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Jul 09

Jul 09

Inside the Developers Studio: Julian Eggebrecht

Julian Eggebrecht's Avatar Posted by Co-Founder & President, Factor 5

1. What game do you have at E3 this year?
LAIR. And if it isn’t there I am not there.

2. Describe it in five words or less.
Dragons. Combat. Flight. Fight. Done.

3. Tell us more about your game. What’s the story?
The story is about Rohn, a dragon pilot and elite member of the military. The world is being thrown into chaos by natural disasters, the government is taken over by fanatics who exploit this, and Rohn has to fight a war that makes him question his moral stance. The story starts out very black and white, but it becomes grey and triggers a lot of questions, both for the hero as well as, we hope, the player. It’s not your typical video game story.

4. What did you do on this game that you couldn’t do on another platform?
The combination of traditional controls and radical new usage of motion control is certainly something only possible with the Sixaxis. That then combined with the 1080p graphics and 7.1 hi-def sound, I wouldn’t know of any other platform offering that combination. The PS3 and Lair complement each other rather perfectly.

5. Do you have any “firsts” in this game that have never been done before?
A lot, actually. There never has been an action game that goes seamlessly from the 10000 foot point of action to the very intimate on the-ground battles. There has never been a game that uses motion control and classic controls to bring visceral combat to life – and that in many different gameplay mechanics. And I think even in terms of story we are breaking new ground for video games as a more sophisticated
storytelling device with larger and very contemporary themes.

6. What do you think is the coolest aspect of this game?
The control of the dragon. All these new things to experience that no game has done before. Well, that and the epic feeling of everything. Epic vs. controls, I am torn which one is cooler.

7. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?
My Mom. The last thing we played together on a TV was Warlords on the Atari 2600 so she needs to catch up.

8. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
Least of all my own. I hope to spend some quality time with Uncharted and Ratchet, especially since my kids are the biggest Ratchet fans on the planet. And let’s see how far Kojima-san’s newest Metal Gear has come. Outside of all things PlayStation I am a sucker for Mario Galaxy.

9. How many E3’s does E3 2007 mark for you?
All of them. I am so old that I attended CES before E3 came about.

10. Describe the pre-2007 E3 experience in five words or less.
Finishing Lair. Lot’s of sleep.

11. Most over used phrase or expression during E3 season.
“Do you have a ticket for the Sony party?”

12. You are asked to make suggestions for an E3 survival kit- what three items HAVE to be included?
A ticket for the Sony party. Something for headaches. A friendly cab-driver

13. What advice would you have for someone who has never experienced E3?
It’s much better experiencing it now than it was before. Less bare flesh and more quality game time.

14. Describe what you anticipate from 2007’s newly formatted E3 in five words or less.
Less Crowds. More Focus.

15. What’s your favorite part about developing games for a living?
Sharing the results with my children. They recently got into some of my older games and it’s so cool experiencing the games again through the eyes of my kids. And that would be a close tie with the perks of the workplace here at Factor 5, most of all fresh imported German beer on tap!

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tribal24 said:

July 9th, 5:44 pm

i would like a demo of this>.>

Novaoblivion said:

July 9th, 5:50 pm

I have been keeping my eye on this game it looks pretty sweet, a demo would be nice :).

new_age_soldier said:

July 9th, 5:57 pm

Hey, so people who work at Sony can see this huh??? Well, I been a PS loyalist since PS when it had no number lol. I love the PS2 and wanted to get the PS3. I love the price drop to the 60 giger but one thing that still bugs me to this day is the lack of force feed back on the controler B.K.A. Dual shock Vibration!!! Sony has kissed and made up with immersion so I’m hoping ya can rumble up something come this E3(Tomorrow) I know I’m not the only one who wants this. Look all over the internet and all the rumors for a rumbling Six axis. Motion sensing plus dual shock or touch sense as I think its called now would equal AWESOME and perfection! Would be the best controler this gen for many! Besides, we want MGS4 to HAVE rumble as well as motion sensing. So come on Sony,.,., Bring rumble Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep motion sensing with it!!!!!!!

