I want it to look incredible on the PS3…

  • $8 is an awful lot. Maybe half that would be good…

    I’ll still download em, but let’s not make this a habit, eh guys?


  • I hope this is for the UK also :)

  • It sucks that u guys are charging us consumers soo much for maps even though you probrably spent a lot of time and effort on making them. Resistance is my favourite PS3 game so far, and I am looking foreward to the new maps, and content despite the pricing -_-. Gj guys :) hope that this wont be the last RFOM update, and that future content will help expand the global playability!

  • Hmm, I always thought micro-transactions were made to make things cheaper since it requires no sale personell, no physical storage which means no rent, no packaging etc. But instead you give us two maps for 8USD which is quite alot. This way I just have to buy 7 Map-packs and I’ve already payed as much as I payed for the whole game.

  • I’d sure like to download this, and the new firmware as well. Unfortunately, for two weeks now I haven’t been able to connect to the Playstation Network. I can still access the internet on my PS3 and use Folding@Home, but the PSN times out every time I try to sign in. I seriously hope Sony doesn’t plan on charging for this service any time soon, because their support basically told me to wait it out and they hope I will be able to connect again soon.

  • Dont get me wrong i’m VERY happy with this news!! but A.) im not holding my breath and B.) for the hassles of waiting it should be free not $8

  • I just want to add that look how long this map pack took…and for 2 maps!! not 5 or 7 or more…but 2…and for $8.00

    C’MON SONY thats rediculous and highway robbery!~!~!~!~!

  • I’m glad about the update even tho i stopped playing Resistance for awhile now, got the Darkness to play XD…but WOW i just gotta say this weeks PS Store content was MUCH MUUUUUUUCH better. a Dynasty Warriors Gundam demo?!? Holy $h1t!!! :) Nice job Sony…niiiiice…now KEEP IT UP! oh and the GTA 4 trailer was definitly a nice touch too :)

    You know, it’s almost unfortunate – Insomniac has set a game and online play standard that few other developers will be able to live up to. There’s a reason that almost every PS3 game is compared in some way to Resistance… and few compare well!
    Hopefully other devs will try to live up to Insomniac’s example of supporting and growing a game past the time when it’s shipped in a plastic wrapper!
    … and regarding the price – for those that are whining… just remember the lag free servers (*cough* R6), and the ongoing gameplay changes they have made (and continue to make) to keep gameplay fresh and cheat-free. $8.00 is CHEAP for the responsive customer support that Insomniac provides – the map packs cost a little bit… but the other ongoing changes have been free!

  • I know this is off topic but it still is about Resistance so I hope it is alright.

    I have been hearing rumors about at E3 sony will bring back rumble.

    So I was wondering if rumble does come back is there any way Resistance could get patched to allow rumble at different parts in the game and other past games that came out before this patch or would the rumble only work on future games.

  • Awesome news! I can’t wait to get these.

  • Hi all,

    The content update and map pack are now available. The map pack is currently for sale via an in-game ‘Purchase’ button that appears on the Online main menu, and will be up in the regular Playstation Storefront by 10am PST.

    I’ll be back later today to answer the questions that have come up. Just as soon as the caffeine kicks in :)


  • hhhmm, maps maps maps, where are new games’??? Am I the only one who’s missing new games?? look at 360!!! the darkness,colin dirt, etc, and we????? the ps3 community??? we’re here waiting for what?? for uglier graphics?
    I hope SONY is rethinking his market strategy, pleeeeaseee

    greets from spain

  • @orchjay

    Motorstorm is better than dirt, and the darkness has been released for the ps3 as well. Dont worry the “DROUGHT” of ps3 games is at an end when lair is released, warhwak will com after, sony know what they are doing, but the only problem is there ps3 sales, if the price drops to $449.99 it would seerly increase sales, along with good exclusive titles.

    Thanks for the update Sony

  • Regarding the online world; I’ve had nothing but negative thins to say since owning a ps3. after a useless ‘motorstorm’ update i had little hope of this update making any difference. but, i must say… the concept of global play is rather exciting. I wasn’t expecting that one. I’ve got the maps downloading now. And i’m digging the American flag on my characters profile. I didn’t think i’d be saying this anytime soon, but… good job guys. and thankyou. now, uh, when’s MapPack 2 coming? don’t get lazy on us!!

  • Very nice update. Maps are ok for the Prize…

    Keep going with updates!

  • Greg, please answer to the problem described in post 62. Thanks in advance.

  • 25.year.old.german.child

    Hello SCEA, can’t u give the Maps to us Germans at least in-game?

  • Im from Germany ,too.! we pissed off ,cause we dont get the maps!!!!Maybe here the content 18+ and the fu** politician/USK or what ever ,dont give us 18 + stuff.THX Sony ,Thx Insomniac,THX fu** Usk.

  • You people are asking to much as if you are forcing sony to work for you. Sony just realesed a map pack, they have and are still working hard on the Playstation network, please dont force them to do things because they already have been informed about what you want.

  • 25.year.old.german.child

    i hope they are informed, that millions of adult germans can’t play the new maps because of crappy german politicians. i paid money for the game, i pay sony a lot of money for the games. i do pay them for work…. but why is the map-pack 1 all over the world available for purchase, but in germany it isn’t?

    Nobody needs it in the store, give it to us ingame, those who have the game should be allowed to play it completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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