bricfa said:

July 9th, 6:04 pm

@ #44
Many parents are gamers themselves. So it still makes sense to make kids games for ps3.

ace2ace said:

July 9th, 6:08 pm

I WANT!!!!!

starfoxACEFOX said:

July 9th, 6:08 pm


That like your 3rd post with same topic, spaming like that is tell me your IQ lower than 90 lol

mufifnator2002 said:

July 9th, 6:08 pm

Hi from the UK absolutely can wait for this much anticipated game. I have to say i really am proud to own a PS3

c7 said:

July 9th, 6:12 pm

very nice!!

mufifnator2002 said:

July 9th, 6:12 pm

oh and one more thing is it an PS3 exclusive? or did i miss that in the blog

new_age_soldier said:

July 9th, 6:13 pm


No, just trying to get my point out there. Ur welcomed to join the cause…

Kittonwy said:

July 9th, 6:22 pm

The game is shaping up really well, you guys finally fixed the fire and it looks great now. I can’t wait to play the final product, definitely looking forward to picking it up on day one, masters of z-brush techniques, you are. ~_~

bobtheduck said:

July 9th, 6:26 pm

Lair is a PS3 exclusive, yeah… It is my most wanted game this year, followed by uncharted, Crisis Core, LBP, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

I’m holding out my opinion on heavenly sword until I get my hands on the demo, and on Mario Galaxy until I play it (something about the navigation seems disconcerting… Makes me think of descent)

Ooh, can’t forget multi-platform games… Assassin’s Creed, baby! Just hope Ubi doesn’t screw up the PS3 port as is their habit, but even if they do, I’ll still get it… I’ve been waiting too long for that game.

40cal said:

July 9th, 6:27 pm

I finished paying for LAIR today. I cant wait.That new screenshot is ridiculous.

PsychoEddie said:

July 9th, 6:28 pm

I’m getting the impression this is going to be a press two buttons, five minutes of video scene, press two buttons, five more minutes of video kind of game, with no emphasis on actual game play.

StormLord said:

July 9th, 6:31 pm

looks good , I cant wait for a demo!

RobinNL said:

July 9th, 6:38 pm

Lair looks awesome but because it’s so innovative a demo is needed to convince me.

Great answers and I’m looking forward to E3.

Herby said:

July 9th, 6:41 pm

I can’t wait to fly this baby. I wonder what the critics are going to say about the controls. It has me really anxious about E3. I hope they work well. Lair is setting a precedent.

TerHizzle91 said:

July 9th, 6:51 pm

I can guarentee you that i will buy this game when its released, i have pre-ordered and i plan to pick it up the minute i am called, also i am totally psyched that its only rated T because now i can play it with out the rents [DELETED] at me about it Thankyou Sony and Thank you factor 5 you guys are amazing

TerHizzle91 said:

July 9th, 6:52 pm

this game looks amazing and im glad i Pre-ordered it

zane_7849 said:

July 9th, 7:03 pm

They always post the most amazing looking screenshots on this site. Lair is keeping this tradition alive.

stinkey said:

July 9th, 7:11 pm

great sound is so underrated . i all ready pre ordered this games

darkiewonder said:

July 9th, 7:14 pm

So can we expect a DEMO sometimes next week after E3 OR This Thursday? :D

DooM said:

July 9th, 7:17 pm

And yet another MUST have for the PS3…Liar guys welcome on board on the Rolss Royce under the consoles!!!!

Vassago said:

July 9th, 7:22 pm

u can be sure i will buy this games ….. keep up the great work i really want to see the finish work :)

40cal said:

July 9th, 8:08 pm

I just got done reading a press release on that said Banc of America Securities analyst Michael Savner said he remains “skeptical that PS3 sales will truly accelerate until there are compelling games for that platform.”


What is Michael Savner thinking?

Sony has a meaty handfull for FIRST PARTY DEVOLEPED AND EXCLUCIVE games on the way before the end of this year. And we havent herd from Killzone yet.

Hell, I had friends over this weekend that all own 360’s and they would not leave my PS3 alone.

They even fired up God Of War 2 and had more fun with my last gen games than they do with 360’s current gen games.

They all know they made a mistake buying the 360 and want PS3’s.

MGS4 Wont make it to 360 unless Konami wants to loose Kojima. FFXII’s not going anywhere either. With the lack of BlU-RAY and CELL the 360 cant handle these titles.

40cal said:

July 9th, 8:27 pm

There are still over 100 MILLION PS2 owners that have not made a “next gen” purchuse. Yes over 100 MILLION!

Joe said:

July 9th, 9:09 pm

Lair looks great. I just want to know what your plans are after Lair. Will Factor 5 make another Star Wars game. Also any chance of Turrican to come out on PSN and the other past games you (Factor 5) made. I would like to play those games again.

haldalish said:

July 9th, 9:42 pm

god i want this game so bad that im buying 5 copies when released. 8 if you release a demo before it comes out.

Deathalo said:

July 9th, 10:29 pm

Lair looks really good, I’m excited about playing it, I really want to get my hands on the demo soon. I hope the gameplay is as deep as the story is.


BitRunner said:

July 9th, 10:53 pm

@40Cal (#75):

zOMG h0w c0uld u s4y th47 ab0u7 M$?? j/k

I know what you mean. I own both a PS3 and a 360 Elite. The only games I really play much these days on 360 are Phantasy Star Universe and Gears of War, and Gears gets pretty old pretty fast after the 50 millionth corner I’ve ducked behind to go into scope mode and get in a headshot (I’m not saying Resistance is any better about that). Either there’s not a lot of games on 360 worth playing or my local Blockbuster(s)/Gamestops have a pretty worthless selection although I’ve been meaning to get C&C 3. I put in roughly equal playing time on both systems, but I think I’ve started liking my PS3 better lately for the first party exclusives. Alot of people claim that you can’t just have 1st party or you’ll lose a console war, but it’s a double edged sword when you rely heavily on 3rd party releases outside of the Halo franchise and don’t bring much in the way of innovation to the table (which hasn’t been a very pervasive element in MS’s PC market strategy over the years just look at Vista vs. OSX). Not saying that MS is in danger of losing any kind of “console war” that fanboys love to drool over, but I’m having more fun with my PS3 right now.

And as far as Mr. Savner’s comments are concerned, I think he’s referring to the real system sellers like MGS4 and FFXIII. More specifically though, anyone like this guy can make a claim that Wii is the absolute best system b/c it’s outselling the other systems, does that mean that it’s actually the best system though? Pixar makes a killing everytime it releases a movie b/c it’s rated G, same thing goes for the Wii b/c it’s rated E for Everyone and the system sells cheaper so it’s the obvious choice for parents who are getting their children a next-gen console thus better sales. Well, I’m not a rated E for Everyone kind of guy and you’re probably not either, and after playing a few Wii games at the “Wii Experience” at Six Flags with really shoddy Wiimote controls (especially the boxing game) the other week ago I can safely say that’s one system that won’t be tapping into my salary this gen. This kind of drivel is typical of people making the fallacy that historical numbers dictate future results off of a limited set of historical data that’s an apples to oranges comparison at best with previous generations. In other words, I wouldn’t really lose any sleep over it.

So… when are we gonna get to see a demo or an extended trailer of Lair?

Lp47 said:

July 9th, 11:28 pm

lets see a demo for either this or heavenly sword this week on the PS store. please. we havent had an awesome demo since ninja gaiden. Anyways LAIR is an awesome game that will kick start the biggest 2007 game lineup ever.

CitizenInsane27 said:

July 9th, 11:33 pm


Are you actually completely legally insane? Press two buttons, cinematic? Yeah, this game just took them like over two years so they could pump out cinematics. That is ludicrious. Seriously? Factor5 has been known for delivering quality games, filled to the brim with great gameplay, Rogue Squadron is a fantastic example. To doubt them, and for that matter, to doubt a new original IP for the PS3, on a PS3 forum, are you kidding me? I’m all for criticisms when it comes to things we want for the system and whatnot, but that is just straight out hating, on something you’ve never even played. Yet all the demos they’ve exposed to the public weren’t particularly noted for their cinematics (which has a good selection of both gameplay and cinematics, to give you a taste…) but the amazingly innovative, Sixaxis controlled gameplay! The stunning power of the cell, generating hundreds of character models on-screen, and allowing you to plow through them, on or off the dragon, all running at 1080p. If you wanna sit and hate on the PS3 and it’s, in my honest, tried and true opinion (I own 12 PS3 titles, in box ones, 5 downloadables, and an 360 with 15 games, but yet with the 360, all of which have officially bored the life out of me, Gears of War was AMAZING, but not nearly as long as I consider a 60 dollar game to be, and all of the PS3 titles I own get far more play due to far more interesting style) but if you wanna hate, go do it like every one else, on Gamespot or something, go join the ranks of those who can’t spout anything but trash talk, or on Xbox’s blog site. Don’t bring the negativity here, as you can see, we are a positive crowd. While we give our two cents on what we think sucks, we do in a way that doesn’t come off as anything but constructive criticism. The Playstation 3 was one of the most joyous, amazing gaming consoles I’ve ever purchased (oh, and I’ve bought quite a few) and while people can sit and moan about their game selection, I just see the light in the tunnel (no, not at the end of it, because you will see it far BEFORE the end) and it looks real shiny, and crisp, in 1080p HD. Point is, take it somewhere else if you wanna ruin our parade. This is not the place, nor the time.

CitizenInsane27 said:

July 9th, 11:37 pm

Oh, and as to my above comment, it IS ironic that my name happens to be CitizenInsane27…It’s a Radiohead track though, quite a good one at that.

NAMEK said:

July 10th, 12:11 am

Lair is reserved and paid for, just hope you guys decide to release a demo before the actual game release, just to get a taste of what’s to come.

steveW_nl said:

July 10th, 1:01 am

I hope the motion control work!!!! and if so.. i gonna buy this for sure!!!

Agriel said:

July 10th, 1:30 am

Wow this game just looks great, well thats all I can say about ALL of the games coming out on the PS3 only right now

Nootje said:

July 10th, 1:32 am

“The world is being thrown into chaos by natural disasters, the government is taken over by fanatics who exploit this”

I can see you used an administration of a certain NA country as example for the story ;)

Looking forward to the game, the story sounds interesting and the visuals are awesome.Hope to see some more gameplay aspects on E3.Keep up the good work F5! :)

azad_champ said:

July 10th, 2:22 am

This game seems awesome!!!!!!

blizzard182 said:

July 10th, 5:11 am

I want to pilot a dragon. Period.

Mexicano_666 said:

July 10th, 5:22 am


Mexicano_666 said:

July 10th, 5:24 am


ahh bisto said:

July 10th, 5:24 am

@starfox, new age solider is not spamming he is simply telling sony what he wants, whats the point in having this blog if we cant say what we want, we all love our ps3’s and it is getting better all the time but he is right… rumble is a must have.

im sure we will get rumble soon but in the mean time we can still ask!! lair sounds and looks awsome by the way and im really excited about playing it. 1080 and 7.1 hd sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i better warn my tv lair is on its way!!

ahh bisto said:

July 10th, 5:33 am


blizzard182 said:

July 10th, 5:40 am

Also, another link:

For those who don´t speak spanish, they are saying that the trailer that was released (That had better textures) doesn´t have the PS3 logo.



Mexicano_666 said:

July 10th, 5:49 am

i aint spanish…….or mexican

Mexicano_666 said:

July 10th, 5:53 am

but konami has to be dumb to say this [DELETED]….cuz today itself the sales have gone through the roof……2700% to the glorious NO.1 position….konami can f*** off, i just want the ps3 to start catching up thats all!

Mexicano_666 said:

July 10th, 5:56 am


Sixpack3 said:

July 10th, 6:33 am


JDPoZ said:

July 10th, 6:47 am

Can I has Lair demo?

mufifnator2002 said:

July 10th, 7:54 am

“Can i has Lair demo”

What sort of dialect that?

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